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You Know There’s Too Much Snow When…

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‘2009 01 24 – 0892 – Mercersburg – Whitetail Mtn’
courtesy of ‘thisisbossi’

The headline of this post sounds like the set up to a joke, and here’s the punch line: You know there’s too much snow when the ski resorts are closed.

Except, in this case, it’s not a joke. Whitetail Ski Resort announced that, due to road conditions, they are closed today:

Roads in our region are snowed in. Therefore to allow road crews to dig out, we will be closed today. However, have no fear, tomorrow is going to be an awesome day on the mountain. During the past 6 days we have received over 4 feet of natural snow.

Maybe you’ll have dug out by tomorrow and be on your way to a ski-filled long weekend. Save us some spiked hot chocolate!

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10 Ways to Avoid Eating Your Family

3:05 angry minute

What? You aren’t getting stir crazy? Cabin fever isn’t setting in yet? You must either be one of my friends in Bangkok keeping tabs on me or else you own a four-wheel drive. Me, I am just glad I have not yet been cooked and eaten by my Lovely Wife. We are starting to feel locked down, like the end may be near, and have openly admitted to kind of understanding the Donner Party a little better.

Here are 10 ways to keep the cabin fever from setting in:

  1. Turn the TV back on and watch an eighth hour of Law & Order.
  2. Juice? Yeast? Hook it up and make some old-skool wine.
  3. Pretend your roommate/spouse/stranded friend from out of town doesn’t look like a giant strip of bacon.
  4. Come shovel out my car. Seriously – this will keep you busy, and it’s fun!
  5. Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight.
  6. That movie you picked up from the Red Box on the way home last night isn’t going to watch itself.
  7. Too dark to go sledding and too dark for a snowball fight, so try running through the snow like Rocky did in Rocky IV.
  8. Read a book. Or maybe enjoy some porn you picked up after church last Sunday.
  9. Call the ASPCA about the camel your neighbor George has billeted down in Mount Vernon.
  10. Youtube. It solves all boredom problems.

What are you doing to distract yourself from cabin fever and thus cannibalism?

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MPD Cop Brings Gun to Snowball Fight

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‘mischief – it’s how i roll’
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The City Paper’s City Desk blog is reporting that during today’s snowball fight at 14th & U, some of the snowballers decided to target a maroon Hummer making its way down the street, only to have the driver get out, lose his shit, and start waving a gun around. Turns out, it’s a Metropolitan Police Department officer, possibly a detective. He didn’t identify himself  before drawing his weapon, but did after additional police arrived, apparently summoned by a 911 call to report a man with a gun.

I can’t imagine why it is that police have such a problem with community relations, can you?

[Update from Don @ 5:45p] There’s some video of the crowd and the officers – the plainclothes who started the incident and the uni who showed up subsequently – here on WJLA’s website. Someone in the scene also has a video camera running so I’m sure this isn’t the last angle we’ll see on this. No coverage here of the initial alleged gun-waving but the way the plainclothes keeps walking up to get into the face of his accusers says something to me about his demeanor, and it’s not flattering.

Wonder if Chief Lanier will make a public statement condemning this behavior?