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It’s a Goodwill Travelin’ Trunk Show

Trunk show

Courtesy of Greater Goods

Now that spring is on the way (just 10 more days), it’s time for spring cleaning — and new spring clothes. On Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., take care of both at Greater Goods, where Goodwill will host its Travelin’ Trunk Show.

Bring your own items to donate and/or check out their collection of vintage fashions, fabrics and buttons.

All proceeds support Goodwill’s mission to educate, train, employ, and place people with disabilities and disadvantages throughout the greater DC area.

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Bored Out Of Your Gourd Solutions

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‘so bored’
courtesy of ‘sunnyfunnyyellow’

Yeah, I feel you. There’s only so many days you can surf the interwebz, watch movies, catch up on your DVR recordings, read, twiddle your thumbs, pace around your apartment, etc.

So let’s get crazy and kick ourselves into snowaction. The Washington Post’s Jenna Johnson has already compiled a fantastic list of snomageddon activities geared towards the college aged set, and I’ve brainstormed the following activities to stave off the boredom and enjoy the winter wonderland that is DC for the next few days. Continue reading