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We Love Music: Ultra Music Festival 2011 @ Bicentennial Park (Miami), 3/25 – 3/27

all photos by author.

Last weekend I made a quick getaway to Miami to attend the Ultra Music Festival, otherwise known as the biggest electronic music festival in the world. This was the thirteenth installment of this Miami institution and the first time that it was expanded to a three day event. I along with 150,000 devoted dance music fans* sampled some of the world’s best DJs, producers, and electronic-leaning bands at what amounted to a three-day orgy of drugs, sweat, booze, bikinis, concrete, and ultra-heavy bass. I have been to some huge festivals in my day and some mighty big parties, but I don’t think I have ever been to something that combined the two quite like Ultra Music Festival did.

I thought that the readers who follow my musical adventures on We Love DC might like to hear about my field trip down south. The organizers are already planning UMF 2012 and if you dig what you see and read about here, you might want to consider making the trip yourself next year.

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Blossom Kite Festival Rescheduled to Sunday, April 10

Photo courtesy of
’44th annual Smithsonian Kite Festival’
courtesy of ‘cruffo’

Last weekend’s postponed kite festival has been rescheduled for Sunday, April 10th from 10am until 4pm. Check the event’s official website for updates on the day’s  activities. If you’re looking for a kite, Sullivan’s Toy Store and Art Supplies (3412 Wisconsin Avenue NW) store has plenty in stock.

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Cherry Blossom Kite Festival Postponed

Photo courtesy of
‘National Kite Festival’
courtesy of ‘soulfotography’

Due to pending inclement weather, the Blossom Kite Festival, originally scheduled to take place on Sunday, March 27, has been postponed. Stay tuned to the festival’s website for further updates; the kite festival’s new date will be announced on Monday, March 28.

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We Love Weekends: March 26-27

Photo courtesy of
courtesy of ‘kimberlyfaye’

Marissa: I’m stretching my birthday out for as long as possible and celebrating a new job by kicking off Friday night with a party hosted by my best friend, Jennifer. We’ll probably all end up at either Madam’s Organ or Marvin. Saturday, an old friend from my high school fencing team (you read that right. Fencing.) is in town and I’m hoping we can catch up at Pound The Hill. Then it’s off to check out Nana, a neat clothing boutique, which reopens this week.

Patrick P.: I will be heading down to Miami this weekend to expierience the ever expanding Ultra Music Festival with Michael Darpino and my brother. I got some sun block with the special SPF to protect my body from free radicals caused by the sun. I also will be packing anti-crazy touchy raver repellant to ward off those that feel they can touch whoever they want while using illegal narcotics. My goal is to stay hydrated, excited, and dance myself into size 29 skinny jeans. I also plan on saying “Hello to my little friends” when I bust out some glow sticks and start jumping up and down till the sun goes up and down. Continue reading

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Nordstorm Rack Coming To Friendship Heights

Photo courtesy of

courtesy of ‘erin m’

Friendship Heights is finally filling the long vacated Linens ‘N Things shop with a Nordstorm Rack. For those unfamiliar with the shop, it carries merchandise from Nordstrom stores and at 50-60% off original Nordstrom prices. Nordstorm Rack also features items purchased specifically for the shop at savings of 30-70% off original prices.

The 41,000 square-foot store, located next to competitor Loehmann’s, is scheduled to open on May 19 at 5333 Wisconsin Avenue, NW. Nordstorm’s currently owns 76 Nordstrom Rack stores in 21 states, with the Friendship Heights store representing the sixth Nordstrom Rack in the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

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WARL’s Pasta for Pets

Photo courtesy of
‘Cats Eating Pasta’
courtesy of ‘Lee Coursey’

Spaghetti Dinner? Yum! Bingo? Well, Bingo! Raising money for in need kittens and puppies? Snorgle-rific! Combining them all? Epic interspecies snorgling and noming, which is exactly what the Washington Animal Rescue League has planned for its annual Pasta for Pets event to be held Saturday, March 19 from 6:00 – 8:30pm at Eastern Market’s North Hall.

