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Bored Out Of Your Gourd Solutions

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Yeah, I feel you. There’s only so many days you can surf the interwebz, watch movies, catch up on your DVR recordings, read, twiddle your thumbs, pace around your apartment, etc.

So let’s get crazy and kick ourselves into snowaction. The Washington Post’s Jenna Johnson has already compiled a fantastic list of snomageddon activities geared towards the college aged set, and I’ve brainstormed the following activities to stave off the boredom and enjoy the winter wonderland that is DC for the next few days. Continue reading

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Snowmageddon Sure Looks Pretty from Above

Lincoln Memorial covered in snow by Sgt. Simeon Klebaner, US Park Police Aviation Section

Lincoln Memorial covered in snow by Sgt. Simeon Klebaner, US Park Police Aviation Section

You may have seen a bunch of the pretty pictures from our weekend snowpocalypse in this morning’s flashback, and you might have even taken the advice about how to shoot in the snow and are out there taking pictures, but it’s very likely you don’t have access to a helicopter.

Sgt. Simeon Klebaner of the US Park Police’s Aviation division does, though, and while out on patrol snapped some fantastic aerial shots of our fair town smothered in almost two feet of snow.

Yes, I know there’s another storm coming, and you’re all sick of not being able to go anywhere, but look at those photos. They might make you feel better about snomgasm 3.0!

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Fight the Snow. Build a sled.

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Sure, you may have seen the earlier post about where to sled in the District, but with less than 24 hours to go before an epic snow, it’s too late to order your very own version of Rosebud from Amazon, and all the local Targets, WalMarts, and hardware stores are sold out. Luckily, the folks at HacDC are coming to the rescue, with a late night impromptu sled-building workshop tonight at the Columbia Heights Hackerspace at 1525 Newton Street NW.

Sled building will commence once tonight’s Dorkbot DC meeting finishes up, sometime between 9 and 10 PM. But come early at 7 for the Dorkbot presentations!