We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends Jan 3-5

Patrick: Kicking my weekend off by getting a new hairdo for 2014, for that I go to my trusted friend Brenna over in Cleveland Park. Saturday night I’m reviewing No Rule’s Late: A Cowboy Song. After that I’m going to keep it pretty low key- because sometimes you need holiday from the Holidays. If you are looking for something to do may I suggest Arena’s Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? It closes on Sunday so it’ll be your last chance to catch a former Cosby Show star live in-person!

Rachel: Surprise, surprise (can you sense the sarcasm?) … this weekend will be one filled with music. I can think of no better way to start 2014 than playing music along side some of my favorite people in the entire world. I’ll be at Ebenezers Coffeehouse this Friday as part of The 9 Songwriter Series and plan to debut three new songs. There’ll be some awesome collaboration going down as part of this show so it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss. Doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets are $10. Saturday, I’ll begin the story-boarding process for my first official music video which is something I’ve been dreaming of doing for years. That’ll be out sometime in the next few months, can’t wait to share it! Then Sunday, I’ve got rehearsal with the MetroSongs Orchestra for our show on Monday (1/6) at Iota in Arlington. That show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $10. After rehearsal for that show, I’ll be connecting with my good friend Brittany Jean to shoot DIY video of a new song we co-wrote for my YouTube channel. Long story short — I’m busy, busy, busy and I love, love, love it.

Esther: after two non-stop weeks of celebrating the holidays, I need a break!  This weekend is going to be cold and I’m still nursing the mother of all hangovers so I’m planning on laying low, lounging around my house in my new Christmas jammies and snowman slippers.  No worries, though, I still plan on celebrating the wonder that is DC from the comfort of my couch.  I plan on starting my weekend with a movie marathon of three of the greatest Washington DC movies ever made.  Starting with the classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (with a dreamy, young Jimmy Stewart), followed by All the President’s Men (with an even dreamier, young Robert Redford), and followed by the dreamiest, young Robert Downy, Jr. in Chances Are.  No movie night is complete without popcorn, which will be supplied by none other than Popped! Republic, Washington DC’s first official popcorn company whose caramel-y truck wanders the streets of DC Monday through Friday, but can usually be found at Farragut Square.  Saturday, after a day of putting away the holiday decorations, I’m going to be famished, but as I’m staying in this weekend, I’m planning on ordering the best take-out Washington DC has to offer.  The Greek Spot, located at 2017 11th St NW (between U St and V St), is rumored to have the best take out in DC and, even better, can be ordered online.  Sunday evening will find me in my Washington Wizards t-shirt and yoga pants, glued to my radio (the FAN FM 106.7), listening to the Wizards beat the Golden State out of the Warriors.  And when they do, I will celebrate with a homemade Washington DC cocktail, courtesy of my friend Julie, who gave me a set of Capitol Cocktails recipe cards for Christmas.  Featuring 62 cocktails created by 24 of DC’s leading bartenders, I plan on spending my 2014 imbibing the best DC has to offer both at home and around town.  Cheers, DC.  Everybody drink!

Tiffany: This is it. The end of maternity leave. I go back to work Monday, so Friday is going to involve a dry run of getting up in the morning to take the Bridgelet to daycare. To distract me from the fact that (loving, qualified, background-checked) strangers are caring for my baby, it’ll be time to see a movie (matinee of the new Hobbit, probably) and go out for a grown-up lunch, perhaps somewhere on Barracks Row that’s too small for a stroller. This weekend, in between marathon snuggling sessions, you may see us at Union Market- Trickling Springs chocolate ice cream may be required to get me through this week- or attending meet’n’greet events for local political candidates. Community engagement starts early in the Bridge house.

Paul: Whoops, already shirking one of my resolutions for the new year. So much for being more organized! I’ve been so caught up with tying up loose ends from 2013 on top of surviving all the holiday shenanigans that I forgot to plan a single thing for this weekend. That’s okay, I am working every night, after all, and most likely every day too. New cocktail menu means new problems, so it’s going to be a weekend full of lots of work and desperate attempts to find inspiration (yes, I’ve already listened to Goodbye Horses two dozen times today). But all the hard work and countless failed experiments will be worth it because I might FINALLY get a drink on a menu. This is a big deal for bartenders, to have an original on the menu. It’s like getting your first book published or selling your first piece of artwork. It means you don’t suck at what you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into for so long. I know it’s going to be dreadfully slow behind the stick all weekend, but I will harbor no resentment for those who don’t come out to visit if and only if it’s because they’re at the Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club in Columbia Heights. Is that not one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language? Sorry Tolkien, “cellar door” just ain’t gonna cut it anymore. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out and play a little bit. I have a long, long laundry list of new and old bars to check out in 2014. It’s going to be a fun [wet] year.

Rebecca: My beloved Missouri Tigers are playing OSU in the Cotton Bowl Friday, so I’ve got a crew headed to Maddy’s Taproom – the official Mizzou watch bar – to watch the game, drink awesome bars and break our New Year’s dietary resolutions. Post game we’ll likely head to some spot along 14th Street to continue celebrations. Saturday I look to finish up my exploration of the American Art Museum of which I managed only half of last week. Post museum I’ll head to Graffiato to replenish my energy with lots of carbs. Last week I headed out in the freezing, pouring rain for my first visit to the Palisades Farmer’s Market, which was AMAZING. I’ll head back there Sunday to pick up some high quality meats, cheeses, seafood, eggs and produce.

Tom: I’m trying to make the first weekend of 2014 about setting trends for the year, and that’s going to mean getting my ducks in a row. First up is getting my bikes serviced, and that means a trip down to BicycleSpace to make sure I’m ready for the roads when I get there. Once that’s all wrapped, it’s a trip to the Container Store to get my office ready for 2014. I’m reclaiming my space this year and making that a functional place for me to work. This year is going to be about change, on so many levels, that getting a space ready that’s flexible is my clear goal.

Don: Assuming we survive the cold – single digit wind chill? What is this, winter?? – we’ve got a somewhat low-key but exciting weekend coming up. Saturday we’ll be picking up a young dog we’re going to foster for a while out in the boonies Chantilly and that’s got the potential to pretty much take over the weekend, depending. Before that we’re entertaining some out-of-town guests which always means an opportunity for some dining adventure. What will it be? Tom teased me today with tales of Boundary Stone’s mac & cheese with half-smoke pieces in it, which for my money sounds way better that the now ubiquitous trend of lobster mac&cheese, so that’s a contender. My darling wife and I were blown away by our first visit to The Red Hen last month, but I don’t think I have the kind of pull that gets a short-turnaround reservation there on a Friday night. Or perhaps it’ll just be pizza, of which there are half a dozen places we love.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends Dec 27-29

Don: I’m laying mostly low this weekend, what with the exertion of having hosted people for Xmas and the impending debauchery of New Year’s. Said debauchery, as the parent of a toddler, that will probably involve dinner and then going to bed at 10pm. Sometimes local fireworks wake me up, though today’s gas leak on my street has left me a little less excite by the idea of urban kabooms. What might work for us is the NOON Year’s Eve shindig that the Yards Park is having on the 31st. Sounds like a good way for the midnight-adverse to enjoy a little community activity and still get to bed at a reasonable hour. If we just happen to get into Bluejacket for lunch, well, more the better.

