Featured Photo

Featured Photo

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‘A Barbie Girl In A Barbie World’
courtesy of ‘[F]oxymoron’

The things you can see, when you’re walking around the city, can be fascinating. You could run into people doing interesting things; you could see the sky change into fascinating colors; you could even see the little details on the street. Yes, living in the city is many things, but lacking fascinating sights is not one of them.

The picture above by [F]oxymoron certainly falls into the little details category. It’s just some random trash littering the street. Yet chance has arranged it in such a way as to make it look as if the street has eyes. Or, better yet, that a person is emerging from the pavement below the photographer’s feet. It’s certainly a perspective that 99% of people will miss, but we were lucky enough to have someone there to see and capture it. And everyone, keep your own eyes open for things like this; be sure to enjoy them as much as I do.

Arlington, The Daily Feed

Fancy Solar Compactors Spotted In Rosslyn

I think a co-worker spotted me taking this photo after work- she probably thinks I’m weird.

I was only snapping this photo because I just noticed that Rosslyn is sporting these fancy new Solar Compactors (aka the Big Belly) outside my office yesterday. Look how neat and tidy it looks compared to an overflowing trash can (which we’ve all seen on occasion around these streets.)

I first saw one of these things in action back in Boston and I’d love to see it in the middle of crunching down some garbage. For those that aren’t familiar with these things, a Big Belly is trash compactor that is with a solar powered from UV Power so you get a trash receptacle that can hold more and prevents pests from picking at the trash (and it doesn’t need any power.) The only complaint I had was that it made it hard for me to dump and run as I’m known to do in my jet-set lifestyle. However upon hearing that complaint my roommate told me I was a lazy, lazy person.

These units are already in use around Georgetown University, DC Parks, and Fairfax County.

What do you guys think about these the new bad boys of trash around the streets? If anything I bet M street could use some of these on the weekends.

The Daily Feed, We Green DC

Rock Creek Park Now Free of Hair Extensions

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‘Rock Creek – P Street Bridge Cleanup-7’
courtesy of ‘TrailVoice’

Thank you to all who attended the Potomac River Watershed Cleanup that We Love DC sponsored with Trail Voice, Friends of Rock Creek’s Environment, and the DC Trash Runners on Saturday! More than 60 people attended, improving our park by removing:

  • 50 bags of trash
  • 38 bags of recyclables
  • 500 plastic bags (yay, new bag fee!)
  • 3,000 cigarette butts
  • Top 3 brands of trash: Bud/Busch, Deer Park, and Durex
  • Interesting items: Plastic sword, old-school cell phone, umbrella, suitcase, hair extension

See more pictures from the event on Flickr. Special thanks to Trail Voice for the photos and the great job with planning! Come join us next time!

The Daily Feed, We Green DC

We Love the River!

Rope Swing Over River

Summer Swing

If you love DC, this weekend join us in giving some love to the river!

Saturday marks the 22nd Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup, which brings together people from all over the community. Last year, cleanups took place at approximately 500 sites–and hauled out more than 290 tons of trash!

We Love DC, Trail Voice, Friends of Rock Creek’s Environment, the DC Trash Runners and more are partnering to clean up Rock Creek Park.

To sweeten the pot, we’ve teamed with local vendors to offer things like a morning yoga stretch and fresh baked goods, plus an option to clean up while taking a morning run.

Meet us at 9 a.m. at the P Street bridge over Rock Creek Park, about 4 blocks west of Dupont Circle. Sign up on the Trail Voice site! Can’t make ours? Join another of the hundreds of sites closer to your home.

Clean-up site is just west of Dupont Circle in Rock Creek Park from 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon on Saturday, April 10. There is no cost for you to participate. It is recommended that you bring your own work gloves, although some will be available on-site.

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Clean-up Rock Creek Park

Photo courtesy of
‘Artistic Trash – Unheeded Words – 03-27-10’
courtesy of ‘mosley.brian’

Looking for a trashy way to spend your weekend? We’ve got a suggestion.

WeLoveDC is partnering with Trail Voice in two weeks (April 10th) to host a cleanup site in conjunction with the annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup event hosted by the Alice Ferguson Foundation. Our cleanup site is at the P Street bridge over Rock Creek – about 4 blocks west of Dupont Circle. 

Register on Trail Voice’s site to volunteer your time.  We encourage you to participate in this event to help spruce up a well-used portion of our inner-city landscape.

The trash clean-up should last from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon, but we’re teaming up with a few local vendors who have offered everything from morning yoga stretching to baked goods to help make this environmental sweep a little more fun.

Clean-up site is just west of Dupont Circle in Rock Creek Park from 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon on Saturday, April 10. There is no cost for you to participate. It is recommended that you bring your own work gloves, although some will be available on-site.

The Daily Feed, We Green DC

Taking Out the Trash

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‘ken’s night out’
courtesy of ‘uberculture’

Okay, so I’ve never passed a blitzed Ken on my morning run, but I sure have seen plenty of tossed beer cans, water bottles and Doritos bags. Not to mention the package of chocolate GU glop I picked up the other day that wasn’t empty after all….

The good news is there’s a simple solution — the folks who use the trails can help keep them clean! Hence the DC Trash Runners. This new group will meet for the first time on Sunday at 10 a.m. at Woodley Park Metro and go for a short run or walk, picking up trash along the way in Rock Creek Park.

Yours truly is helping to kick it off, so of course I think it will be fun. Come join us!