The night features delicious pasta from local restaurants, an assortment of homemade desserts and, most importantly, fundraising for WARL’s Project Rescue, which provides support for local families and individuals who are finding it difficult to provide for their pets in this challenging economic climate. Continue reading

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Engineering Is The Coolest @ The National Building Museum

Photo courtesy of
‘National Building Museum’
courtesy of ‘kimberlyfaye’

What’s an engineer? He’s that guy who wears overalls, that cute stripped hat and shovels coals into the trains engine, right? As Auntie Shrew would say “Wrrrrrrrong!” Engineers are much, much, much more than that. And to find out how engineers and engineering impacts our everyday lives, visit the National Building Museum this Saturday from 10am-4:30pm and celebrate National Engineers Week.

Watch PBS’ Design Squad Nation catapult beach balls across the Great Hall, discover the principles of aerodynamics, operate Lego Robots on the FIRST  Lego League playing field. The event features other hands-on activities like building a “flinker,” an object that neither floats or sinks, design your own parachute drop, test/build handmade watercrafts, and expore a tsunami wave tank.

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Eater Names Fojol Bros To Top 20 Food Truck List

Photo courtesy of
‘Fojol Bros. of Merlindia’
courtesy of ‘Dave Kleinschmidt’

Ahhhh…Fojol Brothers. You make lunch in DC so strange, wonderful and delicious. You are well worthy of your newly bestowed spot on Eater’s “List of Top Twenty Food Trucks in America.” Represent DC baby! Represent!

If you have yet to experience the cuisine and showmanship of this food truck, you are clearly living an unfulfilled DC life. Staffed by mustachioed, Sgt. Pepper costumed order takers and cooks, this clown car-esque truck roams DC streets serving up Indian fare (both veggie and non-veggie) to the office bound, weary masses.

Congratulations Fojol Brothers. We salute you!

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Eating the Luther

‘The Luther’
courtesy of Max Cook

A little over a week ago, Endless Simmer ranked America’s Top 10 New Sandwiches. Heading up that prestigious list was Churchkey’s Luther. A new take on the southern classic, a bacon cheeseburger between two Krispy Kreme donuts, the Churchkey version is a piece of buttermilk fried chicken, topped with applewood smoked bacon, stuffed between the two halves of a freshly-made brioche donut, topped with pecans, and drizzled with maple jus. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to sample one, diet be damned and despite some of the disgusted comments local readers had left.

Fearing an imminent coronary episode if I attempted to eat the entire thing by myself in one sitting, I was joined by several friends at Churchkey to share the delight (and caloric load). We quickly ordered the Luther, and it seemed many other patrons had heard of the secret sandwich and were doing the same, strangers united in gastronomy and love of superfluous food. Continue reading

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Commute From Hell: 23 miles in 8.5 hours

YouTube Preview Image

I stumbled across this video on YouTube of tickman1’s commute home last night. It took him 8.5 hours to travel 23 miles from DC to the VA suburbs. Fortunately, the pilgrimage has been sped up and condensed for our viewing pleasure.

Warning: For those of you who braved the roads last night, this video may cause panic attacks, claustrophobia or heart attacks.

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Kill The Tow Truck: Avoid Snow Emergency Routes & Rush Hour Parking

Photo courtesy of
‘Tow Truck in the post blizzard mayhem on Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.’
courtesy of ’emilydickinsonridesabmx’

During last night’s commute home, I saw plenty of drivers pull their  cars off to the side of the road, get out and start walking home.  This was a fantastic idea, especially for those headed north up steep, steep Wisconsin Avenue NW. Lots of spinning tires going nowhere. Sigh.

However, now that the snow has stopped cars parked on major roadways need to be moved so plows can get our thoroughfares up in fully running. And although DC didn’t declare a Snow Emergency, emails have gone out to DC neighborhood listservs stating that cars may be towed from Snow Emergency Routes for the tune of $375 in fines, and that cars parked along Rush Hour Routes could be fined $100 between the hours 7-9:30am and 4-6:30pm.

