That Georgetown Knock Off of “The OC”? It’s Being Filmed in Brooklyn

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Early last month, we shared the news that the delightful corridor surrounding Wisconsin Ave and M St was set to get its due in scripted, dramatic, television form. Somewhere along the way to creating a show about Georgetown, though, the production company decided to look outside of the narrow, one-way streets of the furthest west regions of Northwest DC.

A reader of NY blog Gothamist shared a flyer with the blog that showed up in his mail box that indicated that the company was going to run its production out of New York – and that they needed a brownstone Brooklyn house to film the pilot.

I’m sure there is logic on this – my guess is that the key point involves the proximity of studios to NY and the fact that is probably easier to get filming permits up in Park Slope than in Washington. Still, would anyone ever confuse the borough across the East River [<—NYC geography updated thanks to a commenter!] for the DC neighborhood down Pennsylvania Ave?

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3 thoughts on “That Georgetown Knock Off of “The OC”? It’s Being Filmed in Brooklyn

  1. Brooklyn is the borough across the East River from Manhattan, not the Hudson. Hudson’s b/t New Jersey and Manhattan.