Love (of Art) Conquers All (Weather)

It wouldn’t be street art if it didn’t stand up to the elements, and even today’s (ongoing) icy rain couldn’t shut down Albus Cavus’ Monster Mash Halloween paint party at Garfield Park. The nonprofit art organization, which offers workshops and after school programs and curates a series of what they call “open walls” for graffiti artists, welcomed local artists, performers, skaters and the public at large to an all-day community “expression” jam: skateboarders rode the hand-made ramps of the skate park, members of Urban Artistry got a dance cipher going and, of course, everyone from little kids to pro taggers repainted the open wall spaces tucked beneath Southeast Freeway.

Fueled by frequent stops to the community fire pit (and candy bowl), and swapping spray paints and ideas with fellow painters, the graff artists produced some seriously stunning—and seriously different—stuff, themed for Halloween. Replacing the Garfield the Cat and cartoon character faces from Albus Cavus’ earlier kids workshops, the walls, columns and fences now feature monsters— some that you may recognize (like the werewolf) and others you may not (like the ET-like figure with eyes in his palms— scary!).

Yours truly even gave it a go on the wooden boards hanging along the wire fencing of the park (my mom’s cat is a monster, so it was a legitimate project!). But I doubt those will stand the test of time (and snow). Sorry Mom!

(Above: an artist paints the tentacle of a very patriotic octopus-human– can you see it?)

Jordana Merran

In June 2010, Jordana left behind her parents’ Montgomery County nest– and twenty-minute drives to the grocery store, finally– to start her freshman year of life as a recent grad and genuine DCist. Making next-to-no use of her economics degree, but every ounce of her imagination and longstanding love for writing, she spends her time practicing public relations; blogging and freelancing; exploring offbeat interests like documentary film; and pondering the murals that pepper her walk (or Circulator ride) home from work every day. She can be reached at jordana (at) welovedc (dot) com; or via Twitter @JWTKinDC.

3 thoughts on “Love (of Art) Conquers All (Weather)

  1. Thank you Jordana for getting out into the blizzard and hanging out with the artists! You rock! See you next week at DC Mural Fest and Graffiti Workshop.