I’m not sure how the Snow Emergency fines can be leeved considering there wasn’t a snow emergency, but personally I wouldn’t risk it. So if you’re unsure if you left your car on a Snow Emergency Route, look into it. Your wallet will be happy that you did.

If your car has been towed, you can call: 202-541-6083 or visit to find where it’s been towed to.

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Buses Operating On Snow Emergency Routes

Photo courtesy of
‘Metro in the snow’
courtesy of ‘BrianMKA’

After last night show dumping, Metrobuses began the Thursday morning commute operating on snow emergency routes. What that means to us Metrobus commuters is that your bus will likely be operating on a revised or even limited route, because side streets have not been plowed enough for complete bus route service. You’re best bet is to hoof it to one of the snow emergency routes, where you may find your regular bus or another bus that can take you to further transportation options.

WMATA plans to return to normal routes as roads are plowed and conditions improve to the point that it is safe to travel.

Metro constantly updates local news media of Metro service changes. Information is also available at on the left side of the home page or by calling Metro at 202-637-7000.

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Road to the Winter Classic (Part I)

Goin' to the Winter Classic!
‘Goin’ to the Winter Classic!’
courtesy of ‘bhrome’

“Hey, you interested in tickets to the Winter Classic?”

It was a question I never actually thought I’d hear. Sure, the answer was a no-brainer – of course my wife and I wanted to go to this year’s outdoor matchup between our favored Penguins and our hometown Capitals. Need more be said?

Since that simple back-and-forth flurry of emails with my friend back in August, I’ve been on pins and needles in anticipation for the game coming up this Saturday at Heinz Field in our old stomping grounds of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Long-time readers here obviously know of my acute love of hockey in general and the Penguins in particular. Through the last few years, I’ve developed a grudgingly healthy respect of the Washington Capitals as well and it hasn’t hurt being able to cover the team for this site over the last year, either. Attending the 2011 Winter Classic, however, goes beyond a simple hockey game or even the intense rivalry between the two teams. It’s a chance to enjoy hockey in its nearly purest form – outside on ice – and the fact it includes the two teams of my adult sports fan life is simply a bonus.

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Missed The Lunar Eclipse?

Photo courtesy of
‘Just a Hint of Red’
courtesy of ‘Samer Farha’

If you were pleasantly asleep last night from 1:30 to 4:30am then you missed the lunar eclipse. No worries because WeLoveDC’s Flickr photo poolNASA and Huffington Post have you covered with a robust recaps, videos and photos of the celestial event.

The total lunar eclipse coincided with the 2010 winter solstice, an combination of events that had not happened for 400 years and will not happen again until 2094.

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Playing in the District: Labyrinth Game Shop


It’s a rare event when a few of my mutual interests collide these days. Happily, my WeLoveDC self collided with my gamer self earlier this month when I managed to make it out to the grand opening of Labyrinth Games in downtown DC. Specifically, right near Eastern Market in Southeast.

Typically today, if you mention “game store” to someone, you’ll most likely get a response directing you to the nearest Game Stop or Toys ‘R Us. That’s because most people tend to think of games in one of two ways – on a console system or other electronic device, or one of those popular box games you find stashed on a shelf in one of the superstore retailers. While that’s just fine and dandy for those looking for the latest release of Madden Eleventy-one or the newest “collector’s edition” of Monopoly, such stores lack the breadth and character of a dedicated game store retailer. And such a store is a rare gem, when one can find it. Especially if they’re independently owned and operated.

Fortunately, DC has finally received such a gem. Continue reading

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Christmas Lights Car and Bike Parade

Photo courtesy of
‘Hoggie’s Entry’
courtesy of ‘GollyGforce – on a new quest’

This Saturday, Brightest Young Things hosts a holiday lights bike and car parade where participants  decorate their vehicle with bulbs, wreaths, tinsel, antlers, etc. and parade around town from 7-9:30pm.

