Just What Georgetown Needed, The “OC” Treatment

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Be ready for a fictional, Washington outsider to mutter the phrase, “Welcome to M Street, Bitch.”

I’m not proud of having watched “OC” while in college in a town that is possibly the furthest thing from Southern California. That’s not to say I didn’t watch it. I’ll admit it. I have also come to grow to love another show by creator Josh Schwartz, the extremely entertaining “Chuck.”

This does not mean I’m necessarily supportive of the following news coming in from Lisa de Moraes:

Add “OC” creator Josh Schwartz to the list of Hollywood producers looking for a way to do a scripted drama that taps into the Washington political scene. ABC has ordered from Schwartz a pilot episode to be made for a possible TV series for next season, called “Georgetown.”

Yikes. I can’t wait for the stereotypes of collar-poppers (likely unfair) alongside some contrived storylines around outsiders trying to break into the DC scene through M Street. Don’t forget: “The OC” was the show that popularized that California song by Phantom Planet that is now stuck in your head as well as invented Chrismukkuh. How will this version be anything other than “Gossip Girl” set between Smith Point, the Tombs and Wisconsin Ave?

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11 thoughts on “Just What Georgetown Needed, The “OC” Treatment

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  2. Seth Cohen did not invent “Chrismahanukwanzakah.” He invented “Chrismukkuh.” Get yo’ facts right.

  3. There is another pilot in the works about a retired cop in Brookland. Yes. Brook-LAND, not Brook-LYN. It is supposed to be a sitcom

  4. I’m hoping one episode can focus on two of the characters jumping off Key Bridge and trying to scapegoat bloggers for the trouble they get into.

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