Rebecca: With Christmas and New Years falling on Wednesday that means a lot more people are out of town, which for me means getting to the museums, sites, restaurants, etc. and having them ALL to my very own. Friday I will finally experience the American Art Museum where I’ll take in the historical paintings and the likes of Gertude Stein and Andy Warhol. Afterwards I’ll post up at Ping Pong Dim Sum for lunch before heading to Iron Horse to play some Big Buck Hunter. Saturday I’m off to the Lansdowne Resort for some relaxing spa action and to get out of town for a bit. Sunday museum going continues at the Phillips Collection with a stop at the Dupont Farmers Market and brunch at Kramer’s afterwards.

Paul: I don’t want to do it, but this weekend is all about recalibrating after all the holiday craziness. Everyone needs a break once in a while. I’m finally going to get my butt down to the Rumsey Aquatic Center and clock some hours in the lap pool. I’ve only lived just a few blocks away from Eastern Market for four months (shameful). Hopefully everyone’s still out of town and the pool won’t be too packed, because I don’t share lanes, I just shred ‘em (cue me gasping for breath after only half a lap). If I don’t drown myself, I’m going to put the rock wall over at Results in SE to the test. That is if my poor, little fingers can handle it. But that’s enough for this weekend. Next week I’ll tackle dieting, I’ve still got a ton of left over holiday beer, hot cocoa, mac and cheese, and chartreuse that I’ve got to finish off. Change comes gradually, after all.

Tom: This is Limbo week in DC, so I feel like much of my life is unscheduled as things wind down for the year. My plans are not ambitious, as this is one of the few quiet weeks when I can flit about unhindered by overbooking. I’ve been considering a run to Ace Beverage to find some new and unique stuff for 2014, as well a stop through the Brookland Arts Walk for some shopping. Beyond that, I intend to let the amateurs have New Years Eve, so catch me setting off some backyard fireworks (or not, if you’re a member of the law-enforcement community) to celebrate the new year.

Jenn: Having spent Christmas in bed with the flu, I’m in the throes of serious cabin fever. With my apartment littered with crumpled up tissues, it’s time to energize for the weekend. Right? Sigh. With the imminent arrival of my brother, I need to clear my addled brain and figure out entertainment options. Though I’m sure to start with some Shaw neighborhood love and show off Eat the Rich (bonus points: chowder, though really anything chef Julien Shapiro has on offer is excellent) and the rest of the my usual 7th Street circuit (see every other Jenn weekend picks entry), I’m feeling the need to branch out. Since I’m still feeling poorly, perhaps he won’t mind if we do an international soup sampler tour and hit Toki UndergroundDGS Delicatessen, and Pho Viet. I know he loves coffee, sushi, and pasta, so trips to QualiaKushi, and Iron Gate are all in order. Wine is another sibling favorite and I’m due for visits to VeritasProof, and Room 11. Since he also enjoys a good thriller, it’s off to the theater for dystopian surveillance drama Edgar & Annabel at Studio Theatre, and why not continue that theme with Damage Control: Art and Destruction at the Hirshhorn? I really want to show him a sampling of DC both new and old…so from Petworth Citizen to Ben’s Chili Bowl, it’ll be a fantastic weekend!

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends Dec 20-22

Don: Apparently I’ll be spending my weekend digging my summer clothes back out of storage. Upper 50s. UPPER 60S? DAMN YOU AL GORE! When I’m not wondering what warm, damp hell is this, I will be preparing for the holiday. By which I mean buying crap and preparing to sit on my lazy fat ass while my Mother-in-laws plays with That Darned Toddler and my Darling Wife and my Father-in-law prepare Christmas dinner. (Don’t you judge me; there’s simply not room for a third in that kitchen – physically or next to my FIL’s cooking standards.) The shopping – most of which I’ve completed already, thankfully – I think I’ll do at the Downtown Holiday Market. I still know some of the vendors from our days of exhibiting at Eastern Market and – oh who am I kidding, I’m only going for the fresh mini-donuts.

Tiff: Anytime you get weather in the upper 60s in December, it’s pretty much required to get out and enjoy it. For us, it’s stroller weather, which means we’ll probably take a family walk to breakfast one morning, most likely to Flip-It on Rhode Island Avenue. We’ll be packing the Bridgelet up to check out Zoolights, and possibly also the National Christmas Tree. There’s caroling in Brookland on Saturday night, so if the weather holds I’ll be sitting on the porch, possibly with a crockpot of mulled cider for the carolers. We’re spending Christmas at home this year (Holiday travel with an infant? I do not have that kind of patience) so there will no doubt be a trip to Red Apron Butcher at Union Market for ethically-raised holiday feast ingredients.

Fedward: With family arriving Monday (too soon! too soon! abort!) our weekend is about getting the house in as much order as possible.  I’ve made four trips to Annie’s Ace Hardware in the past week and a half (Tuesday night was Customer Appreciation Night – Annie baked the cake herself), so that probably means I have at least four more to make by Sunday. We’ve also got to make runs to Costco, Yes!, and probably CVS, Safeway, and Giant by the time we remember everything we forgot to put on our lists to begin with. Given the chance we’ll swing by the downtown holiday market (again) for some more last second gifts and fresh mini donuts, but we’re still coasting on our pre-Thanksgiving trip to Ace Beverage so that’s one trip we don’t have to make before guests arrive. We’ll dream about Sunday brunch at the Passenger, but it just might not be in the cards this weekend. Once everybody arrives we’ll make sure to take them to Southern Efficiency for whiskey, and then Jack Rose for whisky. Because yeah.

Paul: I’m gearing up to the celebrate the most magical day of the year this weekend. No, sorry, not Christmas, MY birthday! That’s right, on a starry night a quarter of a century ago, this young man, then only a babe, was brought into this world (and it ain’t ever been the same since!). Festivities will be light, there’s no one left in town after all, and I sort of… “technically” have to be at work on my birthday (though I am not planning on doing anything resembling work while I am there). My big treat to myself will be getting to see Owen Thomson’s best Macaulay Culkin impression at Bar Pilar’s Home Alone Comfort Food Buffet on Sunday. What’s that you say, all you can eat? Did I mention I’m a starving twenty-something? This truly is the most wonderful time of year. Happy holidays DC!

