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Capital City Ball

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Since moving to DC, I’ve been wanting to play a socialite a la Real Housewives, but every time the opportunity arises my limo’s in the shop and my bank account is empty. Sigh.

If you face the same problem, why not check out the Capital City Ball this Saturday night? For $150 you get an open bar, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and a dance floor for the evening at The Washington Club. Not a bad deal.

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The Features

Digital Capital Week Starts Tonight!


One of DC’s amazing hidden strengths is its limitless capacity for technological innovation. So many amazing firms that craft the technology we see and use every day, both online and off, have homes here in the District, and it’s high time that we celebrated that. Frank Gruber’s Shinyheart Ventures, and Peter Corbett’s iStrategyLabs have teamed up for ten days of creative technology events here in Washington DC, and the kickoff is tonight. Continue reading

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Next Tuesday: Let’s Grab a Drink at Wisdom


Don’t forget to get your ticket! WeLoveDC is hosting its first event of the year at Wisdom Cocktail Parlour. The party goes down next Tuesday, February 23 from 6-8 p.m.

We didn’t want to just have a happy hour. We’re not just about having fun (wink wink). So we kicked this one up a notch, providing what we know you really want: to walk away a little wiser.

Come have a drink with your favorite WeLoveDC authors while learning what craft cocktail guru Erik Holzherr, owner of Wisdom, suggests you might enjoy in one and mixes one up for you on the spot.

Get your ticket and come hang with us. Tickets, which include your first craft cocktail, are $15 ahead of time or $20 at the door (space permitting). Food and happy hour specials will also be available.

And don’t forget, to sweeten the deal:

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Blaze a Doobie for New Year’s

Blazing a doobie at Rock Bottom

I can’t verify that’s what is happening in the picture but that’s how it looks to me. This is an ad at Rock Bottom Brewery in Ballston Mall, advertising a New Year’s Eve party at the popular bar. Check out the guy third in from the left. This is just wrong. For one thing, here in Virginia we don’t put up with the new-age hippie crap you find on the other side of the water. Another thing – I think firing one up like this guy seems to be doing would violate Virginia’s smoking ban.

Readers, take a closer look. What do you think is happening in the picture? If you look close, it appears he might be holding a circle. My Lovely Wife suggested it looks a bit like a condom, but that’s not quite right. It could be a napkin holder he is about to eat, evidence that he either got high in the parking lot or that he has been served too much alcohol.

Folks from Rock Bottom – any comment?

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NextBus is Back and Better than Ever

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It’s July 1st, the day we’ve all been waiting for!  Not only is tonight our first anniversary party (which you should plan to attend, because I hear a certain Metro pylon hat might be there to celebrate), it’s also the day that NextBus finally re-launches here in DC.   You just need a cell phone or an internet connection, and you’ll finally have an answer to the question of whether you have time to grab a coffee before the bus comes.

Here’s how it works.  If you’re like me and you don’t have a web-enabled phone, just call 202-637-7000, and enter your bus stop number shown on the circular NextBus sign.  Update: Or, you can send a text message with your information and get your response via text (thanks, TransitNut!).   If you have web access, simply click on the link from WMATA’s website and you’ll get the estimated arrival times for the next buses serving that bus stop.  You can even bookmark the page, so you’ll have an easy way to tell when the next bus is coming!

I used NextBus this morning and it was spot-on.  I could leave my house a couple minutes later than I usually do, and I still got to work early because I cut down on all that waiting time.  Have you tried NextBus yet?  Let us know how it’s working in the comments.

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The Office Holiday Party

BYT Holiday Party 2K7, by Flickr user pjarrettphoto

BYT Holiday Party 2K7, by Flickr user pjarrettphoto

Today is ordinarily the day when I tell you about some comedic happening in DC, why you should go see it, and when some malcontent starts snarking in the comments about whether or not the comedian in question is funny.  But not today.  Why?

It’s December, and the back and upstairs rooms of bars and restaurants that house the semi-pro comedy scene in DC are largely booked up for that most dangerous of winter distractions: The Office Holiday Party.

The Office Holiday Party is a sneaky beast, with the volatile mixture of alcohol and coworkers, holiday spirit and people you would not otherwise choose to socialize with. For couples, there’s often double the holiday party peril, with the added landmine of introducing a spouse or partner to that geechy dude in Accounting. I’ve got some advice for you on how to get through the most common hazards of the season with your dignity- and your paycheck- intact.
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