We Love Weekends – Jan 13 – 16

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Eastern Market
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Natalia: 3 day weekends are good things. They are even better when you completely forgot they were happening, as was the case with me. So I’m having a stay-cation, full of cooking and exploring. Saturday I’ll head to Eastern Market and then the nearby Maine Avenue Fish Market to pick up fresh ingredients for a night of cooking. Sunday I’ll make my way, finally, to Old Town Alexandria. I am thinking Virtue Feed & Grain for brunch, then a little shopping, and I wouldn’t be opposed to a stop into Grape and Bean for a nice glass of wine.  And because it is Martin Luther King Day after all, and I have yet to visit the monument that was erected in his honor, a bike ride to the mall sounds appropriate for his remembrance day.

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Birthday cake
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Marissa: Oh that every weekend was three days. Saturday I’m heading to Ris to chat with executive chef, Ris Lacoste, and learn a thing or two in the kitchen (stay tuned for that Capital Chefs feature next week!). Saturday night I’m dying to check out Toki Underground once and for all. Then I’m thinking of popping over to HR-57 for some jazz since the last time I was there was way back in the day before they relocated. Come Sunday I’ll be detoxing from all the eating I’ve done this week with a little yoga and shopping at Current Boutique over on 14th street. Monday is mine, all mine, to be completely unplanned and see where the holiday takes me.

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coming soon…
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Mosley: Three day weekend!  We haven’t had that in a week or two.  Friday night I have a friend’s birthday party along H Street; the plans are to at least stop in at the Queen Vic, and possibly more spots along the corridor.  Saturday I’m thinking of going up to U Street to finally check out the African American Civil War Memorial and Museum; I’ve been wanting to check both out for some time, but I keep getting sidetracked.  Then on Sunday I’m going to try and check out the Flea Market at Eastern Market; mainly it’s to get back into the groove of taking photos, which I’ve taken a break over the past few months.

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King at night #2
courtesy of Timothy Forbes

Joanna M: This Saturday I’m catching up on a seriously belated art trip to the Corcoran to see their 30 Americans exhibit and Hank Willis Thomas: Strange Fruit before both close on MLK Day. (The museum is open on Monday and free if you happen to be off work.) In the afternoon, I’m running in a tights-buying marathon against my Christmas money, and losing is not an option. Saturday night the hubs and I are taking a risk on a Groupon at Marrakech in Adams Morgan, followed by Muppets 3D or maybe Beauty and the Beast 3D or hell maybe both and some headache meds. Sunday I plan to do almost nothing, although a trip to Mom’s is in order for some kosher chicken. And since Monday is technically a weekend for my studious better half, I’ll probably take some time for a brunch with him at oh, let’s say Bayou Bakery.

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MLK Memorial
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Tom: I for one love this new warmer winter that we’ve got going on! While we’ll be headed to snowy Pittsburgh for the early part of the weekend, I’m hoping that when I get home on Monday I can ride up to the northern end of the MBT on a bikeshare ride, as I have yet to see that part of the trail. Also, depending on if DCBOEE has certified the vacancy for Harry Thomas’ seat, you’ll likely catch me out on the streets engaged in retail politics.

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Heaven Is a Neverending Bookstore
courtesy of Kevin H.

Rachel: I’m working on putting the final touches on my songs for my new album so I’ll most likely be setting up shop at Soho Tea & Coffee to get some solid work done before any leisurely activities take place. It’s been awhile since I’ve done brunch so I’m looking forward to treating myself and stopping off at Kramer’s for a nosh. My ultimate goal is to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D, though. I know it’s playing at the Gallery Place theater. The child inside of me is very much looking forward to it.

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Industrial Elements, American Ice Co.
courtesy of Jenn Larsen

Fedward: The Social Chair’s two jobs are both entering crunch time in completely different ways, so this is the first of two consecutive bachelor weekends for me. As such I’m at loose ends, but thanks to my employer I don’t have Monday to worry about (boo!). I’ll probably go on a tour visiting some of our bartender friends, since one seat at the bar is always easier to find than two together. Look for me at any of American Ice Company, Bourbon, Columbia Firehouse, Dino, Estadio, Fiola (can’t forget Jeff), and Gina at PS7’s (you knew I’d have to jump ahead at some point), or her old stomping grounds Rasika (bartender: Jason Strich) or Chantal Tseng at the Tabard Inn (and with that twofer I’m done). And, of course, the Passenger on Sunday night, where I might actually get the chance to catch up with my fiancée.

Photo courtesy of Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie

courtesy of Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie

Alexia: It is crazy but I forgot it was a three-day weekend. Bonus! Friday night I hope to find my way over to U Street Music Hall for some DJ magic from my local favorites Volta Bureau and London DJ Rory Phillips. Saturday if I play my cards right I can make it to what sounds to be an amazing event, Bluebrain’s Final Boombox Walk at the US Botanical Garden (a truly beautiful, magical spot to visit any time!), at 3pm, and still have enough time to get myself over to Black Cat by 6pm for the sold out Cults early show! Sunday is band practice for The Torches, but since I don’t have to get up early on Monday morning I may head late night to DC9 for a dance party. Monday I hope to get a start on some spring cleaning! I can dream, right

Well I used to say something in my profile about not quite being a “tinker, tailor, soldier, or spy” but Tom stole that for our about us page, so I guess I’ll have to find another way to express that I am a man of many interests.

Hmm, guess I just did.

My tastes run the gamut from sophomoric to Shakespeare and in my “professional” life I’ve sold things, served beer, written software, and carried heavy objects… sometimes at the same place. It’s that range of loves and activities that makes it so easy for me to love DC – we’ve got it all.


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