We Love Weekends, February 5-6

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Michael: Decisions, decisions. Friday night is stacked with good options. Insane Israeli rockers Monotonix are at Comet Ping Pong at the same time as legendary techno-scientist Tom Middleton is at U Street Music Hall. Both will be a blast so it will probably come down to a coin toss. Definitely hitting Chromeo at 9:30 Club on Sunday night though. These guys completely wowed me at FreeFest and I am curious if they can do the same minus the Dance Forest contact high.

Ben: Friday will be spent taking in a screening of Shared Experience: Telling Our Stories at the National Museum for the American Indian (and next week is much ado about chocolate!). Saturday is a day of writing and rest, and then there’s the big game on Sunday – no, not the one with the Steelers. It’s here at the Verizon Center: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Washington Capitals.

John: Friday will be a nice relaxing wind-down evening out at the WeLoveDC dirtlLAB (currently iceLAB) near Oatlands possibly with some NOMS from Fireworks – which just opened a new location in Courthouse. Saturday, however, will be spent gearing up for HUSH Supper Club on U Street for some awesome vegetarian food. Sunday will be football watching at a friend’s house. Pretty much anywhere will have the game on, so if you’re at a loss, just head to your local bar with a TV and join in the revelry. I don’t have a dog in the fight, so I’m accepting suggestions.

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Addison: Friday, I plan on classing it up a little with some wine sampling and small plates at a place I’ve been meaning to try for a while: Grand Cru Wine Bar in Ballston. On Saturday I will bring down my average classiness by heading to Capitol Hill with some friends to take on Hamilton’s Tap Dance Challenge, drinking all 10 of their beers on tap in under three hours. Sunday, after watching the Caps take on the hated Penguins, I will rush home and prepare chips, dips, and finger food for the people I’ve got coming over to watch the Super Bowl.

Tricia: I will spend this weekend sleeping and eating. On Friday I’m going to my usual hangout, Cava Mezze on Barracks Row, for three of my favorites: scallops risotto, Cava fries, and sangria. My parents will be visiting me in Navy Yard from the far away land of Rockville, Maryland on Saturday. If I have cash on hand I will take them to Bagels and Baguettes, my favorite bagel shop not just on the Hill but in DC, if not we’ll probably go to Bistro Cacao for brunch. After some cleaning and shopping I’ll make my way to Vento, the new Italian restaurant in Dupont Circle for a “First Look” review. On Sunday I will be busy looking for a place NOT celebrating the Superbowl…too bad because I wanted to try the new Bullfeathers. AKA, I’ll probably just order takeout from Sanphan. At some point I will go to the gym.

Patrick Palafox: I like to move it move it just like those lemurs in Madagascar. This Friday is a perfect night to hit the U Street Music Hall. I love that place so much. The cover to do the Dancehall’s weekly Red Friday’s dance night is $10. I have never been disappointed being there. Their staff is so friendly and their sound system is so crisp and beautiful. You have to be on the dance floor to really understand what I’m talking about. It’s like you are swimming in sound. No! It’s like being in the womb and your mom is playing Mozart on her tummy. Don’t you remember those good ole days? Just floating around taking it easy. Why did our ancestors evolve from the ocean so long ago? We could be in an underwater paradise right now. I just like the idea of swimming to work.

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Tom: Oh sweet weekend, your presence is welcome. After spending all of this weekend wanting to die with the Martian Death Plague™ (patent pending), this weekend is going to be all about recovery. I’m thinking three skeins of recovery at this point: Mind, Body and Soul.  For the Mind, I’m thinking a trip to the movies.  The decision there is The King’s Speech over at E Street Cinema or The Green Hornet at Regal Gallery Place.  For Body, I’m thinking about a trip to Pho 75 in Arlington for their life-preserving soup.  For Soul? This one’s hard to decide. It’s either drunken brunch late Sunday at The Passenger for their biscuits and gravy and some Old Fashioneds to rediscover truth, or maybe a walk through the Corcoran museum to rediscover beauty. It’s all up in the air.

Rachel: I’m pretty stoked for this weekend. It’s the first time in awhile that I have legitimate plans that don’t involve some sort of musical project that keeps me cooped up in my studio apartment near AU. Friday night I’ll be catching up with one of my favorite D.C. area sports writers, who just so happens to be the newly appointed Managing Editor of MASNSports.com, over a Mexican feast at Lauriol Plaza in Dupont. We’ll be talking Nats, life and the like. Should be a good time. Saturday is a big night for local music at The Rock and Roll Hotel. It is bassist Will McHenry’s final show with The Very Small. If you haven’t seen The Very Small with Will in the line-up then you should really get to the show. The man is all energy with a touch of funk, soul, and rock n’ roll. Sunday is the Super Bowl. I literally have no idea what I’m doing for that. Maybe the Mighty Pint with my Steelers fan friends but who knows?

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