Friedgen Gone at Maryland?

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There seems to be a lot of moving going on for some high-profile DC sports figures this weekend. Hot on the heels of news that Gilbert Arenas is on his way to Orlando comes several reports that Maryland head coach (and the 2010 ACC Coach of the Year) Ralph Friedgen is about to be forced out of College Park for former Texas Tech boss Mike Leach.

This is a pretty interesting development, considering that UMD could (should?) have fired the Fridge after the disastrous 2009 season in which the Terps went 2-10. Friedgen had a six game turnaround this year, leading the Terps back to 8-4 and nearly into the ACC Championship. Why the change now? Well, a lot seems to do with former assistant James Franklin taking the head coaching duties at Vanderbilt. He had a clause in his contract that he would be the next coach at Maryland once/if Frieden was canned or retired. With that commitment no longer necessary, Maryland is free to make a move, and with Leach available and buddy-buddy with key Terp boosters, it was a perfect storm.

More news as we get it.

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