We Love Weekends, February 26-27

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Rebecca J.: Friday I’m headed to the Black Cat to catch Fred Armisen perform where I’m hoping for some salutes to his Gov. Paterson and Barrack impressions. After that we’ll head to the basement of Cafe St. Exwhich always gets crazy. On Saturday, as I’m headed to a “Look At This Fucking Hipster” party in the evening, the day will be spent scavenging thrifts shops for the most absurd hipster get up imaginable. I’m already scared to see the bf in skin tight tapered pants. Yowsa! After the wild and craziness of Friday and Saturday, Sunday will be all about relaxing, recovering and watching all things Oscar.

Jenn: It could be an art-filled weekend, starting tonight with ARTventures on H where from 5:30-8pm you can wander through 13 galleries on H Street NE for an art walk that not only gets you culture but also gets you fed – for every gallery you enter, your “passport” is stamped to get you 12% off participating H Street hotspots from 7-9:30pm. Total happiness. Also worth a stop at some point is Rosemary Feit Covey’s exhibit “Death of the Fine Art Print” at Morton Fine Art, where you can see how this provocative artist is stepping out of her comfort zone in a fascinating way. Continue combining art with food by hitting Locolat next door for an evil waffle-burger (yes, it’s a burger with waffles for a bun, topped with beer-saturated cheese. I told you, evil!). Ok, you could also just have a regular Belgian waffle but either way, go for the decadence this weekend.

Katie: Friday night my adorable boyfriend has sworn he will switch things up and make ME dinner for a change, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. Saturday, I’m heading over to Brookland to meet up with some ex-colleagues from a former job, and have been promised waffles and mimosas. Then, after delicious brunch and lots of catching up, the best thing EVER will happen: SLUMBER PARTAY! I’m hosting a junior-high style sleepover for all my closest girlfriends at my house. I’m decorating with ridiculous amounts of crepe paper, and turning the entire living room floor into one big puppy pile on a blow up mattress, while we watch Sex and the City and Audrey Hepburn movies. We’re ordering cheesy, goey, greasy pizza and eating raw cookie dough and making margaritas and drinking champagne. We’ll stay up late and talk about boys, playing MASH and truth or dare. In the morning, after little to no sleep, we’ll drag ourselves out of bed and my friends and I will make pancakes before their parents, I mean boyfriends, come to pick them up. We’ll probably still be tired at school on Monday.

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Rachel: As lame as it sounds, I’m taking Friday night for a Girl’s Night-In … party of one. I’ll be catching up with my good friend Kurt Vonnegut, my laptop and Word Press in attempt to clense my mind and churn out some good, old fashioned copy for a few articles I’ve been trying to finish. Saturday I’ll likely venture to Friendship Heights for a stroll near and around the shops on Wisconsin Avenue near Jennifer Street and then stop a spot for brunch. I’m thinking Chadwick’s might be the winner of my brunch heart for the day, but we’ll see. Saturday night you’ll be able to find me live tweeting from @welovedcsports while I cover the Wizards-Mavericks game at the Verizon Center. Sunday, my Yelp DC friend and I will finally take on the Luther at Churchkey (something my fellow We Love DC’ers have already partaken in). I’m very much looking forward to it.

Tom: Busy weekend ahead! With the Nationals Spring Training about to turn to playing the game rather than just practicing it, it’s time to get out the stat books and write the spring previews, so look for me with a copy of the Baseball Encyclopedia (more likely Baseball-Reference.com) and the blogs of Adam KilgoreBen GoesslingCraig Heist, and Mark Zuckerman, while I sip coffee down at Peregrine Espresso.  Sunday I’ll be working on my garden: indoors planting seeds under the grow light. No officer, those are vegetables, not marijuana!  What, do I look like a CBS bureau chief?

Dave: I’m actually setting off on a bit of a day adventure come Saturday, as I’ll get into a car and make the trek to Charlottesville for the afternoon to watch UVA hoops take on my alma mater. Once back, I’m going to do the normal Sunday brunch routine, except moving along to one of the best brunches in Arlington at Liberty Tavern with a good friend from grad school. I’m trying to save up some energy for a big March.

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Paulo: I’ve got Venice on the brain, and it’s because this weekend I plan to go see the National Gallery’s Venice: Canaletto and his Rivals: an exhibit of vedute, view paintings of the 18th Century Venetian cityscape. Canaletto was known for a rougher, less precise style of brushwork than was common for landscapes of his day, producing paintings with a distinctly darker, moodier appearance than most — a visual style that in some ways foreshadowed impressionism, accentuated by his selection of lesser known parts of Venice as subjects. This made him more of an outlier amongst Venetian artists, but well-sought after by visiting youths seeking a more distinctive souvenir of the Grand Tour than the usual vedute painting.

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