We Love Weekends: January 22-23

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Brittany: Thursday I am going to Virginia. Apparently, going to Virginia either means I like you lots (the boy I am meeting for lunch; the other boy I am meeting for drinks) or you are paying me (my day job, sending me to a conference in Arlington for the day). Today, it is both. What this weekend is really about, though, is Dismemberment Plan at Black Cat. Expectations are high, if slightly conflicted (Am I succumbing to early-onset nostalgia? Is it not even that early?). What happens Saturday will depend somewhat on how the show evening goes, but I would not count on me to be up too early in the morning.

Max: I’m escaping DC this weekend for the chaotic rush of NY, which unfortunately means I’ll be missing out on some cool things going on.  Friday hosts the opening of “climate, control” at Civilian Art Projects, featuring work by J. McCracken, Jan Razauskas, and Millicent Young that shows the “artists’ response to their immediate surroundings, as well as the exacting nature of their practice.”  On the music front, one of my favorite local bands, The Jones, is playing at the Rock and Roll Hotel at 8:00.  On Saturday, local art patron/collector extraordinaire, Henry Thaggert interviews Laura Elkins about her deeply personal show “White House Negligee” at The Fridge at 5PM (so bummed to be missing this).  On Sunday, lots of hipsters, snobs, and hungover people will be mopping up their sorrows at brunch with some eggs benedict at numerous restaurants near you.

Samantha: Since this is the first weekend that I have actually spent in DC since New Years, I will be busy catching up with my favorite city! Friday night we will be heading out for some wine and delicious food at Cork Wine Bar on 14th Street. Saturday, after a day of work in Georgetown, we will be catching a movie at Gallery Place (probably True Grit) and some dessert at FroZen Yo (Cookies & Cream for sure). And Sunday will look a bit like this — coffee with a dear friend at Point Chaud, followed by a quick run up to Bloomingdales in Chevy Chase for some shopping.  And of course, I owe my dog a trip to the S and 17th dog park!

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Tom: This is a weekend of preparation.  I have clients moving into new digs on Monday, so Friday night will be spent creating a phone system for them, which you can tell is fantastically exciting.  In addition, Sunday night I’ll be at 9:30 Club for the sold out Dismemberment Plan show, and I think Emergency & I are going to spend some quality time together on Saturday afternoon getting to know each other before these DC legends play a third sold out show this weekend. I’ll also be spending some time with the Nationals roster and baseball-reference.com to get ready for pitchers & catchers, which is just four weeks away.

Rachel: Much like Tom, I too am working for the weekend. I’ll be spending most of my time in the Capitol Hill area around Union Station which leaves the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone — hang out at Union Station/maybe get some shoppingdone and finally check out Capitol City Brewing for the first time. I know, I know … I’m way behind the times for not having ever been inside Capitol City Brewing. So sue me. Saturday night I’ll be headed for a night out after a long day at work in Dupont atSign of the Whale with some friends from my AU days. Then Sunday will be the usual recovery/brunch extravaganza mixed with some football. I’m still deciding where to watch the games. Recommendations are welcomed and encouraged, but if I get lazy I’ll likely cozy up with a bar stool at Chef Geoff’s.

Addison: I’ve got an 8 hour long interview on Friday, so I plan to take the rest of the weekend pretty easy.  Saturday, I’m gonna make a quick trip to the zoo around noon to hopefully catch a glimpse of the Zoo’s new lion cubs.  The afternoon seems like a good time to catch up on some of the best documentaries of 2010 that have hit Netflix/  Saturday night, I’m hitting up the all-you-can eat meat fest that is Fogo de Chao for their Restaurant Week offering, that might be one of the best deals on the list.  Sunday, if I wake up from my steak-induced coma, I might hike down to Hard Times Cafe in Arlington for an afternoon/evening of what looks to be two pretty good football games.

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Michael: While everyone and their mother/brother/father/sister is at one of the three The Dismemberment Plan reunion shows this weekend, I will be enjoying one of the weekend’s other musical offerings. The real deal, concert of the weekend is at Black Cat on Saturday night where Sweden’s dreamy, off-kilter, synth-troupe Little Dragon are set to make their glorious return to the area. You might recognize lead singer Yukimi Nagano from her guest appearances on the Gorillaz tour last year. Little Dragon were one of Coachella 2010’s hidden treasures and I can not stress enough how amazing this band is live. See you there!

Tiff: I will be spending the weekend catching my breath. There will definitely be brunch, either in the form of a diner breakfast at Murry & Paul’s in Brookland, or at Rustik in Bloomingdale. M&P is more breakfasty, but Rustik has mimosas. As you can see, I have some thinking to do. Sunday night I’ll be watching the Steelers in the AFC Championship game- as a Pittsburgh native, I consider it a Holy Day of Obligation. I could get stake out a table early at the Penn Ave. Pour House, the beating heart of the DC Steeler Nation, but I think I may seek out a less cramped locale to get my yinzer on. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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