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Got Snow?

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‘monumental snow’
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It’s been snowing a lot lately. The DC Snowpocalypse, or snOMG if you will, was just the start. Even with the three or four storms we’ve had already, Mrs. Nature (she’s the mother) is not done with us yet. With a few more storms already in the forecast, we had to call on our National Weather Service Senior Forecaster Logan Johnson once again. Logan’s WeLoveDC forecast and description of thunder snow was a big hit in December and he’s done it again.

So, Logan…give it to us straight. What does the next few days hold for us?

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Are You There Spring? It’s Us in DC…


Despite the still-shivering chill in the air these mornings, believe it or not spring really is around the corner. The Capital Weather Gang has us hitting the 50s over the weekend, and improving from there.

Meantimes, let the flowers blooming all around us be a happy reminder that warmer days are indeed close at hand. And soon, it’ll be time for planting!

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Why I Love DC: David

Capitol Columns #5
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My first exposure to Washington D.C. was in 1982 as a side stop on our family’s trip down to see the World’s Fair in Knoxville, TN. On that trip we did the National Aquarium in Baltimore and the National Zoo in D.C.. I remember vaguely, the trees being more plentiful and taller, however I’m also a yard taller now, and they seem now, just a bit shorter. I’m still surprised I remember something from over 26 years ago, but D.C. had that kind of effect.
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