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Thankful (for Drinks)

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Two weeks til Thanksgiving. Maybe you are staying put in DC and hosting your own dinner. Or you’re heading elsewhere and are faced with the inevitable stress of traveling. In either case, chances are you’re going to need liquid courage. Don’t panic, We Love Drinks is here to help.

Some personal disclosure – my parents are teetotalers. Explains a lot, doesn’t it? For my brother and I, no holiday visit to the parental compound is complete without a trip to the local liquor store, loading up on a whole cart of wine and spirits. He has expensive tastes. Somehow I end up paying. But it’s worth it.

Of course I’m not advocating getting bombed for Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday by indulging in some civilized drinks in moderation. I canvassed three local sommeliers for their recommendations of what goes best with the traditional feast, and as with the end of summer wines list culled previously, they’ve responded with some stand-out sips.

Let’s start with Elli Benchimol from Chef Geoff’s, who speaks for most of us when she says, “My Thanksgiving lasts all day, and most of the night, there are usually children running around, as well as adults, and it is an absolute necessity to have lots of wine, not only to keep you sane, but to keep you going.” Continue reading

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Friday Happy Hour: Beer Floats at Againn

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I like beer on it’s own just fine.  I’d never bothered to try beer cocktails or anything of the sort, but I’ve been changing my mind lately.  Beer is a great thing, but why not get a little creative with it?

That’s why I was excited when the staff at Againn invited me over to try their newest menu item, the beer float.  It’s basically the same thing as a root beer float, just with the root beer replace by real beer. Againn offers two floats, one with stout flavored ice cream in Tetly’s Pale Ale, and the second with vanilla bean flavored ice cream in Guinness.

The ice creams are made in house by pastry Chef Genevieve So and are specifically designed to compliment the beers. Beverage director Caterina Abbruzetti told me that the floats are there to cater to the summer lunch crowd as a cool, refreshing meal in a glass.

I was particularly partial to Guinness float.  The vanilla ice cream was an excellent compliment to the already lactic stout and really brought out the coffee notes in the beer. It was almost desert like. Againn’s beer floats are a different way to experience beer, and definitely something worth drinking this weekend.  I think it’d be particularly nice in the sun on restaurant’s patio.