We Love Weekends, October 23-24

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Rebecca: Friday I’m headed to Bar Dupont to celebrate a good friend passing the VA Bar. Woot Jimmy! Ladies, he’s single. Saturday morning, after picking up some produce from the Glover Park Farmers Market, I’ll have my eyes glued to ESPN as College Game Day travels to Columbia, MO where the No. 11 Tigers will take on the No.1 Sooners at 8pm. Go Mizzou! Burn down that stupid covered wagon! Saturday evening will be devoted to the game and, depending on the outcome, will either result in shots of Firefly for everyone atBreadsoda or crying myself to sleep. Sunday I’m off to Chef Geoff’s for a bridal shower followed by my first visit to WLDC author Jenn’s favorite haunt, The Passenger. To wrap up my weekend, I’m off to NoVa to play a night footie match. Whew! This weekend is going to be a doozy.

Michael: Friday night I am going up to Baltimore to see Helmet and Intronaut at SONAR. Regardless of Helmet’s status as a “group”, Page Hamilton always brings it hard in concert. Saturday I heard a rumor that DC party legends Thunderball are performing somewhere in town. I am trying to nail down the details. Will definitely be there if it’s going down. Then Sunday I might check out Four Tet at 9:30 Club because his weird electronics will sound great there.

Tom: It’s hard not to love Fall in DC. Dropping temperatures mean warmer food, and better still, warmer cooking. You can spot me this weekend making the first batch of Beef and Barley soup, as well as heading out to get a tasty bowl of French Onion soup with delightfully melty cheese at Overwood in Alexandria.  After Tuesday night’s first ever NHL game, I might be hooked on the sport, and Saturday’s Capitals Street Festival might be on the agenda as well, running from 3-7 in front of Verizon Center on F Street before they take on the Thrashers.  I’m also thinking that the colors are going to be just about perfect for a walk up to the Franciscan Monastery for some photos, and maybe if we get ambitious, a trip out to Great Country Farms one last time for some color photos from the Vineyard.

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Dave: This is actually my last weekend in DC until the other side of Thanksgiving, as I’m set to jet across the pond for November. As such, I’ll be hanging with some local friends at the normal places – you know, RhodesideMackeys, maybe even Recessions karaoke if I’m feeling good. Brunch plans on Sunday? Absolutely. It’s fall! Nowhere set, but I’m thinking Kramerbooks until I get a better idea.

Jenn: This weekend is all about endless trips to Home Depot for me, but if I weren’t spending it priming and painting I would definitely be hitting *a pop up project Saturday night in Bethesda – curated by Morton Fine Art, it’s called Ritual: Form, Script, Gesture and features some amazing artists. Saturday day would be all about Southwest – head down to the waterfront for Arena Stage’s grand re-openingwith events all day. Squint and imagine what the new waterfront will look like with Arena at its helm. Very exciting.

Shannon: I’m looking forward to a fun fall weekend.  I’ve carved out Saturday to be pumpkin day– I’ve been looking forward to spending an afternoon watching college football, drinking apple cider, and carving a pumpkin for months now!  Sunday morning I’ll be up early to run the Army Ten-Miler, and after that I’ll be heading out to Crownsville for the final day of the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  I can’t wait to make up for that 10 mile run by eating my weight in turkey legs, fried macaroni and cheese, fried snickers bars, fried twinkies, and more fried deliciousness.

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Brittany: Thursday night, I change out of work clothes into a cute vintage dress and go see charming, bespectacled Motown revivalist Mayer Hawthorne at the Black Cat, probably followed by dinner with my charming, bespectacled date at DC Noodles. I depart for a holiday on Tuesday, so most of this weekend will be the laundry/packing/errands boredom that one does to prepare. Maybe I will even start some research about what I want to do while I am there (tips for Lisbon, anyone?), likely over a coffee from Filter, but I hope to take a break to see a movie at the new West End Cinema – “Howl” or “Gerrymandering” both look great . Sunday, a few friends are carpooling out to Virginia for Vegan [Brunch] Day at my friend Justin’s Arlington bakery, Bakeshop.

Carl: Since I am back from the dead and almost gainfully employed again, I will be going with my beautiful girlfriend to see the Cirque du Soleil Ovo performance on Friday afternoon. Afterward we will get out of the hell that is National Harbor and have a decent meal in DC somewhere. Saturday is all about car inspections, although I plan to try out Burger Delite for some genuine NC BBQ for lunch with my friend Jill. Sunday will be spent driving out to the hills to catch some gorgeous color in the form of these spectacular leaves that are out. Fall is the only thing I miss about New England. My five-year stay in Massachusetts was five years too long, but i sure did get addicted to the fall colors. Let’s hope I can find something comparable here.

Paulo: On Saturday, we plan to check out Identidad Del Sur, an exhibit of contemporary art from Argentina. Of special interest to me are Daniel Santoro’s La Piedad, a painting showing Eva Perón feasting on the entrails of Che Guevara; and Marcos López’s Asado criollo, a photographic tableau evoking Leonardo’s “Last Supper.” And on Sunday afternoon, our church (First Baptist DC) hosts a free classical recital by pianist Thomas Pandolfi, with an all-Chopin program. That’s on Sunday at 4PM, open to the whole neighborhood. (Did I mention it’s free?)

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  1. Sorry, readers/weekend planners: It turns out the West End Cinema I mention above, which looked like it was set to open this weekend, will be open next weekend instead. Good news, though, in that we will have more information about them for you soon. I did not want you to be confused.

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