Grape + Bean Tasting Bar Opens in Alexandria


My love of all things wine is well-documented at this point. I’m turning into a regular at Eat Bar and Matt and my’s wine collection is growing by the day. So I was thrilled this morning to open up my DC Daily Candy and see that a new coffee and wine place is opening in Alexandria.

Grape + Bean is located in Old Town on South Royal Street. They sell coffees and wines by the glass at the new tasting bar. With a “focus is on high quality and small production wines, single-origin eco-friendly whole bean coffees, and custom brewed coffee.” I’m excited to try it. According to the Washingtonian, they brew one cup at a time, so it leans towards the pricey side of all things coffee. So this might not be a great place for your regular coffee stop, but I’m itching to check it out, regardless.

Have you been there? Where is your favorite coffee shop? What about your favorite wine bar?

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4 thoughts on “Grape + Bean Tasting Bar Opens in Alexandria

  1. I have not been by since they opened last winter, but back then I was not very impressed by the coffee. They brew with a Clover machine, but – at least at that time – it seemed like they were counting too much on the machine without investing in delicious beans and perfectionist staff.

    Hopefully with this new tasting bar, they have amped-up what they serve in the shop to go with the wine they sell to drink at home.

  2. Seriously? Is this place a real business? I live about 300 feet away and it is always closed. Who has ever heard of a coffee place that opens at noon on weekdays? And they close early – the latest they are open is 9 and only some nights (and that is only recently). I don’t get the sense that the owners are very committed to the business. It would be so nice to have a local wine bar (or another place for coffee), but they have to be open for anyone to patronize it.

  3. It’s small and cozy inside and the staff are friendly but the coffee isn’t all that great. Its overpriced and I regretted picking this place for coffee.