Jenn: This Saturday Southern Efficiency officially opens, the third in a row of bars helmed by Derek Brown and Angie Salame, on the street where I live. Yes, living above your favorite bars run by your favorite people is dangerous, and delightful. A small, cosy space (think Deadwood meets Southern diner) with an intensely good whiskey selection curated by JP Fetherston, Southern Efficiency is the perfect spot to expand your knowledge of American whiskies and indulge in some delicious peanut soup or kicked-up deviled eggs. With Right Proper, All Souls, Eat the Rich, Mockingbird Hill, and Southern Efficiency all within stumbling distance of my front door, my winter doesn’t look so dreary. I intend to take a long stroll over to Dupont Circle’s Fuse Pilates studio and repent for all my indulgences on the aptly-named Reformer. I might even get back on my bike given our strange weather forecast. Who am I kidding, the most exercise I’ll probably get this weekend will be dancing: salsa at Bio Ritmo’s concert at Tropicalia on Friday night, and 80s night at Black Whiskey. Ah, the best intentions.

Rebecca: It’s a chill down weekend for me with lots of time spent with good friends celebrating the holiday season. Friday I’ll be hanging out on H Street doing a little bar hopping. Will hit Little Miss Whiskey’s, Old Vic, Red Rocks and finally Rock N’ Roll Hotel to dance my face off. Saturday I’m going to the National Museum of Women in Arts to see the Workt By Hand exhibit showcasing 35 18th–20th-century quilts from the Brooklyn Museum’s renowned decorative arts collection. Saturday I’m getting dolled up to see Handel’s Messiah, a classy glass of champagne and experience high class holiday decorations at the Kennedy Center. Sunday, I’m off to Wheaton for the best dim sum in the DC area at Hollywood East Cafe.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends Dec 13 – 15

Don: My family is taking the tack of reverence and absurdity for our weekend. Saturday morning we’ll get up early and go join others in the annual tradition of laying wreaths on the graves at Arlington Cemetery. If you’re interested in participating you can find info at Wreaths Across America’s website but the short version is “just show up.” You don’t have to contribute financially but I’d suggest it’s the right thing to do; after an earlier reported shortfall Google stepped up and covered much of the needed funds to provide the remaining wreaths, but not all. When we’re done with that we’ll don our gay apparel and join the loons at Santarchy for some enforced cheer and debauchery. The Darned Toddler will prevent us from being a part of the evening bar crawl but the wander along the way is fun.

Rebecca: I missed this week’s snow so I’m kinda pumped to see some flakes this Saturday and go walking around the city enjoying the holiday season. Friday I’ll catch dinner with a good friend at the newly opened Fainting Goat on U Street. I checked this place out last Friday for HH and apps and was blown away by the pork fries, fish n’ chips and meat pies. Definitely unexpected goodness. Afterwards, we’ll head to the Strathmore to catch San Fermin. I saw these guys in October at DC9 and they were amazeballs. Their self titled first album is one of NPR’s Top Albums of 2013, so I highly recommend making the trek up to Bethesda to catch these guys. Saturday I’m off to IKEA early to buy various items to hack a standing desk in my home office and enjoy Swedish meatballs. Saturday evening I’ve got a festive holiday party to hit up that’s close by so the weather shouldn’t hinder that. Sunday it’s NFL watching time, grocery shopping and laundry. Can’t. Wait.

Tom: This is the weekend of every party. Tonight I’m out at the Brixton, tomorrow night with the Whitesides, Saturday night with friends in Woodridge, and then Sunday with the We Love DC gang. This is getting out of control, this partying. But, I’ll also be hitting up Yelp’s Totally Bazaar over at Monroe Street Market on Saturday, and then rolling through the Brookland Celebration of Lights to get in the spirit. While our house totally isn’t on that tour, it may give us inspiration for years to come.

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We Love Weekends

We Thank DC

Part of our tradition of giving thanks here at WLDC is to tell you what we’re thankful for about DC this year. How about you? Leave your DC thanks in the comments, and enjoy your festive food coma.

Tiffany: Since late January, 2013 has been all about preparation for and the arrival of this guy. So I’ve clearly got something special to be thankful for this year. But our little DC Native has broadened my appreciation for DC as well. I’m more thankful than ever for DC’s diversity and the breadth of perspectives it will bring him as he grows up. I’m grateful to live in a city with not only local but national cultural amenities, so we can go from story time at our neighborhood DC Public Library branch and head out to the Air & Space museum after lunch. I’m thankful for the tree-lined streets and parks in Brookland, as well as our neighbors who are also putting down roots and starting their families there. And finally, I’m thankful for organizations like Neighbors United for DC Statehood who work to ensure Charlie will be able to vote for a senator when he’s 18 like his peers across the country. Happy Thanksgiving, DC. When I’m counting my blessings this year, you are definitely on the list.

Rachel: As of this month, it’s been two years since I started working on my first full band EP (due out in 2014) with Dave Mallen of Innovation Station Music in Arlington, VA. Since then, I’ve worked to embed myself in the DC music community and can proudly say that I call many of the hard-working names in local music dear friends. I still remember what it felt like to play my first show with The 9 Songwriter Series in February 2012. Fast-forward to November 2013 and I feel like the majority of the friends I’ve made in the past year were all from playing concerts and attending live shows throughout the DC metropolitan area. What I’m most grateful for in 2013 is the fact that music really does bring people together. The DC scene’s got a wealth of talent whether it’s vocalists, songwriters, musicians, producers, sound engineers, videographers, etc. but the scene can only exist if there are fans to support it. And let me tell you, there are lot of great people in this town supporting that talent. To all of the folks who support those of us who love making music and performing it live I say, “THANK YOU!” We couldn’t keep taking the stage in these parts if it were not for your continual support.

Esther:  A full decade of living in DC without killing anyone from road rage or ending up homeless because of the astronomical cost of living is enough to be thankful for this season.  But there are many other things that ten years in DC has made me grateful for, too.  First, the awesome people from a million walks of life who I have been blessed to meet.  Second, the tourist sites and museums.  Yes, I generally loathe the tourists, but they are a constant reminder that many people spend millions of dollars each year to see the things we have in our backyard and should appreciate. Third, my dog.  I know he’s not “DC” but he’s awesome and has pretty much marked the entire city, so I think that counts.  Fourth, the wonderful community of local actors, musicians, dancers and artists.  They have been my bread and butter and my continuous inspiration.  Fifth, congress…… okay, I couldn’t even type that without bursting out laughing from how ridiculous that sounds and what a huge fat lie it is.  Last, but not least, I am grateful to live in a place that matters. Where what happens in our little hamlet affects the country and the entire planet.  We’re living in a place of historical importance and I love it.  Having been raised in Idaho (which people consistently mix up with Iowa), the chance to be in a place people have actually heard of and know generally where it is is really cool.  Oh, and pie.  Wherever you live,  pie is worth giving thanks for.   Continue reading

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Nov 22-24

Rachel: It’s a music-filled weekend for me! We’ll start things off at Ebenezers Coffeehouse on Friday night while Tiffany Thompson and Amanda Lee serenade the room. These two ladies are spectacular entertainers and well worth hearing live. I encourage you to stop by and hang with us. Then, Saturday’s a big day. Fellow singer-songwriter Louisa Hall and I are going to THREE shows … or at least we’re trying to. We’ll start with a Ben Folds “Master Session” at the Kennedy Center in the afternoon followed by dinner on H Street before popping into Rock & Roll Hotel for The Circus Life Podcast LIVE show featuring The Cowards Choir, The Sweater Set, The Justin Trawick Group, M.H. & His Orchestra, and Black Masala. And then, we’ll round out the night in Adams Morgan to watch one of my favorite people — Don Kim — perform as part of The Capital City Showcase. All in all, a busy and crazy fun weekend of music!

