We Love Holiday Weekends, December 24-26 (and more?)

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Rebecca: The day after Christmas will involve a trip to Two Amys for some simple mozzarella pizza done to perfection. Throw in some oven-roasted olives, deviled eggs with green sauce, salt cod croquettes and this will be one helluva holiday leftovers break. After the meal, I’ll stroll over to the nearby National Cathedral to view their creche scenes which are on display until January 7th.

Carl: I am spending this weekend in Takoma Park with Beautiful Girlfriend. Christmas day will be spent with her family, up near Baltimore and the day after Christmas we will be spending time watching the snow pile up in front of Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle as we sip hot cocoa. Dupont always has a cool energy and if there’s snow, as is predicted, I think it will be just plain fun. God bless us everyone. Or something. God bless hot cocoa, anyway.

Brittany: My dad lives in London, but decided that he simply needed to be in Washington for Christmas with me this year. Snow, massive delays, and crazy ticket prices later, this leaves me with quite a lot of daughter-guilt and, accordingly, I will be spending quite a bit of time with him while he is in town for a few days. We will probably go for a movie like “Inside Job” at West End Cinema and Mexican food anywhere (because you still just cannot find tasty Mexican in London). Otherwise, we do not really have big holiday celebrations. On Thursday, I will be stopping by local music blog All Things Go’s party at Bourbon and – since Thursday-after-lunch is my Friday this week, I will be partaking of a few of the advertised beer+whiskey combo deals.

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Max: I despise traveling on the holidays, so I’m staying right here in DC, at the W Hotel to be exact.  On my staycation I hope to get caught up on some reading, some movies, some sleep, and perhaps indulge in a massage or two.  Should I decide to leave the premises, I might revisit the “Hide/Seek” exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, work that is not to be missed regardless of the controversy that surrounds it.  I might wander around the Mall, pop into some of my favorite museums, and enjoy the peace and solitude that exist during the holidays in DC.  Either that or I’ll enjoy the peace and solitude of my hotel room.  Feel free to pop by for a Christmas drink or two on the roof terrace.

Rachel: This will be my second Christmas ever spent in Washington and I will be spending it in the dear company of my We Love DC family for the night. Good friends, a festive feast, and a holiday is always the perfect excuse to cozy up and hang out. All holiday sentiments aside, my goal for the weekend (whether it’s a White Christmas or not) is to attend to ZooLights at the National Zoo and go ice skating on the National Mall with some sort of stellar hot chocolate before, during, and after. I’m a sucker for a good cup of the stuff when it comes to the holidays. Anyone know of any exceptional hot chocolate blends I should taste in this city? Let me know in the comments! Potential ZooLights attendees beware though — the event is closed on Friday and Saturday but re-opens Sunday (and is open today). As for the National Gallery ice rink, it’s open on Friday but only until 5 p.m. and will stay closed until  Sunday when is likely the day I will be in attendance.

Dave: I’m actually already long gone from the District, celebrating the holidays with my parents out in Scottsdale, Arizona through the beginning of next week (Christmas Day forecast – 74 degrees, partly cloudy). Most of my plans kick off once I’m back, because I’ll be doing a second Christmas down in DC with friends and the rest of my family come Wednesday. We’re doing it the only way that makes sense: Ray’s the Steaks, followed by nogs, whiskeys and ciders back near the tree.

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Tom: I love holiday weekends, they’re always so peaceful here.  With so many people traveling for the holidays, now is the perfect time to take advantage of their absence and to head out and enjoy the city to its fullest.  I’m thinking maybe a trip to the skating rink at the Sculpture Garden might be in order, as well as maybe some bargain hunting after Christmas.  The Caps and Wizards both play home games this week, as well, which has me excited for local sports.  Go Caps!

Tiff: After spending Christmas Eve in my kitchen (not that I’m complaining), I’m hoping to get out and see some of the holiday sights that I’ve been too busy/cold-ridden to see. Maybe the National Christmas Tree. Maybe the Franciscan Monastery. Maybe just another breakfast at Murry & Paul’s in Brookland. Maybe writing out my belated Christmas cards at Peregrine Espresso. I don’t know; it’s wide open, and therefore glorious with possibility.

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