We Love Weekends, March 5-6

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Michael: I’m hoping to stock up on rest this weekend because next week has a plethora of amazing shows for me. That said, I cannot resist Smith Westerns at Rock & Roll Hotel on Friday night. Their sophomore album “Dye It Blonde” is incredible and I think this show will live up to the high expectations it has fostered.

Tom: The first warm weekend of the year looks to be a wet one, so I’ll be mostly plotting to stay inside. Friday night I’ll be out at Iron Horse celebrating a friend who is starting her first business next week (Congratulations, Cheryl!) and Saturday afternoon we’ll be jaunting over to Siné for drinks with area sportsblogger WFY to talk about the future of the Nationals and get ready for the first telecasts and radiocasts of the year.  Sunday means bottomless mimosa at Rustik DC, followed by preparing for another long week of blogging.

Patrick Palafox: I love animated movies and am going to see Rango. In this film, Johhny Depp expands his repertoire of characters and completely transforms his persona into a digital chameleon. I heard that Johnny Depp lived among lizards in the desert for a whole month to really dive into his character. I truly appreciate any actor that takes the time to be the animal they portray. I’m sick of all these actors that do the voices for creatures and they don’t even do the animals any justice. I put rubber bands on my hands and swam in my neighbor’s pool for an entire day in order to do my lobster voice for the indy film Patrick Palafox’s American Lobster. My mom gave that film two thumbs up and a bowl of ice cream.

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Rebecca J: It’s been one helluva week, so Friday I’ll be renting “Waiting for Superman,” the documentary analyzing the failures of American public education by following several students through the educational system. The documentary features Washington DC, fifth grader Anthony and former DCPS chancellor Michelle Rhee. Saturday, I’m headed NW of the district to check out the Purcellville Community Market and the legendary Leesburg outlets. Sunday I’ve got family from abroad in town, so I’ll take them to the National Portrait Gallery followed by a stroll down to the Mall and White House.

Marissa: Friday I’ll hopefully be starting off the weekend by relaxing and grabbing drinks with some friends. Maybe we’ll try somewhere new or just end up at Local 16 like we so often do. Saturday, I plan on checking out the Mt. Pleasant Temporium that Rebecca Gross wrote about a little while back. Sunday will be a lot of cooking and a fun little photoshoot for my blog, with my best friend’s coworker, Kristina Hopper. Her other photos look great, so I’m really looking forward to cooking some good food and taking wonderful pictures!

Rachel: Tom and I will be joining our friend Cheryl (aka Mrs. Nats News Network/Caps News Network) to celebrate her new role as a full-time, professional photographer with happy hour drinks at Iron Horse. (Congrats, Cheryl!) Saturday night, I’ll be back at the Verizon Center checking out the Wizards vs. the Timberwolves. You can follow that action via @welovedcsports. Then, Sunday will be spent outlining the “Nats Fans Are People Too” calendar for the spring/summer If you’re a die-hard Nats fan who would like to be featured, please do get in touch. I’ll also be looking for venues to book future shows in D.C. Right now, The Velvet Lounge and Rock ‘N Roll Hotel are on my radar, but if you think of anywhere good, let me know in the comments.

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Tiff: A college friend who has spent most of her time in small towns is in town this weekend, so I’ll be spending some time playing tour guide; it’s always refreshing to see the city with someone who isn’t from a city. Visits to the various Smithsonian museums will probably happen, though I may try to sneak in some time to see the rest of the Maximum India festival at the Kennedy Center. Last week, the bottomless mimosas at Rustik nearly derailed my Sunday, and if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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