Rebecca: It’s a jam packed weekend for me starting with some QT with WeLoveDC editor and fellow whiskey lover Jenn. We’ll be grabbing drinks and food at Drafting Table before hitting the modern disco-dance party Escort will be laying down at the Blackcat. Saturday it’s brunch with the WeLoveDC gang to organize and get some new initiatives going – more to come on that in the coming months, so keep tuned. Then I’m FINALLY catching a DC Rollergirls bout at the DC Armory at 4pm. I’m super pumped to learn the rules and watch the ladies battle. Sunday will mostly be dedicated to resting up from my Friday and Saturday, but I will hit the 930 club to catch Lissie and bond with my inner girl rocker.

Tom: If it’s the last weekend before Thanksgiving, that means it’s cranberry relish weekend. You get two bags of cranberries, an apple and a good orange, and an old-fashioned hand-crank meat grinder. Wash the produce, core the apple, and then slice the orange and apple like you remember from soccer games. Put the produce, peels and all, through the meat grinder on a coarse grind. Add some sugar to taste, and you’ve got the best cranberry sauce out there. It also has enough Vitamin C to brutalize colds all winter long.

Fedward:  Woo! Nine-day weekend!  Next week I’m taking comp days earned working through the Labor Day weekend in honor of, well, everything, so I won’t go back to work until December.  Friday’s my birthday, Monday is the anniversary of my first date with the Social Chair, and then there’s Thanksgiving.  It won’t all be fun and games as we do have to finish unpacking so there’s room for my family to stay over Christmas, but I plan to enjoy my time off as much as possible.  This weekend there’s not a whole lot on the calendar.  Friday night we’re hosting a party at home.  Saturday we might treat ourselves to dinner out somewhere (maybe so-hot-right-now Rose’s Luxury, maybe runner-up Doi Moi) but we have no set plans.  We may also try to squeeze in Mies Julie on either Saturday or Sunday before it closes. Sunday we’ll close with our usual Passenger brunch, and Monday you might find the Social Chair and me at Bedrock Billiards in honor of our first date.

Jenn: I’m loading up on the coconut water now, in extreme hydration preparation for this weekend. An old theater friend I haven’t seen in some fourteen years is hitting DC after a long absence, and it’s about time. Back in the day we were part of a tribe that rivaled the exploits of O’Toole, Harris, Burton and Reed, so…it’s going to be quite the reunion. As he completely missed the 14th Street revitalization, I’ll be sure to take him on a crawl up the strip: champagne and steak tartare at Le Diplomate (“wasn’t this a dry cleaners?”), pizza at Ghibellina, punch at 2 Birds 1 Stone, and a return to Bar Pilar just to prove the oldies still rock (new cocktail menu, Papa Hemingway!). Then we’ll waltz up U Street to show off sexy Tropicalia, down some beers at Dodge City, and breeze by a birthday party at Brixton. After that he’ll be completely shocked by the development on 7th Street, my new digs, enjoying sherry and ham at Mockingbird Hill before slurping oyster shooters (and probably everything else on the amazing food menu) at Eat the Rich. That’s just the appetizer portion of the evening! Plenty more to hit. There are new cocktails at Daikaya, and tiki nuevo at Hogo, and my god, what about H Street? Good grief, I better take him to Baby Wale for dinner first. It’s going to be a long night. I take my role as a DC ambassador very seriously, and I vow that my San Franciscan comrade is going to leave singing our praises. Or die in the attempt.

Paul: Okay I wish I could clone myself this weekend, or at least semi-retire, because there are just too many things to do! I’m planning to shirk a bunch of professional obligations in order to see Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles at The Dumbarton House. Then it’s off from a night at the theatre to get dirty and sweaty at Jimmy Valentine’s Tropic of Bass because alcohol-fueled dance parties are the only form of exercise I can fit into my schedule. Saturday means Movember Pride on H Street, where I’m finally going to cash in on this lip warmer with deals at Dangerously Delicious and the Queen Vic. After a night of slinging drinks followed by a long seat warming session at The Pug Saturday, I’m going to revive my groggy, bleary-eyed self at The Grill Room’s Sausage and Rye Brunch. Here’s hoping drinking rye whiskey in sunglasses doesn’t violate the dress code. Then any free time I have between now and Sunday evening will be spent under my covers with many mugs o’ gløgg, celebrating my favorite winter tradition: hygge.

Don: It’s the last free weekend of November for me, what with Thanksgiving coming up and family things consuming the days after the turkey gorging. So that means a little pre-family relaxation and home improvement. Friday is a little combined birthday celebration and that’s about all the baby-free time we get. Saturday, if the rain holds out, we may take the sprog on a stroll – either go-tos Roosevelt Island or the National Zoo or maybe just the path along Rock Creek. Sunday will be reserved for preparing for the onslaught holiday.

Esther:  On the weekend before Americans give thanks for turkey, cranberry sauce, and football, I decided to participate in a bit of USA pride myself by taking a stroll down one of the most famous streets in the country– Pennsylvania Avenue NW.  Starting with a fall food favorite (and relative of the Thanksgiving sweet potato), I plan on indulging in a lunch of warm butternut salad and butternut squash agnolotti at 701 Restaurant.  Following a sumptuous afternoon feast, I’m going to take in the new Anchorman: The Exhibit at the Newseum because I enjoy wearing polyester leisure suits and listening to jazz flute.  Plus, I just have to stay classy, San Diego.  Continuing along the inaugural parade route, I plan on paying my respects to the American men and women who have served this country at the United States Navy Memorial.  While recognizing our Naval service-persons on Pennsylvania Avenue, I also plan on getting a photo op with a little-known memorial dedicated to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who asked that, if a memorial was created to him, it be a stone slab no larger than his desk and placed in front of the National Archives.  Evening will find me at the National Theatre for the world premiere of If/Then, starring Broadway sensation Idina Menzel.  After the show, I will warm up with an adult beverage at The Round Robin Bar in the historic Willard Hotel.  And no visit to Pennsylvania Avenue would be complete without a visit to number 1600, the White House, where I’m hoping to catch a glance of the finest American ever– Bo the dog.  Happy Thanksgiving, Bo.  Hope you get some turkey in your dish.
We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Nov 15-17

Esther: My ancestors are British.  I’m one of those rare people who isn’t a mixed breed of nationalities.  I’m almost pure bred British isles (7/8 to be exact, and 1/8 Swedish), so I would be remiss to not take advantage of the bloody good opportunities DC offers me to connect with my ancestry.  So I will begin my weekend with a Boddington’s and bangers & mash at The Queen Vic on H Street NE and soak in true British pub atmosphere.  Saturday afternoon will find me viewing the temporary exhibit, Here is a Play Fitted, at the Folger Shakespeare Library, where scripts, designs, letters, and reviews of productions over the centuries show how the Bard’s works have shifted over time.  Now William Shakespeare is certainly brilliant, but British poet William Blake is also worth honoring, which I will do Saturday night by attending There is Happiness That Morning Is, one of the shows playing the closing weekend of the DC fall Fringe Festival.  Sunday morning, I fancy a jaunt to the Virginia countryside to enjoy tea and scones at The British Pantry, located about 45 minutes outside DC in Aldie. And to make sure I show off my British pride, my final weekend stop will be back to H Street NE, where Brit tattoo artist Paul Roe, owner of Britishink, is going to tat me with my custom designed union jack, capping off my Anglophile-d weekend and paying tribute to those awesome relatives of mine who had bad teeth, yes, but spoke with a freakin’ cool accent.

