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Don’t Miss Yves Klein

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‘A Different Kind of Blue’
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Still looking for things to do this holiday weekend?  Why not head over to the Hirshhornto check out the uber-successful Yves Klein:  With theVoid, Full Powers exhibit.  This may be your very last chance to see the work of a creative genius as the exhibit will be closing on September 12th.  You won’t want to miss this one.

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Black Box Exhibit Ending

“Block B,” (2008). Chris Chong Chan Fui. Image Courtesy of the Hirshhorn Museum.

The Hirshhorn‘s exhibit Black Box: Chris Chong Chan Fui is closing on August 1st after a three-month run.  As the first Malaysian artist to present work at the Hirshhorn, Chong shows a static work of art that details “night and day dramas unfold on the various floors of a massive apartment complex in Malaysia”. 

“Block B,” (2008) brings architecture and the art of daily life together, while also highlighting issues related to its context. 

You have only a week and half left to head over to the Hirshhorn to see this fascinating exhibit by a truly forward thinking artist! 

Black Box: Chris Chong Chan Fui is on exhibit at the Hirshhorn from April 19th to August 1st.

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Yves Klein iPhone App

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There is an app for everything these days, so it is no surprise that the Hirshhorn decided to join in all of the fun.  The Hirshhorn has launched the mobile application for “Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers” as the “first mobile application offered to the public by a Smithsonian art museum”.  The Klein app is available on iTunes for a price of 99 cents and “provides users with a full overview of the exhibition”.

Once you check out the new iTunes app (and, of course, my recent review of the exhibit) and like what you see then perhaps you would be interested in heading over to the museum tonight in order to hear Klein’s wife, assistant, model, and muse, Rotraut Klein-Moquay discuss his life and works.

In Conversation will be held tonight at 7 PM in the Ring Auditorium.

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We Love Arts: Yves Klein – With The Void, Full Powers

Yves Klein during the filming of “”The Heartbeat of France” at Charles Wilp’s Studio, Dusseldorf, February 20, 1961. Copyright 2010 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris.  Image courtesy Yves Klein Archives.  Photo by and copyright Charles Wilp.

“I am the painter of space. I am not an abstract painter but, on the contrary, a figurative artist, and a realist. Let us be honest, to paint space, I must be in position. I must be in space.” – Yves Klein

Yves Klein (French, b. Nice, 1928 – 1962) was much more than just an artist, he was an innovator, a visionary, and most importantly in my opinion, a dreamer. Although Klein’s notorious career only lasted a total of 8 years [he suffered a heart attack at age 34], that was all the time it would take for him to turn the art world upside down. As one of the 20th century’s most influential artists, Klein reintroduced what art and nature could be, pushing creativity beyond the traditional notions of what was accepted.

Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers is the first major retrospective of the artist’s work in the US in nearly thirty years. Presenting approximately 200 pieces, the Hirshhorn Museum explores a full range of Klein’s work, examining a career that radically altered the world of art.

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Truck Crashes into Hirshhorn

We’ve gotten word that a delivery truck has crashed into the Hirshhorn. Driver sustained serious injuries, but not life-threatening. Minor damage to the building; the truck broke through flower pot barriers and hit a window at the entrance, shattering it.

Update from DC Fire/EMS Twitter: update – loaded UPS truck crashed into front entrance of Hirshorn – driver pri 2 – serious – perimeter expanded – expect some traffic closur

More from WUSA9, WTOP, WJLA, FOX5, and Post Now.

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Art and Social Media

Photo courtesy of
‘Hirshhorn After Hours #15’
courtesy of ‘Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie’

In a few weeks the Hirshhorn will be opening “Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers”. In anticipation of the exhibit, Yves Klein will be taking over all of the Hirshhorn’s social media outlets.  Quotes by Klein (1928-1962) will be posted daily to Twitter and Facebook with links to accompanying images, video and audio, giving everyone an inside look into the artist’s creative perspective (and hopefully getting them interested in the exhibit).

I think that this is a really interesting and creative way to promote an upcoming exhibit. Way to go Hirshhorn!

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A Hirshhorn Museum Facelift

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The Hirshhorn is set to get a bit of an update in the form of a new, ultra-contemporary bookstore.  Rumor has it that Museum Director, Richard Koshalek has called upon artist Doug Aitken to work on the preliminary design of the permanent installation.  Although the project remains in the schematic phase at this time, Aitken’s concept renderings show a kaleidoscope-type room with numerous sharp angles, creating a vision of light through the usage of the principles of refraction.

Furthermore, Aitken’s artistic eye may also be used to update the exterior of the Museum – the artist has proposed a 360 degree wrap-around video installation that would hypothetically span the entire concrete shell.

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We Love Arts: Art After Hours 4/9

Photo courtesy of
‘Hirshhorn After Hours #57’
courtesy of ‘Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie’

The Hirshhorn Museum rocks.  I keep trying to think of a better description for the place, cause as writer – that is my job; however, no other term seems more fitting or more appropriate as a means to express my resulting state of euphoria that occurs following a visit to the Museum.

Whether it is the eclectic architecture of the building or an inspiring artist on display – I am consistently enamored.  And the Hirshhorn Museum’s After Hours party on Friday night, with its award-winning entertainment and international feel, just made it official.

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Artist John Gerrard at Hirshhorn Tonight

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‘X Marks the Spot’
courtesy of ‘Kevin H.’

John Gerrard, the environmental photographer and installation artist will be at the Hirshhorn Museum tonight to discuss his latest exhibition.  The exhibition consists of large-scale format, digitally manipulated pictures of American landscape that unfold in real-time — allowing patient enthusiasts to experience each “shot” unfold over a 24-hour period.

The event is in conjunction with the 2010 Environmental Film Festival.

Meet the Artist tonight at 7 PM in the Ring Auditorium of the Hirshhorn Museum [Corner of Independence Ave and 7th ST S],

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We Love Arts: Josef Albers

Josef Albers, “Homage to the Square: Glow,” (1966). From the Hirshhorn’s collection.

“We must teach each other… education is not first giving answers but giving questions.”  – Josef Albers

Abstract art is void of narrative.  The composition often speaks only through the viewers mind.  A type of understanding through speculation, providing the sort of simple canvas that the imagination needs in order to thrive.

Josef Albers (1888-1976) was a master of the subjective canvas, an explorer of color and an ambassador for the abstract form.

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