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Green Office Challenge Coming to Arlington

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‘Plenty of Plants!’
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Those Arlington greenies are at it again. They spent New Year’s dreaming up a community energy plan, and now they’ve been chosen as one of four local governments nationwide to receive assistance for a Green Office Challenge program.

This friendly competition will encourage property managers and office tenants to save money, energy and water in their buildings and to reduce waste.

The ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, which developed the challenge with Chicago last year, will give the county guidance and technical support. Charleston, Nashville and San Diego also will take the challenge.

Luckily, there will be no competition from Dunder Mifflin’s “As Green As We Have To Be” initiative and “one cup per day” water cooler plan.

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Keep Your Dignity. Keep Your Job.

ecard by RTCRM

ecard by RTCRM

In a follow up to Tiffany’s The Office Holiday Party piece, Washington DC advertising agency RTCRM has come up with the microsite in an effort to help people make it through the holidays with their dignity and job intact.

You can watch helpful PSA-style videos, take a risk assessment quiz to see if you’re in danger of embarrassing yourself, and if it’s the day after the party you can send out an apologetic e-card (this image above) to make up for your faux pas.

Holiday parties should be about laughter, joy and the open bar.  Not awkward moments and ruined reputations.  So visit the site, educate yourself and have a safe, happy and office-appropriate holiday.

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The Office Holiday Party

BYT Holiday Party 2K7, by Flickr user pjarrettphoto

BYT Holiday Party 2K7, by Flickr user pjarrettphoto

Today is ordinarily the day when I tell you about some comedic happening in DC, why you should go see it, and when some malcontent starts snarking in the comments about whether or not the comedian in question is funny.  But not today.  Why?

It’s December, and the back and upstairs rooms of bars and restaurants that house the semi-pro comedy scene in DC are largely booked up for that most dangerous of winter distractions: The Office Holiday Party.

The Office Holiday Party is a sneaky beast, with the volatile mixture of alcohol and coworkers, holiday spirit and people you would not otherwise choose to socialize with. For couples, there’s often double the holiday party peril, with the added landmine of introducing a spouse or partner to that geechy dude in Accounting. I’ve got some advice for you on how to get through the most common hazards of the season with your dignity- and your paycheck- intact.
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