Rachel: My weekend started early with my last “big” solo acoustic full-set show at Ebenezers Coffeehouse in NW DC on Thursday night. That show featured fellow local ladies Brittany Jean and Jamie Kathleen as well as Philly-based Suzie Brown. The weekend continues with a stop at Iota in Arlington for the Deleted Scenes show on Friday followed by band practice with Jason Mendelson & the Open Doors in preparation for our show at The Dunes on November 20 (aka next Wednesday) with Two Dragons and a Cheetah and Star FK Radium. Lot’s of stuff on the plate these days. Hoping to see some of you at a show around town!

Tom: After spending last week amid the bustle and warmth of Southern California, I find myself craving, of all things, a run through H Street Country Club’s mini-golf course. I know it sounds crazy, but a night out on H Street sounds like what I need. Sadly, Charlie’s too young to join me on the links yet, so we may have to skip it. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, my mind is turning toward Turkey, and that means Red Apron Butcher’s delicious poultry. First up, though, is a community meeting about the Brookland Middle School construction progress. I know, I know, my weekends are just so full of awesome.

Fedward:  Against every natural impulse I have to avoid the spotlight, I’m looking seriously at DC Startup Weekend.  I have an idea – a good idea, the sort of idea I could actually see getting funded – but I haven’t gone so far as to turn it into a pitch.  I’ve got until noon Friday to put my own $99 where my mouth doesn’t want to be. Other than that, we’re meeting friends for dinner at Casa Luca on Saturday, and we’ll have our usual brunch at the Passenger on Sunday.

Jenn: Tired, cranky, cold. That’s been my week so far, and I’m sick of my own whining. Time to pull up the bootstraps. That means getting my cold cyborg heart pumping at Tropicalia for Friday night’s Congo y Castro Pura Viba dance party. There’s even more steam at the Shakespeare Theatre these next few weeks as Mies Julie burns up the set with a forbidden love tale. Or is it hate? Either way, the temperature is almost unbearably hot in this re-telling of Strindberg’s ultimate battle of the sexes/classes, now set in South Africa. Believe me, you’ll debate the play for days. Another hot ticket (closing the 17th, so move on it) is Michael Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty, bringing this hot choreographer’s subversive artistic magic to the classic ballet at the Kennedy Center. Only a few years back DC missed out on his Swan Lake, considered too much for us. Prove ’em wrong this time around. Hell, we can handle even more now. To round it all out, I’ll be searching for the perfect hot chocolate, and I bet I’ll find it at the new Palena Cafe, which I hear serves Bicerin – my all-time favorite chocolate, hazelnut and espresso drink. I’ve longed for it ever since my first sip in Venice. Yes. Happy dance.

Don: Most of my weekend is going to be sucked up with the continuing effort to block off the chaos that darned baby from certain sections of our home, so the leisure time will be a little sparse and need to serve dual purposes. Namely shoveling food into our faces. So in that vein I thought we’d maybe finally see what the fuss is about and go by SUNdeVICH on Saturday when the weather is supposed to be kinda nice.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Nov 8-10

If you can make it through the rain we’ve been promised a sunny weekend. We’re not going to waste it if we have a choice, though some of us don’t. Sorry Brian!

Mosley: Sadly, I’m working all weekend. But if I had the time to myself, I’d be going to as many of the Fotoweek DC events as I could; after Sunday most are over. Also photo related, I would want to get out and get as many photos of the Fall foliage as I could. It seem particularly good this year. If you’re interested in doing the same, my photography group is meeting up on TR Island on Saturday; all are welcome and it should be fun times and a great nature walk!

Jenn: Art exhibits at the friendly gallery curated by Amy Morton are always something to look forward to, and that makes this Friday a double pleasure with the opening party of Laurel Hausler’s new exhibit, Ghost Stories, from 6-8pm. Hausler’s multi-layered work is haunting, disturbing, and simply beautiful. Her current exhibit is inspired by Old Hollywood mysteries, spirit photography, and ghost stories, so it’s perfect for the season. Please stop by Morton Fine Art to see for yourself. As MFA has the added benefit of being next door to Locolat, get some Belgian beer and savory waffles too. Afterwards I’m heading to a Scorpio’s birthday party, which might just be one of the most dangerous outings you can join. Send bail money. If I survive, Saturday I’ll search for the perfect boudoir chair at the District Flea (I need something to faint on), no doubt indulge my latest sandwich obsession, the Istanbul, at SUNdeVICH, and finally, help save the Chesapeake Bay by downing oyster backs (oyster shooters as pickle backs, how awesome is that) at Eat the Rich – $1 from every oyster shooter sold goes to the Oyster Recovery Partnership! Sunday I’ll repent at Pekoe Acupuncture and Wellness with a Mindful Epicurean Brunch from 2-4pm, featuring a healthy cooking demonstration and wholesome brunch. Sigh.

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We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Oct 25-27

Patrick: I will be out of town this weekend for PhotoPlus Expo, but I’m not too sad to miss Halloween weekend in DC. Typically I try and skip town, I know that last year it looked like I was all about dressing up but normally unless I have a solid costume I’m keeping it low. While you won’t see me on M Street, my landlord told me that if you are in Clarendon to check out N Jackson St. on Halloween- the families come out with their kids and it’s apparently quite a sight to see all the costumes roaming about. When I get back from NYC on Sunday I’ll be in Shirlington to review Pride in the Falls of Autrey Mill at Signature.

Rebecca: Like Patrick I’m out of town this weekend and not sad about missing Halloween weekend in DC. I mean it’s not even Halloween guys; that’s next week and I will definitely be out celebrating on Thursday. Climbing down from my soap box, I am sad to be missing the following DC ongoings. Friday Lego is hosting a free closing party for Architecture Week, where guests can create their own LEGO structures. The only Halloween activity I’d be getting to this weekend is Saturday’s Spooky Pooch Howl-o-ween Celebration at Marjorie Post’s pet cemetery on the Hillwood Estate in NW. The event features a TON of dog owner activities, including a pet costume contest, caricature pet portraits, obstacle training course, etc. Sunday, as this week’s weather has me in the mood for leaf peeping, I’ll research the best DC route to take for a relaxing stroll through the fall foliage.

