We Love Weekends: December 18-19

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Carl: Friday I will take my beautiful girlfriend to Don and Darling Wife’s house for holiday festivities. Hopefully this year they won’t make me dive for anything in the outdoor pool. Two years ago I was promised full frontal nudity by another partygoer if I stayed but it never materialized, so I don’t know what to think. Saturday BG and I are going down to Mount Vernon to see the whole holiday get-up down there, including the Christmas Camel. After that, we will have a nice late lunch of curried chicken (to be featured on my post-vegetarianism blog) and watch a movie in the evening. Sunday we have no plans. I’d love to get out and walk a few miles if the weather doesn’t suck too badly.

Patrick: I will be celebrating my birthday weekend the same way I celebrate it every other year: by doing something else. It sucks having a birthday in December, but I’ll spare you the sob story (which you can read here) and tell you how I’ll be entertaining friends coming into town from Massachusetts. Friday they want to visit the National Christmas Tree and hit up their favorite neighborhood: Adams Morgan. Of course as tourists they think it’s really cool but as a local the fratty bar streets can wear a bit thin. However for them I will brave the cold for some drinks and maybe a Jumbo Slice. When I’m in AdMo I typically like hitting up low-key places like Black Squirrel or Millie and Al‘s but at 27 I won’t be afraid to go fratty and show new visitors Dan’s Cafe just for the shock value. Saturday night we will probably go back out to Dupont Circle or Chinatown. Sunday night I’ll be watching my Patriots on Sunday Night Football- but not sure where yet. Besides Kelly’s Irish Times, where would be a great place to catch the game? Tom: This weekend we’re taking off for Pittsburgh to spend some time with family, but not before dinner at Rustico Ballston (the cacciatore on their new winter menu is amazing!) and a good holiday party with some friends.  Were we sticking around, I think a trip to Men in Tights: A Pink Nutcracker would’ve been on tap, along with some decorating of our Christmas tree.  We’ll see you next week, DC!

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Michael: I am going to New Jersey to celebrate the holidays with my family this weekend. If was in town though, I would definitely go see The Wu-Tang Clan at The State Theater on Saturday night. The Wu-Tang Clan playing at the State Theater is one of the weirdest group/venue pairings of all time! I expect the show to be legendary and normally I’d be sad to miss it; but the roast my Uncle Bob makes for his annual holiday party is pretty legendary in its own right; so there is balance in my universe.

Dave: If you’ll give me the window to call Thursday the weekend (we’ll pretend we’re still in college), then things get going this evening as me and the rest of the Greensides hit the stage at the Rookery. It’ll be our last show of the year, and actually are last show at the Rookery before it changes its name to “Bayou” for 2011. The rest of the weekend has holiday cheer coming out of the wazoo, as it will be all about party hopping and ugly sweaters.

Katie: It seems like this weekend is an odd mixture of “stuff going on” and “nothing going on”. Friday night I’m catching up with a long lost friend, maybe heading to Bayou Bakery or Lyon Hall for drinks and dinner. Saturday I’m trying to find something seriously good to do, which is quite a bit of pressure. So far the only thing I can come up with is There Will Be Laughter 3, a Christmas comedy show at Arlington Cinema N Drafthouse. Other than that, this cold weekend sounds like the perfect time to bury yourself in blankets and watch movies without coming up for air.

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Rebecca: When not attending the various booze and appetizer filled weekend Holiday Party Hellapaloozas, the only activity I’ve got planned is heading over to Dan and Bryan’s Christmas Tree Lot at either 4600 Davidson Drive, Chevy Chase or 3125 39th Street NW to pick up one of their award winning trees. These trees, in my opinion, are seriously the best trees in town and they’ve been displayed in the White House during multiple administrations. If you hit up the Chevy Chase location, ask for helper Brian McGlynn (my boyfriend’s little brother), who’s been working the lot during his break to help pay for his college education. If Brian’s too busy, all the helpers are fantastic and really know how to select a tree and tie it down so it won’t go flying off your car rooftop. Tipping these hard working fellas is highly encouraged.

Tiff: As Tom said, we’ll be in Pittsburgh having a little early Christmas cheer with my family, but there’s tons I would be doing in the city if we were going to be around. I still need to squeeze in a trip to the ZooLights, and I fully endorse Katie’s mention of There Will Be Laughter 3: Hampton Yount is home for the holidays from LA, so he’s no doubt itching to do a longer set than he’s been getting to do out west, so it’ll be months of repression getting purged. I will at least get to squeeze in a trip to Murry & Paul’s in Brookland for breakfast before we hit the road. Maybe it’s just the weather we’re having that makes me want to stick close to home, but I propose that it’s a great weekend for everyone to try their little neighborhood diner, instead of the restaurants that are based on a “neighborhood diner concept.”

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