We Love Weekends, October 30-31

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Patrick: If you’ve ever been asked to add your name to an e-mail list while at a downtown DC bar, you can expect an offer for a free “Happy Hour” in your inbox. Well my fortuitous luck is now your reward. I’ll be kicking off my weekend at Sign of the Whale at a Happy Hour to kick-off the Rally Weekend. Stop on by and drop my name to get some sweet drink specials. Complete details can be found here. After that my Saturday will be solely spent surviving The Rally To Restore Sanity. Be sure to check out my earlier piece for all the tips you need to know if you’ll be there too. Sunday will be spent recovering from Saturday. Now that’s a weekend.

Max: I’m predicting a spike in the murder rate this weekend with all of the activities going on at once; it may be necessary to fire up my helicopter.  Was that the proper use of a semicolon?  Don’t answer that because I don’t care.  But I do care about supporting my photographer friends, which is why I’ll be hitting three gallery openings on Friday.  First I’ll be flying to Georgetown to see Frank Hallam Day’s mysterious jungle campers at Addison/Ripley Fine Art, followed by the opening of a much anticipated photography show at Civilian Art Projects, and finally a crash landing at Social in Columbia Heights for the Cult of Frank Van Riper exhibit.  On Saturday I’ll be doing what all of you will be doing, you know, acting all liberal and cool on the Mall and later getting alcohol poisoning at a Halloween party.  If I’m not in the hospital on Sunday, I may try to cheer for some friends who are crazy enough to run in the Marine Corps Marathon.

Rachel: We might be experiencing some pretty stellar weather temperature-wise, but don’t let that fool you. This is the final weekend in October, which means it’s time to party. Friday evening I’ll be attending a Halloween-themed, going-away party for a buddy heading to the National Guard. Saturday will be spent with my fellow Americans making their way to the National Mall for this Rally going on about fear or sanity or something crazy like that. Maybe you’ve heard of it? On Sunday, I’ll do my best to brave the morning hours like Max and support my friends running the Marine Corps Marathon. If time and sleep allow, then I might make it to Eastern Market to hear some exquisite male Barbershop music, compliments of the Singing Capital Chorus.

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Rebecca J: Friday night, I’m headed to Birch & Barley with the boyfriend for an early celebratory birthday dinner. I’m super looking forward to sampling delicious cocktails, brews and tasty nibbles, like their antipasti flat bread and hand rolled gnocchi. Saturday, unlike everyone and their mother, I will not be attending the “Rally To Restore Sanity.” I will, however, be battling the rally’s traffic to get to my midday soccer match. Afterwhich I’ll be headed up to Baltimore for the Great Halloween Lantern Parade.  Sunday, I’ll likely be sopping up my hangover with greasy food like cheesy eggs as I splay out on my couch watching NFL football and the endless marathons of Halloween movie classics.

Carl: I plan to spend halloween hiding in the bushes and turning the hose on kids who come to my door. The ones who don’t get scared off by that will get their treat bags looted as a yard-crossing tax. they can keep the pencils, tooth brushes and Bible stories handed out bythat nerdy kid’s dad who kept complaining about the noise on the bus during the school field trip. Other than that, my beautiful girlfriend and I are going to the Restore Sanity rally for a few laughs and then up to Maryland to celebrate her cousin’s birthday.

Tom: With everyone else down at the Mall for the Rally for Sanity on Saturday, you can find me at the bar at Church Key watching on TV with some very very tasty beverages and tater tots to match. Sunday being Halloween, we’ll be handing out Candy to neighborhood kids in costumes, at least, we hope we get some trick or treaters this year!  Of course, if we weren’t lying in wait for trick-or-treaters, Great Country Farms is doing their annual Great Pumpkin Glow event with over 2,000 lit jack-o-lanterns both nights this weekend, and I’m guessing that’s going to be a sight to see.

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Kirk: I’m planning on spending Saturday at the Rally, which I’ve looked forward to for some months, now.  That evening, I’m doing something juvenile for Halloween, like going to a corn maze, or some such.  I may dress up like a sexy-something to spice up the evening, a bit.  On Sunday, my friend and I are going to sit around the fire pit in my back yard, shucking oysters and drinking roast porter. It should be an excellent fall day.

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  1. 6 out of 7 for the rally? I guess that tells us everything we need to know about the site’s politics. Sigh.