Fedward:  I got started on Thursday with some chamber music: Quarteto Casals with Manuel Barrueco at the Library of Congress. Friday night that LEGO party Rebecca mentioned sounds AWESOME to my inner kid (“inner?” the wise guys ask). For Saturday, the Social Chair just called my attention to this Music and Technology presentation also at the Library of Congress. When, oh when, will someone host a Music, Technology, LEGO, and craft cocktail event? I’ll be the first to arrive and last to leave! Sunday we’ll be at opening night for The Night Watcher at Studio. As for Halloween, as much as it might be amateur night (or sexy fill-in-the-blank night) I’ll make exceptions for Mockingbird Hill’s Poe Toast and the Passenger’s Zombie 80’s Prom. Not to mention Spirits in Black. Oy. I better call in sick for next Friday, huh.

Jenn: As far as everyone’s favorite spooky holiday, yes, you can start celebrating this weekend for Halloween and go right on through til the real thing next Thursday. That’s quite a marathon. I was ordered to be 80s Madonna for the Passenger’s Zombie 80’s Prom next Thursday, and hopefully I won’t get walled up alive for Mockingbird Hill’s amontillado-inspired Poe Toast earlier that night, and of course I’ll hit Spirits in Black as well. But what about this weekend? Focus, Jenn. BYT’s taking over the gorgeously creepy Sphinx Club on Saturday for their Twerk or Treat Halloween Extravaganza (there will be giant hamster balls!), and Black Cat’s hosting the Eighties Mayhem Halloween Dance Party. Not in the mood for the Great Pumpkin yet? Head to Jaleo on Saturday afternoon for a Camus cognac tasting with Kayleigh Kulp, author of Booze for Babes, to learn about cognac, the origins of the classic Sidecar cocktail, and how to make the perfect one yourself. Kulp is a wonderful spirits writer and it will be a lovely afternoon. If you’d like to escape all the pre-Halloween/boozy mayhem, the Freer/Sackler galleries are celebrating Diwali, the Indian Festival of Light, with a day full of events coinciding with their exhibit Yoga: The Art of Transformation. Ah yes, restore your soul before beating up your liver. Bliss.

Don: My weekend starts with a bit of glamour shots; we’ve hired our friend Chris of Route 1 Multimedia to take some family pictures of us and That Darned Baby. Who says weekend nights aren’t exciting when you’ve got a kid? Well, WC Fields in this case, I suspect, since getting both the infant and the family dog to look in the same place at the same time is a task that might make you wish for a rock and a giant eagle. Then off to bed because we’re up tomorrow at the butt-crack of dawn for the Walk to End Alzheimers. We’re still fund raising so if you’d like to do some good with a deductible donation we’d love to have it. Sunday we may just enjoy a warm beverage inside after all that chilly outdoors work the previous two days. Maybe we’ll go sit in the Kogod courtyard and enjoy the light and an outdoors-ish feel while still being sheltered from what’s projected to be a blustery day.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends October 19-20

Rebecca: Friday I’ll be celebrating my friend Katie’s Birthday by bar hoping the various eateries at Union Market and catching the beginning of the outdoor showing of Good Will Hunting. Afterwards I’ll head to the Rock N’ Roll Hotel to catch White Denim who I was supposed to see last weekend at ACL, but didn’t due to rain. Saturday I’ll stroll on by District Flea to scope out the goods and get some nommy coffee from Vigilante Coffee and eats from Room 11. Sunday, aside from praying that the Giants can finally win a freakin game, I’ll hit up the Dupont Farmer’s market and Union Market to stock up on seasonal fresh fruit, veggies, meat and eggs. 

Tom: Baby’s First Farm Excursion! We’re packing up the car and heading out to the pumpkin patches with the li’l guy, but if we were staying in the city this weekend, you would 100% find me at Union Market for Snallygaster, where there will be 150 different beers on offer, as well as some awesome food. Tickets start at $30 and include a bunch of food and drink tickets and a free glass. Sunday’s the final day at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and I’ve been itching to put on my tights and rapier and go get myself a turkey leg. See you out and about.

Rachel: It’s gonna be a music filled weekend which is just how I like it when there’s no Nats baseball to watch (pours one out for the 2013 Nats). I booked a last minute gig at Iota Club in Arlington, VA as part of what they’re billing as MASSIVE MUSIC FRIDAY so that’s where I’ll be kicking off my weekend. Music starts at 8 p.m. and for the price of $10 you’ll get to see a plethora of talent based in and around the greater DC area. I go on stage on the earlier side so come one and come all and hang with us! Then, I’ll spend Saturday night at the Capital City Showcase in Adams Morgan rooting on my buddy Zia Hassan as he sings some of his pretty tunes. Really looking forward to that, haven’t seen him solo in awhile. Then Sunday will be extra fun because I’ll be featured as the special guest as part of the Magnolia Guitar‘s Musicians Workshop series. Really looking forward to it!


Patrick: My weekend starts with a wedding gig out in Chesapeake Beach. I’ve never been out that far into Maryland, I mean I start to complain anytime I have to hike up to Bethesda! Saturday I’ll finally be checking out NextStop’s The 39 Steps, out in Reston. Boy my weekend is all about trekking to the extreme parts of MD and VA. I’ll have to fit in some DC time to balance things out. Maybe some football watching at Kelly’s Irish Times?

Jenn: This weekend I’m heading into Brookland, to visit my alma mater and light a candle at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. A dear mentor passed this week, and it seems a fitting way to pay my respects to a man who gave so much to so many of us DC theater folk: William H. Graham, Sr., former chairman of the Catholic University of America’s drama department, and the chairman emeritus of the Olney Theatre Center. The best way I can think to honor a man whose steady advice was to “give yourself permission” is to continue to live my life to the fullest, and be grateful. I’ll spend a lot of time this weekend thinking about what a privilege it was to have known him, a truly great man with a generous spirit and a kind heart.

Fedward:  Now that everything’s open again, it’s time to celebrate.  As the Hirshhorn tweeted, to make up for lost time we’ll have to look twice as hard.   We’ll also have to swing by the zoo (although I’m more partial to big cats than welfare pandas. Sorry, Butterstick 2). Theaterwise, we either have to catch Studio’s Torch Song Trilogy before it closes (NEXT Sunday, but these things sneak up on us far too often), or see The Laramie Project in its rightful place at Ford’s, or the Taffety Punk Riot Grrls production of Titus Andronicus. Foodwise and beveragewise, we’re looking forward to dim sum brunch at The Source on Saturday, and then on Sunday we’re going to the Passenger both for our usual brunch and to congratulate Alex Bookless on her best bartender nod from the Express.  At some point we also have to find costumes for the Passenger’s Zombie 80’s Halloween Prom. My best bald-guy idea so far: Zombie Ming the Merciless. Got any better ideas? Put ’em in the comments.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Oct 11-13

Or maybe though Oct 14, if you get Columbus Day off. Or indefinite if you’re among the unfortunate furloughed. Whatever. It’s the weekend and we’re plotting what to do and how to stay mostly dry doing it.

