We Love Weekends, November 13-14

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Max: What an insane weekend this is going to be – I’m both excited and exhausted just thinking about it.  Friday night I’ll be checking out Julie Wolfe’s opening at Hemphill Fine Arts, then jetting across town to see “Boxing Gym” at West End Cinema.  On Saturday I’ll be going across the river to the Artisphere for the Rosebud Film & Video Festival (only $10 to watch movies all day!), followed by seeing the legendary Bob Dylan play at GWU.  And on Sunday I’ll be riding in (and photographing) the second annual Tweed Ride, followed by a very long nap.

Tom: This is a weekend of parties for us!  Saturday, my friend Ian is celebrating with some quality strikes and spares at Bowl America in Falls Church.  When was the last time you went honest-to-God bowling? And I mean with the pitchers of cheap beer, and shoes that were old in the Nixon Administration?  When I moved to town, bowling leagues were the skee ball and beer pong of the day. Time to get in touch with the roots.  Sunday we’re cooking breakfast for pretty much all our friends, and that’s going to mean a trip to Eastern Market’s Canales Quality Meats on Saturday morning to stock up on breakfast sausage and bacon, as well as waffle mix from the Giant. We may also try to catch the Tweed Ride as spectators, and very probably the Redskins game, as after the bye, we haven’t possibly heard enough about Donovan McNabb’s children’s friends feel about him getting benched for a down two weeks ago.  

Rachel: I’ve got my last show of 2010 this Saturday night so that’s pretty much the pinnacle of my weekend. I’ll be playing a three hour set between the hours of nine and midnight live from the Black Fox Lounge in Dupont Circle. There will be drink specials, Lionel Ritchie covers (among other things), and good times to be had should you choose to attend. There’s no cover charge, btw.Then Sunday Brunch day will be spent celebrating Miss Tiffany’s date of birth with some fine friends. If I do get the chance though I’d love to check out the Tweed Ride. I’m always so impressed with the outfits!

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Michael: This will be a pretty low-key weekend for me. I am catching Suicidal Tendencies at 9:30 Club on Friday. It’s an early show, so I expect to be home by around 10; at which point I will resume putting Call Of Duty: Black Ops through its paces. I am not sure what will get more game play this weekend though, its online multiplayer or its geektastic full version of ‘ZORK I’ easter egg.

Rebecca J: Friday post work I’ll head James Hobans for a pint (or two, or three) and some warming Shepherds Pie or Irish Stew. Saturday at 12:30pm my No. 17 Mizzou Tigers will try to stop a two game losing streak against No. 24 Kansas State. Notre Dame coming off a bye will match up against No. 14 Utah. Go Irish! After the games I’ll catch the remaining beams of sun at the beer garden behind Blue Ridge, which fortunately has heat lamps. Sunday morning I’ve got an early footie match. I’m hoping it won’t be utterly freezing and unbearable. I’ll likely head over to Breadsoda for an egg, cheese and avocado croissant and Hot Toddy to warm up post game and watch the NFL games. Sunday evening I’ll relax with Mr. Ed Walker and WAMU’s Big Broadcast.

Brittany: Thursday evening, I am going to see author, Marketplace and Daily Beast contributor, and all-around celebrity crush Reza Aslan talk about his new book, “Tablet & Pen: Literary Landscapes from the Modern Middle East” at Politics & Prose. If I recover from swooning by Friday, I will be meeting a friend for drinks – the friend we all have who makes us feel lame, square, and like we are doing nothing to advance the cause of social justice in the world. Saturday friends are having a farm-themed dinner party which requires costumes which, as committed as I am to sustainable agriculture, might be a bit of a problem. The most exciting day of the weekend is Sunday with the Tweed Ride, followed by the social. Afterwards, I will try to make it to the roofdeck at Marvin for thefundraiser/launch party of The Folly, a new DC-based literary journal.

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Tiff: As Tom said, there is bowling (well, watching other people bowl) and breakfast-making in my plans for the weekend. I’m certainly hoping to steal an hour or two to myself to play with my birthday present; months of not carrying a camera other than my phone means I have a lot of shutterbugging to catch up on, and I’d hate to subject my breakfasting friends to having a camera shoved in their faces.

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