We Love Weekends, December 4-5

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Tom: This weekend is a big one. Friday night I’m seeing the band we talked about this fall, Atomic Tom at Jammin’ Java.  I’m excited for our first Christmas in our new house, and that means we need a Christmas Tree.  As it happens, Café Saint-Ex is having a Christmas Tree sale to benefit the cafeteria reconstruction project at John W. Ross elementary in DC, so we’ll be picking up our tree there from 2-4 pm on Saturday.  That night, look for me at the Echos concert in Falls Church getting in the spirit of choral Christmas music.  Sunday? Brunch at Ted’s, some serious football-watching, and it’s St. Nicholas Eve, so I’ll leave one shoe out and hope for good stuff.

Carl: I will be spending Friday evening having dinner with my beautiful girlfriend, who cooks wonderfully and hopefully will slaughter a goose or wildebeest for the meal. Saturday I have a couple photo shoots lined up. One for my ongoing tattoo documentary, and the other, at least potentially, with WLDC’s very own Rachel Levitin. That evening I will make dinner for my sweetie and sit before a roaring fire with some Drambuie and a fine cigar, assuming I can break into the right house to do that. Sunday I hope to see my old friend Wayan. Remember Wayan, his Clockstopping Hottie Wife and their Butterbean? Well, there’s a new butterbean I need to go meet. It’s been too long since I have seen these wonderful folks.

Ben: Saturday’s a full one, as I’ll be heading over to Labyrinth Games for their grand opening (and Christmas shopping!) and then heading back by Metro to Old Town Alexandria in time for their annual boat parade and then more Christmas shopping along King Street. Sunday’s a day of rest and leisure, as the coming week is going to be a doozy for the wife and I, with work and social functions all across the board. We’ll probably head into Arlington if we feel up to it and find us a quiet place to eat and chill out, and then maybe head into town for some evening photography before tackling the mounds of Christmas cards that need sending.

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Rebecca J.: Friday night I’m keeping it super calm with some quality bottles from Pearson Wine and Spirits and takeout pizza from Kavanagh’s Pizza Pub. Saturday after getting my gym on, and watching South Carolina take on Auburn, I’m going to the Duke Ellington School of the Arts for catch their holiday show “Dreamgirls.” Sunday it’s time for the 2010 Christmas Tree, which I’m picking up at Alice Deal Middle School in Tenleytown.

Brittany: It is the first weekend of December, so the official kick-off of holiday parties. Friday I will be getting a bit dressed up and stopping in at a fundraiser gala-thing for the Smithsonian because, even though I think they did something cowardly this week, I always believe the Smithsonian is vital to our city and country. After a brief round there, we will be going to a little party at the Newseum. Saturday is the last-ever Wag night at the Black Cat backstage, and my most eyeliner-and-beehive-loving friend wants to make an appearance. Sunday I may have brunch plans, but I am pretty bad at brunch, so we will see how that goes.

Jenn: Looking at my December calendar is like staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. Loaded with fun! Well, and a good deal of stress. So it’s important to chill out and Friday night I will be enjoying the company of a dear friend at the Washington Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker. Afterwards I hope to hit the Scotch Bar at the Willard and snuggle up dreaming of sugar plum fairies. All that dancing better inspire me because next weekend I will be performing at the Gonda Theater with Saffron Dance! Saturday night I’m off in a red dress to the Repeal Day Ball (which is sadly sold out,  I’ll be sure to give you a tipsy recap afterwards). But no matter how much fun I have that night, I must make it to dance rehearsal the next day. Must. MUST.

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Dave: This is my first weekend back in the District since the middle of October, so I’m actually looking forward to normalizing things out and getting back into my favorite routines. This includes Friday night happy hour back across the river at Continental, a Saturday gig at Ragtime starting around 10 p.m., and, let’s be honest, Brooklyn Bagel or some other local eatery for Sunday recovery food. It’s good to be home.

Tiff: Having this house has unexpectedly brought out a serious domestic vibe in me. In addition to everything Tom said, I’ll be poking around our various travels, trying to find Christmas decorations (since we never had room for them before), St. Nicholas Day supplies (sweet rolls and silly tchotchkes). Also trolling my neighborhood, checking out who has their Christmas lights up already, and plotting how ours can be simultaneously more awesome AND tasteful.

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Tiffany lives in Brookland with her husband Tom, son Charlie, and two high-maintenance cats. Read why Tiffany loves DC.

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