We Love Weekends, March 12-13

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Tiff: With Tom out of town I’m rolling single-style and already my weekend is overflowing into this week. Tonight there’s the DC Web Women <RELOAD> Happy Hour at Science Club (you see what they did there). Tomorrow, there’s DJ lil’e’s Lady Gaga vs. Madonna vs. Kylie dance party at the 9:30 Club. It’s sold out, but at e’s last sold-out 9:30 gig, they re-opened the box office as people started to trickle out later in the night, so there’s still hope. Saturday is all about me time: haircut, movies, food Tom doesn’t like… expect to see me wandering around Gallery Place, is what I’m saying. Sunday I’m going all domesticated and baking some shortbread for a friend’s tea party (the kind with actual tea, not the political kind) before putting on my finery (or what passes for it) and nibbling finger sandwiches.

Patrick Palafox: This weekend I’m thinking about heading down to Takoma Park and checking out The Electric Mayhem Comedy Hour that’s happening over at the Electric Maid at 268 Carrol St. NW. this Friday. This will be their third show and all they ask is for a $5 donation. That’s a bit steep for a comedy show, but I think I will drop down the cash, because I’m rich.

Marissa: Another hectic week under my belt and I’m looking forward to the weekend! Not surprisingly, I have a weekend of food lined up for me. Saturday night I’ll be grabbing dinner by Eastern Market at Jordan’s 8 because steak + sushi = greatness. Sunday will be a day of food coverage as I’m interviewing chef Teddy Diggs from Ripple (stay tuned for that Capital Chefs feature…) and then I’m off to cover Cochon 555. Mmmm, bacon.

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Rebecca J: Friday I’m headed to garmentDISTRICT, a temporium program in Shaw, providing a unique space for local designers and artists to display and sell their work. The event which runs through March, 20 is also holding sewing classes. Saturday, I’m headed to a going away party at The Big Hunt, which I haven’t been to in FOREVER. I hope to try their latest on taps: Brooklyn Main Engine Start BIPA, Bell’s Batch 10,000, Oliver’s Ironman and Oscar Blues Gordon. Sunday, I’m heading over to the Washington Animal Rescue League to see if there’s a perfect feline match for me. Fingers crossed!

Max: There are some awesome things going on in the local art world this weekend and I plan to hit as many of them as possible.  On Friday, Irvine Contemporary hosts the opening of “Image/Fame/Memory” which is a must see, featuring photography by Curtis Knapp, Gerard Malanga, Billy Name, and Kate Simon as well as work by Shepard Fairey.  Saturday, after a cast screening for a short film I’m collaborating on, I’ll be heading to the Select WPA 2011 Art Auction Gala where I’ll hopefully be purchasing some great artwork to support one of my favorite local organizations.  Also that night is the opening for “Fridge 5” featuring work by some great street artists at the Fridge gallery on Capitol Hill.  As usual, Sunday will be a recovery day filled with brunch, naps, and more naps.

Fedward: Friday night the Social Chair will be showing off her new engagement ring to some friends who live near Eastern Market, so I think that means Tunnicliff’s Tavern. On Saturday we’ll be joining other friends at the new National Pinball Museum, followed by more Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire at the AFI Silver Theatre (this one is CAREFREE, with Ralph Bellamy in a classic Baxter role). We might then stay in downtown Silver Spring to catch one of the last performances of Forum Theatre’s ONE FLEA SPARE. And then on Sunday we get sucked into the wedding industrial complex with a trip to Crate and Barrel. At least it’s not Costco.

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Addison: Friday, I’m heading to the Caps game against the Hurricanes, which means that some drinking will have to happen before and after. Most likely RFD and Merkamo or stay a little more local and sample the supposedly excellent pizza at Pupatella in Arlington. Saturday night is guys night out to celebrate a friend’s recent promotion. We have a limo and a stack of singles to keep us entertained for the night. I will need to relax a little on Sunday, so what better activity that popping off a few dozen rounds at Blue Ridge Arsenal in the morning and getting brunch afterward.

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Tiffany lives in Brookland with her husband Tom, son Charlie, and two high-maintenance cats. Read why Tiffany loves DC.

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