We Love Weekends, February 19-20

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Dave: Have you seen the weather report? Give me a patio on Friday afternoon and watch out. Whether or not it’sactually spring, I’m going to pretend it is. I have to take it pretty easy, though: to truly ring in the President’s Day weekend, I’m going to don a giant President’s costume as I cover the Nationals Racing Presidents auditions this weekend (look for that full story on Monday). From there, it’ll be a little more normal – perhaps a little extended brunching on Sunday with the benefit of the Monday holiday.

Patrick Palafox: I’m going to go to the DC Improv this Sunday to take my first class of their Five Minutes to Funny Course, which is where Brad and Ralph met before having their Awesome Thursdays at R.F.D. Open Mic. Looking forward to learning more about the art of making people laugh. My best joke so far is I put my hand on somebody’s arm pit and give them a tickle. It works every time, but will also lead to jail. I need to tickle people without actually touching them.

Ashley: This weekend I’ll be trying something totally (not) different — lots of eating. To prepare my belly for the food fest as well as to break in some hiking boots for a badass trek I’m doing in a few months, I’ll be enjoying the nice weather Friday on a hike, most likely the Billy Goat Trail. To congratulate myself on all that walking, I’ll be continuing my birthday celebrations with friends at Agora on that night, where I will eat my weight intaramosalata. Then Saturday morning, I’m venturing to H St. to try the new brunch at Dr. Granville Moore’s for mo(o)re birthday fun. Saturday night, a high school friend’s band, Awesome New Republic, is doing a show atRock and Roll Hotel that I wouldn’t dream of missing. Sunday will hopefully involve a little more boot breaking in, and finally dinner at Ripple with dear Marissa for a “meeting”, where I’m sure we will discuss tons of important things like boys and Gossip Girl.

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Rebecca J.: Friday I’m headed over to James Hoban’s in Dupont for some happy hour pints and, although I’ve been trying to be good, chicken fingers. Knowing the crowd that I’m going with, we’ll likely work our way toKitchen in Glover Park and then hit up Z-Burger for a cheesesteak. Saturday I’m off for a belated Valentine’s dinner at The Palm, and depending on the weather, hopefully a romantic stroll up Massachusetts Avenue. Sunday morning I’ll start by trips back to the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market to pick up my weekly produce and head over to Eastern Market for a cup of coffee and perusal of the stands and goods.

Marissa: This weekend I am vowing to use the Stroga yoga pass I purchased ages ago and get my downward dog on. I also have lofty aspirations of joining a gym with cardio kickboxing classes…so uh, throw those recommendations my way, I make no promised to actually act on them. Saturday, I’m hopeful that I’ll eat at least one meal at Bar Pilar. As Ashley said, she and I will probably discuss reality TV over charcuterie atRipple this Sunday. And maybe, if ambition strikes, I’ll come up with a recipe to enter in that coconut cakecontest I wrote about earlier. I will need taste testers.

Patrick Pho: I’m starting off my weekend with a Happy Hour with friends at The Park at Fourteenth on Friday. I’ll admit that I don’t normally go to swanky places but my friend just got a job there and it’s not like I don’t enjoy the finer things in life every once in awhile. Which is also why I’ll be attending the birthday party of a dear friend on Saturday at another fancy place: Dirty Martini. I’ll be rolling deep, and by deep I mean my roommates and me. I don’t know what I’m going to wear yet but I’m sure I might have to wear a tie. I’ll end my weekend over at West End Cinema working on my final Oscar Watch piece for next week.

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Fedward: It’s closing weekend for Marcus; Or the Secret of Sweet at Studio, so that will be my Friday night, closed off with one of Adam Bernbach’s excellent examples of the gin and tonic at Estadio (I’m not yet to the point of trying the recipe at home). Saturday I’m attending wedding and maybe getting roped into singing at their open mic reception, and after all that sweetness I’m sure I’ll need a Bitter End at the bar at Palena. Sunday I’ll be picking up snacks at Rodman’s before a quiet evening at home. And Monday, glorious Monday, I’ll find myself with a rare day off, which I’ll be spending at the National Building Museum for the exhibits “LEGO® Architecture: Towering Ambition” and “Designing Tomorrow: America’s World’s Fairs of the 1930s.”

Rachel: I’ll be spending my weekend at National Harbor and am hoping to check out some of the fine entertainment (etc.) the Gaylord National has to offer … in addition to the pretty, pretty water. Plus — it’s supposed to be absolutely gorgeous this weekend, so a nice stroll around the harbor sounds calming and ideal. Sunday evening, I’m hoping to make it to the Washington Performing Arts Society‘s presentation of the WPAS Men, Women, and Children of the Gospel Choir at the Kennedy Center. This is the first time that The Choral Arts Society of Washington and WPAS’ Men, Women, and Children of the Gospel Choirs will be combined, creating a choir of 300 singers to commemorate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It should be a particularly passionate show. I’m looking forward to it.

Tiff: This weekend involves a World Cup o’ Foosball tournament in Clarendon. Where in Clarendon? You got me. The organizers haven’t decided yet. But with the achingly gorgeous weather we are currently being teased with, I hope it’s someplace with a patio. Sunday, no doubt, will be spent assisting Tom in preparing the backyard for this year’s victory garden. If you’re planning on any urban gardening, I recommend you do that too.

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