Patrick: If you haven’t heard, I have a lot of drastic life changes coming my way. My career and living situation is changing. To celebrate the last weekend with my long time roommate, confidant, and friend we’re hitting… the club. First stop will be Capitale DC to see one of my pal DJ Chazzta spin it up on Electric Jungle Saturday. After we get sick of the bottle service and loud music we’ll escape to a much more quieter place: Harold Black. You can’t miss it- just open up the secret wall over at Suna.

Tom: Rain?! That’s just not fair. I wanted to get out and show my Dad some great spots to ride in the city. Instead, we may do the tour de coffee and beer, hitting DC’s best uppers and downers at Peregrine Espresso, DC Brau, Pound Coffee, Meridian Pint, and then Filter. Sunday, our 49ers play the Cardinals in a game that just won’t make the airwaves here, so we may go out in search of a place to watch the red and gold. Happy Weekend!

Rachel: This weekend should be a good one. Got a last minute opportunity to join a friend for the Caps game this Saturday. It’ll be my first NHL game in three years so I’m super stoked. Then I’ll be working on some songs with Miss Brittany Jean — who I’ll be sharing the stage with at Ebenezers Coffeehouse on November 14 — on Sunday before heading to the Fillmore in Silver Spring to see Atlas Genius.

Rebecca: As luck would have it (given the pending poopie weather) I’m headed out of town this weekend to Austin for the second weekend of Austin City Limits. Looking forward to sets by Widowspeak, Smith Westerns, Lone Bellows, Local Natives and Vampire Weekend. Also looking forward to good Texas style BBQ, funky coffee shops, outdoor runs/bike rides and Austin weirdness aka awesomeness.

Fedward:  We’re babysitting the Niecelets, and for them Friday night is always movie night. I’d say we’d take advantage of the extended hours tonight at Petworth library and let them pick out a DVD in advance, but with the rain we’re more likely to pick something from Netflix.  Saturday we’ll be at Studio Theatre to catch Red Speedo before it closes (here’s Jenn’s review). And with our anniversary on Monday, Sunday we’ll celebrate with dinner (location still TBD: Casa Luca? Doi Moi? Baby Wale? Maybe something that isn’t brand new?) before a celebratory brunch at (where else) the Passenger. So. First anniversary is paper. Is the deed to our house good enough, or do I need to go shopping?

Jenn: Getting a little worried about all my furloughed friends, so I plan on hitting the markets and rustling up some feasts to cheer people up. I’m lucky to be close enough to hit one a day: Penn Quarter, Petworth, U Street, and Bloomingdale, in addition to the always fabulous Dupont market. What’s on the menu? Whatever looks best, but I’m leaning towards roasting squash, making soup, and serving up comfort foods to get in the proper mood for autumn. I’ll also indulge in my new Saturday obsession: browsing the District Flea with a cup of Vigilante coffee in hand. The hottest arts ticket this weekend is the opening of Van Gogh Repetitions at The Phillips Collection on Saturday. I was thrilled to get a peek this week and happy to say it’s a beautiful, meditative exhibit showcasing van Gogh’s process. In the world of theater, I highly recommend dog & pony dc’s rotation of Beertown and A Killing Game. Both are excellent, high-spirited fun, in addition to being thoughtful and whip smart. Scared of audience integration? Don’t be. And don’t let the shutdown blues and rainy days get you down!

Don: We’re going (even) low(er) key (than usual) this weekend because of the weather and to make up for a week of busy-bee. Friday we’ll do something I hate: venture into the wilds of faraway suburban Maryland. The dinner with friends part is fine, but sometimes I wake up screaming just thinking about I-270. Maybe we’ll make some lemonade out of traffic lemons by doing a long-postponed Ikea run along the way. Baby’s first Ikea trip! Saturday and Sunday are most likely puttering days that reserve the right to ditch the errands and enjoy some of the area’s out-of-doors if weather improves. I’ve seen chatter that since the furloughs started that Haines Point has had smaller than usual crowds, so perhaps we’ll introduce That Darned Baby to plane watching and point out where the Awakening was before those dirty Marylanders stole it away to “National” Harbor.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Oct 4-6

Jenn: If there’s one thing I’m going to urge you to do over the weekend in defiance of the shutdown, it’s to go see Ford’s Theatre‘s production of The Laramie Project. Only, it’s not at Ford’s Theatre. Ford’s Theatre Society’s director Paul R. Tetreault was notified this Tuesday that they cannot perform in the theater during the government shutdown, even though FTS is a private non-profit organization that uses no federal funding. That night was press opening, which was then moved last minute to Woolly Mammoth. It looked like the run might have to be scrapped, but in a spirited move that reminds me of other great theatrical moments, The Laramie Project will have two free performances at the nearby First Congregational United Church of Christ, on Friday, October 4 and again on Tuesday, October 8, both at 7:30pm with tickets available on site on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please consider supporting them. As Tetreault notes, “This weekend will mark 15 years since Matthew Shepard’s beating. That milestone will arrive regardless of what happens in Congress. We felt it was vital to find a way to continue telling this story now.” Bravo.

Tom: We’ve got a brand new baby (Welcome, Charlie Bridge!) we want to take out on the town and show off the majesty of the Nation’s Capital. We figured we’d start at The National Zoo, then head down to the DC World War I Memorial, then over to the Air & Space Museum, then off to the Library of Congress, and finish up at the Capitol and the Supreme Court. Sadly, because of 30 Tea Party Whackjobs, representing a tiny fraction of all Americans, the whole lot are closed. Sorry kid.

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We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: September 28-29

Tom: Well, our due date is here, so we’re giving thought to spending the weekend taking bumpy bus rides, eating spicy food, and otherwise waiting for the baby to arrive. My folks get here Sunday, so we’ll probably be spending part of that day getting them accustomed to DC life while they’re here for October (Yes, I know, stand right, walk left, fear not.). Mostly, though? I’d not be punching any journalists in the face, that’s for sad sack comedians to do.

Rachel: This weekend will be filled with lots and lots of music now that the Nats don’t have anymore home games this season (a sad fact that I’m still coming to terms with honestly). Friday night I’ll be concert hoping. My first stop will be at Ebenezers Coffehouse to see Andy Suzuki & The Method. Andy’s voice is a soothing combo of Amos Lee and James Taylor, so I’m really looking forward to finally seeing him live after following the band on Twitter for what feels like forever. Then, I’ll be off to the Hard Rock Cafe for the Pink Jams Under:40 Music Marathon for a few hours that night before getting some sleep and heading back there in the morning. The 40-hour music marathon starts Friday night at 8 p.m. and runs through Sunday. I just so happen to be playing a set at 11:15 a.m. on Saturday so please do come have lunch with us, it’ll be a grand time! Then, after my set, I’ll hang around for a bit to see Don Kim and a few others before jetting off for a photo shoot with local photog Emma B. Busy busy busy. 

