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Since moving to DC, I’ve been wanting to play a socialite a la Real Housewives, but every time the opportunity arises my limo’s in the shop and my bank account is empty. Sigh.

If you face the same problem, why not check out the Capital City Ball this Saturday night? For $150 you get an open bar, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and a dance floor for the evening at The Washington Club. Not a bad deal.

But the gala also supports local charities that fight human trafficking (also known as modern-day slavery). This year the charities include Courtney’s House, Bridge to Freedom, HIPS, and WEAVE. All four groups assist victims of trafficking in DC who need education, legal help, counseling and other services.

The regular “Advocate” ticket price covers the event itself. So if you want to support the charities directly or add to your karma, visit the silent auction or purchase an “Angel” ticket. For $250, an Angel ticket gives you access to a sponsor lounge and private after-party, plus a $125 tax deduction.

Remember this is a black tie affair, so no jeggings. And don’t wreck your gown schlepping through Metro Center for your transfer: valet parking is provided with your ticket.

Joanna moved to DC in 2010 knowing she’d love it, and as usual she was right. She enjoys eating fried things, drinking scotch and smoking cigars, and makes up for the damage done by snacking on organic oats and barley and walking long distances to wherever with her dog Henry. Joanna now lives with her husband and said dog in Los Angeles, and they all miss DC terribly. Follow her on Twitter or contact her at

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