We Love Weekends, January 8-9

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Max: After the much needed holiday hiatus (that was much too short), it’s tempting to spend the next few month on my couch watching Netflix movies and hibernating.  Alas, there are some great exhibits opening at the galleries this weekend that I will brave the cold for.  On Friday, First Friday to be exact, I’ll be checking out Leah Appel’s dreamy photos of Savannah at Hillyer Art Space, then possibly eating at one of my favorite DC restaurants, Bistro du Coin. Saturnalia opens Saturday night at Irvine Contemporary, a group show featuring some of the gallery’s artists.  On the other side of town I’ll be checking out Laura Elkins’ White House Negligee at The Fridge.  Sunday will probably be spent doing something exciting like tax preparation and napping.

Carl: After a whole month of weekends packed with activities, Beautiful Girlfriend and I finally have some unstructured time to just enjoy being together in this great city. I hope we can get out to the National Portrait Gallery, which has an exhibit about Katharine Graham, as well as one titled Elvis at 21. Presley, that is. Someday I want to be known for just my first name. The rest of the weekend will be spent eating meat and finishing my book manuscript.

Paulo: I’m going to Air and Space to get my copy of How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming signed by none other than its author, astronomer Mike Brown. As a fellow disparager of the lowly Kuiper Belt Object Pluto since its demotion to “Dwarf Planet” by the IAU, I’ve been an admirer of Brown’s grace and levity under lots of pressure, hatred, and voice mail from people whose ideas of planetary categorization are governed by sentimentality rather than an evolving understanding of the universe.

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Michael: This weekend I hope to make it down to E Street Cinema to see the bizarre Finnish action-horror film “Rare Exports”. I’ve got to see me some feral Santa Claus action! On Sunday night, I will be accompanying my new music desk colleague, Martin Silbiger, to the Black Cat to see 8-bit, hacked Nintendo heroes, Anamanaguchi.

Rebecca J: It’s been a while since I’ve hit up Cleveland Park Bar & Grill for some tasty bar food and brewskies. This week’s specials include BBQ Pizza and Kimmie’s Special Nachos with pico de gallo, melted cheddar and monterey jack cheeses, jalapenos, sour cream and guacamole. NOM! I’ll definitely be washing those down with some Red Hook IPA. Saturday I’m meeting up with my sis in Chinatown, where we’ll hit up Chinatown ExpressHide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture at the National Portrait Gallery. For a while now, the brunch menu at Thunderburger, particularly the crepes, has been intriguing me, so finally I’ll check it out. Then it will be on to shopping the sales in Georgetown.

Ashley: Though I’d like to pretend that I’m really busy this weekend, I’m actually just planning on ingesting the daily caloric intake of your average sumo wrestler, all in the name of being social. On Friday night I plan to show my support for the renewed alcohol service at Sticky Rice and have some rolls and tots to celebrate. After that, I have really been longing for my summers on the boardwalk in Ocean City, so I think I’ll head to H St. Country Club for a little skeeball. Saturday I some “meetings” — first at Tunnicliffs for brunch and grilling a friend on tips for my upcoming trip to Africa, a “meeting” with Katie at Teaism which will probably involve more gossip and salty oat cookies than actual work. Saturday night is a dear friend’s bachelorette party at Urbana, since it is so close to the source of my absolute embarrassment, karaoke at Cafe Japone. Sunday will hopefully be spent almost entirely at the gym.

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Tom: This is a weekend full of parties for me. First, our friend Stuart’s awesome post-New Years’ romp in PG County with tasty local beer and drink, and then my friend Nicole’s birthday drinks at The Passenger, fresh off their recent renovation. I’m thinking there may be a trip to go see True Grit at Gallery Place on Sunday, to celebrate the end of the football season, probably with tapas at Jaleo. For I am nothing if not a creature of habit.

Tiff: Oh yes, partiespartiesparties thrown by people not named Bridge. I’m ready. It may be time for a stop at Schneiders of Capitol Hill for a hostess gift, and also to re-stock the household supply of bourbon, since we served plenty of eggnog over the holidays. If I hadn’t just been at the Arlington Drafthouse to see RED with Tom and Don, that’s probably what I’d be doing, so I suggest you do it too. Maybe with a little Lost Dog Pizza across the street aftward.

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  2. Michael,

    Looks like Rare Exports is leaving E Street after tonight — and the last showing was at 5:30 p.m. D’oh!

    I’m sorry you weren’t able to see it. I enjoyed, and I wish it had gotten wider release.