We Love Weekends, April 23-24

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Dave: It’s a really jampacked Easter Weekend for me. First off, I’m starting Friday with my first alumni softball game of the season, playing under the Monument before heading over to the Exchange for a pitcher and some tater tots. I won’t be there for long, because I have to get out to Ragtime out in Courthouse where my band is presenting an epic tribute to Hootie and the Blowfish’sCracked Rear View. We’ll play other stuff, too. Promise. I’m getting on a plane to go join my family for the rest of the weekend, but rest assured that if I were to stay in town, I’d have Screwtop’s Easter Brunch as one of my top priorities.

Tom: Springtime, at long last! Easter is this weekend, and while I’d normally be singing with the Falls Church Presbyterian Church choir, I may just be an observer at the Basilica in Brookland, where a good friend is singing as part of Holy Week services.  As for Easter Brunch, with the teeming hordes descending upon all of my favorite establishments, I’m thinking I’ll just hit Eastern Market this week for some eggs and really great bacon and maybe a local chicken to roast on Sunday night.  We’re planning a little themed shindig for Game of Thrones‘ second night.  Saturday, catch me in the garden getting ready for next weekend’s Garden Guild monastery plant sale. I’ve got beds to prepare for some lovely blueberry bushes.

Rachel: Well as luck would have it, I won one of those Sign of the Whale happy hour specials, so that will be my Friday night in a nutshell. If you feel like maximizing on drink specials between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. in Dupont Circle, just say you’re with Rachel when checking in Sign of the Whale’s front door. Drink specials include $3 mixed drinks and domestic beers. Saturday be the start of my summer-long effort of getting outside and getting active by exploring the various trails DC has to offer. The first trail I will be exploring is the trail inside Montrose Park/Rock Creek Park starting at Massachusetts Avenue and Waterside Drive. I’ve passed it every day on my way to work since August 2009 so I think it’s time to check it out. Sunday will likely include the standard brunch affair at a TBA restaurant. I used to frequent Morty’s but now that it’s gone I may have to settle for Booeymonger in Friendship Heights for my bagel and lox fix.

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Jenn: Thunderstorms, thunderstorms. Rain, rain. I am so tired of the forecast it makes me cry. So I’m tempted if the weekend is a wash to hit the peaceful sanctuary of the Jefferson Hotel this Saturday for the first in a series of wine classes with sommelier Michael Scaffidi. From 2:30-4pm for $75 you can learn the “black magic secrets” of an expert in the intimate elegance of their wine cellar. Or I might splurge on sanctuary of a different kind, a deep tissue massage at Celadon Spa. Failing that, it might be a sojourn to the cool interiors of the Corcoran to see the new permanent collection of modern and contemporary art since 1945 and the NEXT exhibit of the BFA Class of 2011. Wherever I end up, my trusty red umbrella will be fused to my hand.

Rebecca J.: Friday I had plans to hit up a happy hour at Ireland’s Four Courts, but with their kitchen fire yesterday those plans may be on hold. Saturday I’ve got footie match in the morning, after which I’m picking up some watercolors and tints to make Easter eggs. Saturday evening, I’ll hit up Kitchen to sip on some bourbon and sample their mixed slider plate (beef, chicken and crabcake.) Sunday, it’s off to church and then Easter Sunday brunch with the family at Cafe Deluxe in Bethesda. Eggs Benedict? Yes please! A little Game of Thrones to end the day and I’ve had one heck of good weekend.

Patrick Pho: Saturday during the day I’ll be picking up some last minute items for the Helen Hayes awards on Monday. With the help of BrittanyI got some sweet threads for the big night (spoiler: I’ll have a bow-tie!) Saturday night I’ll be reviewing MetroStage‘s The Real Inspector Hound, most likely followed by a night out in Old Town- any suggestions of places to hit up from the gallery would be appreciated! Sunday I’m capping off the weekend with a game up in Camden Yards, to celebrate a special birthday.

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Marissa: In a perfect world, I’d take this Friday off to go to the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra’s Jazz on the Mall and listen to some college jazz bands play. But since that’s not really an option for me, I’m hoping to indulge my music craving with a martini and some live music at Utopia. Saturday, I’m heading to the Lamont Bishop Gallery to check out their exhibit of polaroid photos (no, you don’t have to be a hipster to have an affection for polaroids). Keeping with the theme of satisfying my craving for live music, I’ll be checking out Jukebox the Ghost at the Black Cat on Saturday night. It makes me so happy to see how far they’ve come from the days of playing spring fling at GWU and I always have a dancin’ good time at their shows.

Fedward: Like P-Pho I’ll be attending the Helen Hayes Awards on Monday, but unlike him I already have my outfit. So without any clothes shopping required, I’ll have a laid back weekend. There might be a stop by the Apple Store for some accessories for my new MacBook Air, and maybe another stop at Pro Photo so I can eyeball a new Crumpler bag (anybody have a suggestion for SLR body, two prime lenses, an 11″ MBA, and assorted widgets? Comment below!). Sunday could very possibly include the usual brunch at Passenger, because why not? Other than that the Social Chair and I have been looking forward to trying Hill Country, and it’s never not a good time to go by Ercilia’s for tacos and pupusas.

Tiff: It’s Easter, and I’m Italian, so this weekend basically revolves around church and my kitchen, which I have come to believe are really two pieces of a larger whole. Saturday is Easter Vigil, which means Easter bread, which I will have entirely too much of and need to share with my neighbors.

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