We Love Weekends, February 12-13

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John: This weekend I’ll be starting off with a nice quiet dinner at home here at the WLDC DirtLab. Saturday (and Friday as well) my old bandmates in Honor By August will be doing a double-header at the recently renovated IOTA Club and Café in Clarendon. Sunday, I think that the Lyon Hall Local Pork dinner and wine pairing is hard to beat and delicious to boot.

Addison: Friday, I’m heading to the Zoo for a little bit of educational fun (ok, and cute baby animals) at the Woo at the Zoo event. Saturday, I plan on taking a quick day trip into Virginia horse country to sample the wares at Horton Vineyards and Blue Mountain Brewery, since I really felt the urge to get out of the city. Saturday night, I’m headed to a friend’s house to tap his first batch of homebrew. Sunday is family time, since my mom will be in town.

Marissa: I’ll be heading to the Smithsonian American Art Museum on Saturday to check out the Close to Home: Photographers and their Families exhibit. Then if I’m feeling brave and peer-pressured enough, I might get another piercing (just on my ear…I’m not that wild and crazy) over at Jinx Proof in Georgetown and do a little shopping. For Sunday, I have two words for you: free tortellini. The Copper Pot Food Company will have a free tortellini tasting in honor of National Tortellini Day (who knew that existed?!) at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market from 10 am til 1 pm.

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Dave: I was given the option to choose a dinner spot on Friday between two locales: Kushi and BGR. As much as I enjoy sushi, I feel like this is definitely a burger week, and that’ll be my pre-show meal before a few of my friends and their band get going at Town Tavern. I’ll round out the weekend with at least a Saturday field trip to ChurchKey before other errands other the neighborhood: Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot (you know, if there’s enough time).

Fedward: Friday will see me at Tynan at the Studio Theatre, Saturday, I’ll be taking in Astaire and Feathers in Top Hat at AFI Silver, then taking in cocktails at home (’cause that’s what I do), and Sunday will be my almost-regularly-scheduled brunch at The Passenger.

Katie: On Friday night I’m getting dinner with a good girlfriend of mine, I’m thinking of maybe trying out Lyon Hall for the second time, or possibly grabbing some pizza at Liberty Tavern. Saturday a bunch of my friends are headed for the Newseum, I’m excited (well, as much as one could be about something so depressing) see theKatrina exhibit. On Sunday, I am taking the day to prep for Valentine’s Day, which means some girl time,primping and preening, as well as some runs for wine and a visit to Whole Food’s cheese counter.

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Tom: Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like we’re in for sunny and 50 on Sunday, which means it’s time to get out and do yard maintenance and get ready for the garden season.  I’ll be off to Frager’s on the Hill for tools to trim my crepe myrtle and to prepare for new garden beds and seed starters.  Sunday afternoon I’ll be at “Give Me Your Hand” at the Corcoran to hear Dearbhla Molloy and Dermot Crowley read the work of Irish poet Paul Durcan, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Patrick Palafox: I am scheming a plot to enter the Rock & Roll Hotel’s “Rock & Roll Spelling Buzz” that is happening on Friday, Feb. 11, at 8pm. The game is that you are in a spelling bee just like you were in elementary, only you have an alcoholic beverage in hand. If you want to sign up you should get there around 6 pm and then 20 people will be chosen at random to associate letters to words that you probably don’t even use, but hey it’s good to know in the off chance that you are forced to play Scrabble with some people that your significant other hangs out with, and you’re not too keen on the conversation, but pretend to know by smiling and nodding. Is that just me? Maybe. Oh yeah, the top prize is a $60 bar tab.

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Tiffany lives in Brookland with her husband Tom, son Charlie, and two high-maintenance cats. Read why Tiffany loves DC.

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