The parade route starts at Jack’s Boathouse at the Georgetown waterfront at 7pm, heads to Politics and Prose for a celebrity reading of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and then moves over to Chevy Chase’s Comet Ping Pong. The free event is co-sponsored by Flying Dog Brewery.

My biggest question was how do you convert wall plug in lights to run on your bike or car. Thankfully, a Google search easily answered my question.

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Freeze Your Nuts Off With Capital Bikeshare

Photo courtesy of
‘Ready, set, go?’
courtesy of ‘fromcaliw/love’

In an effort to keep ridership up during the frigid winter months, Capital Bikeshare is holding a two-month long biking competition starting January 1, 2011. The crux of the competition is to crown the area’s Winter Weather Warrior (aka: the participating member who makes the most trips by February 28,) and then handsomely rewarded he/she with the below prizes:

  • A free, three year extension of their membership
  • Two free annual memberships to give out to friends or family
  • A $100 gift card to Hudson Trail
  • A $25 gift card to Starbucks

In addition to the Winter Weather Warrior, Capital Bikeshare will award the  Long Haul Rider (member taking the most trips on Capital Bikeshare over 3 miles) and the Most Saddle Time (member with the most time spent on Capital Bikeshare) awards in both January and February.

To sign up for the contest you 1) have to be bloody nuts, it’s cold out there, 2) have to be a Capital Bikeshare member and 3) have to sign up to participate.

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Thief! Silly Things People Steal From Restaurants

Photo courtesy of
‘Day 303/365 – French Twofer (Deux Pour?)’
courtesy of ‘Kevin H.’

A while ago I was sitting at the bar at Stardust (RIP, I miss that place!) and the bartenders were telling my friend and I all about the people who would steal the salt and pepper shakers right off the tables. Stardust was known for quirky condiment containers, like two pigs dancing, or cactus-shaped shakers. You get the idea. And ever since that conversation I’ve been interested in whatall people steal from restaurants.

So I asked around, and behold, dear reader, a list of the ridiculous things that people steal from restaurants around DC.

The scene: Cafe Saint-Ex
Items Stolen: The bust of the Roman God Mercury, an antique three foot tall ash tray, patio plants
Jasmin Quioco, the Director of Community Outreach at Cafe Saint-Ex, reminisces, “A few years ago I was setting up for brunch and saw a guy struggling to bring in a covered object into the restaurant. When I opened the door, he said, ‘I’m really sorry, my friends and I had a few too many drinks last night and this ended up in my apartment. We love Saint-Ex and wanted to bring it back.’ They had stolen the heavy bust of Mercury that sits next to table 4.”

The scene: Whitlow’s on Wilson
Item Stolen: Harry S. Truman
Manny Fliakas, General Manger of Whitlow’s, remembers, “Last year, I received a manila envelope with no return address and inside was a framed picture of Harry S. Truman. We had this picture on the wall by the main bar and it was stolen four years prior. The letter attached stated that the individual who stole it was cleaning out their house and preparing to move when they came across the picture. They apologized for their childish actions and assured me they had become a better person.”

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Holiday Decorations At The Four Seasons

Flights of Fancy, courtesy of kevin allen

If you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit and be inspired by gingerbread amazement, you’ll find no better place to go then the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown.

On display until December 12, the hotel’s lobby is festooned with 10 holiday-theme trees and vignettes, created by Washington’s best interior designers and children/teenagers living with cancer, that celebrate the fashions of the holiday season. There’s also an amazing gingerbread replica of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception that took Executive Pastry Chef, Charles Froke 70 hours to design, create and decorate.

According to Painting and decorating London, all of the display’s decorations have their own unique theme that has been executed to perfection. No expense has been spared for the ornaments, lights, tinsel, etc., and the result is a rich collection that explores out-of-the-box ideas for decorating and celebrating the holiday season. May I suggest that when you head over, you grab a holiday drink (alcoholic or non) at the hotel’s bar to take with you as you enjoy these holiday delights. Continue reading