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Free Food Alert: Morton’s Shopper Appreciation!

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‘Morton’s Steakhouse’
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As if shopping in Georgetown isn’t already one of your favorite pasttimes, Morton’s Steakhouse and Georgetown BID are giving you one more reason to shop till’ you drop.  This week select retailers will be distributing invitations to Morton’s Shopper Appreciation Event on April 10th.

So, it’s pretty simple.  This is how it works:  you shop at one of the stores, and in return get an invitation to the event.  On Saturday afternoon betwen 2-5pm you can stroll on over to Morton’s patio where you will enjoy FREE miniature prime cheeseburgers and an extra-special cocktail menu in honor of spring and all the shopping goodness that comes along with it.

Some of the stores participating include Betsey Johnson, CUSP, and Urban Chic just to name a few.  For a complete list, you can go to and click on “Special Events.”

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Thrifty District: Cheap, but Chic


"French Flappers, Parisian Cafe 1920's" by Vintage Lulu on Flickr

In one of my many other lives, I’m a theater costume designer. However, I’m not really a costumer (someone who actually makes clothes), though I sew on occasion, I’m always disappointing my friends by not making them exquisite clothes from scratch. But what I can do is shop with them! Costume designers have to realize a director’s expansive and expensive vision on a sometimes depressingly tight budget in a small amount of time. So in our continuing series on the Thrifty District and how to maximize your fast-depleting funds, I thought I’d give you a little taste of my favorite shops to get cheap yet chic fashion.

Let’s start with the basic rules (getting them out of the way fast so we can have fun with shops!):

Know Yourself and Support Yourself
No, this isn’t some New Age mantra. It means don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit. If it’s too tight or too loose just don’t do it. Don’t get distracted by sizes, they don’t mean anything anyway. If you knew your actual dressmaker size you’d freak out the number is so high – even you superskinny misses! Continue reading

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Gird Your Loins For Battle, It’s Black Friday

an Easter inflection by Intangible Arts

The economy is looking pretty dire. The numbers came out this morning, and both disposable income is down, and so is the rate of growth of the American Economy. But, that means sales are what we’re looking for this holiday season, right? Okay, so what we’re really looking for is good deals. Black Friday will have those deals, provided that what you’re willing to do is get up so early on Friday you’ll think it’s still Thursday, and brave hordes of shoppers whose nearest evolutionary target is either the barracuda or the great white shark. So, with that in mind, get yourself ready. Continue reading