Mosley: It’s really nice have Fall in the air! Saturday I’m planning on going to the DC State Fair/Barracks Row Fall Festival. I’ve been wanting to go to the Fair for the past three years but something has always come up to stop me. Then that night I have a wonderful Oktoberfest party at a friends house; German or pumpkin beer for all (I’m sticking with the German beer)! Sunday is looking free, so not sure what I’ll be doing; maybe a photo walk over to Roosevelt Island. We’ll see.

Jenn: What better way to celebrate my return to the Shaw neighborhood than spending Saturday night at Nuit Blanche DC, Art All Night 2013. From 7pm to 3am, wander the area of 7th and 9th Streets NW between K Street and Florida Avenue NW to experience the coolest overnight arts festival – painting, music, dance – all for free. Especially of interest to me will be seeing the renovation of one of my favorite DC buildings, the Wonder Bread and Hostess Cake factory on S Street at 7th Street. After staying up (almost) all night, I plan on recovering on Sunday at the Turkish Festival, snapping up silver jewelry and having my fortune told from the grinds of a cup of Turkish coffee. I’ll need every last drop, but it will have been worth it.

Patrick: It’s been a long week for me. Which on the surface means I should go #ragelikepho when I meet up with one of my favorites on Friday but instead I’ll be keeping things normal so I’ll be in good shape for the Clarendon Day 5K. Saturday night I’d like to stay in and catch-up on work but I have a feeling the urge to go out will overcome me. Sunday I’ll be trekking out to check out the newly formed NextStop Theatre, who is kicking off their Inaugural season with a production of Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps.

Fedward: Since “nothing, glorious nothing,” isn’t so helpful in the links department, I will hereby list a few things that worth leaving the house for. First, the Social Chair and I have already seen the Shakespeare Theatre’s Measure for Measure but it is uniformly excellent and you should go. Just leave the kids at home, because some of the moral quandaries in the play are made, well, explicit. And make sure you get there in time for the pre-show Cabaret. We’re also excited for the official opening of the new Petworth Citizen, and for a chance to return to 2 Birds 1 Stone. We’ll round out our weekend with our usual Passenger brunch, which is always worth leaving the house for.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Sep 20 – 22


WE’RE BAAAAACK! Weekends took a long weekend. Or four. Whatever. Here we are!

The above video makes more sense if the link jumps you to 2m33s which it only seems to do once in a while… Simulate my wit by manually dragging the slider if you have to.

Patrick: My weekend is all about Sunday. First it’s The Color Run at National Harbor. Later with The Butler at E-Street cinema. Because I’m going on a 5K Fun Run the #RageLikePho will be kept pretty quiet this weekend. Options I’m pondering for some peaceful quiet time includes Old Town Alexandria and my favorite coffee haunt: Northside Social.

Tom: This weekend, I’ll be rocking out with the folks at Virgin Mobile Freefest on Saturday, but I’ll be working the show, so there’s a lot to do this week before that day. Though I might want to be at the H Street Festival or maybe the National Red Bull Flugtag.  Sunday will be a load of recovery, including a trip to Clarendon for Brunch (Boulevard Woodgrill anyone?) followed by a ride up to the College Park Disc Golf course.  And then maybe some time off? We’ll see.

Rachel: If I’m feeling better than I have the rest of this week then I’m planning to head to the National Book Fair on Saturday and then, when I’m not gallivanting about the mall, I’ll be spending as much time as I can at Nationals Park before the final homestand of the regular season comes to a close. I can’t believe baseball season is starting to come to an end.

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We Love Weekends

We Love LONG Weekends too: Aug 31-Sep 2

Wow, the unofficial end of Summer is here already? Who okayed this? Oh well, if we gotta go we’ll go out with a hurrah.

Such a hurrah, in fact, that some of us have already started and can’t be spending time writing weekends entries. Don’t look at me like that – have you ever tried to decipher a rambling essay from an absinthe-soaked blogger? Madness, I tell you. You’re just going to have to make do with the below:

Don: Our Labor Day is going to be long on work and catching up and short on levity. I blame That Darned Baby. But we’ll spend it with family… even if that togetherness means they do grandparent bonding while my Darling Wife and I catch up on some work. But we’ll do a little pre-gaming by heading out to Wolf Trap tonight to catch Lyle Lovett’s annual appearance there. I’m led to believe there’s lots of tickets left over so if you’re inclined you should come join us on the lawn.

Tom: The end of summer is upon us. The end of my carefree life as not-yet-a-Dad is upon us. I can’t say I’m not feeling a little conflicted about this symbolic weekend, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be enjoying the holiday. We’re headed out to the country for pancakes & potatoes at the farm because fresh spuds are the gift that keep in the fridge all winter. Of course, I may be laboring this weekend, also, as there’s a theatre opening this coming week and that wireless network isn’t going to program itself.

Rachel: Gonna be bouncing around a bit this weekend. Friday night kicks off with a performance as part of The 9 Songwriter Series at one of my favorite DC spots — Ebenezers Coffeehouse. If you’re staying in town for the long weekend and want an early evening activity, please consider joining us for the 7:30 p.m. performance! The 9 shows are always a fun time whether your in the audience or on the stage. If you don’t know, The 9 Songwriter Series is a touring live music event based in Washington, DC. Each installment features nine solo singer/songwriters performing in rotation and often sitting in with each other, providing audiences with a rich, intimate, varied listening experience. I strongly recommend it. On Saturday, I’ll be at Nats Park savoring the last few home games we’ve got in this 2013 baseball season. Other than that, the rest of the weekend is up in the air. Maybe I’ll see a movie, maybe I’ll find a BBQ, who knows … maybe a trip to the National Mall is in order? It’s been awhile since I took in our city’s monuments.

Joanna: Finally, a weekend back at home. DC looked like a jewel from the sky as I flew in last week, so in the city’s honor I’ll be looking for cheap jewels at the Arlington Flea Market. Then I’ll head over to The Kennedy Center for the Page to Stage Festival – a 3-day event packed with free readings and rehearsals of new works. If you’re interested in new plays and want an excuse to see the back rooms of the Kennedy Center (and some front rooms, too), this is a no-brainer. For Labor Day, what else? A cookout. Planning to eat a lot of these.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Aug 23-25

Jenn: It’s August, and the city is sleepy. Or is it? This weekend sees the remount of one of Fringe’s most hilarious performances from 2012, I <3 Hummels, about (yes) a lovelorn dorky Hummels collector. It’s also free (donation suggested). After this weekend, the show goes on the road to Vegas! How can you not love that? Cheer on local band The Torches as they make their Kennedy Center debut with our very own Alexia at Millennium Stage on Sunday. Sugar up with BYT’s Cookies and Cream event at Penn Social on Saturday. Dance it off at Flash. Brush up on your Shakespeare at the Free For All. But get ready for the real Queen of the Weekday, as next Wednesday sees an array of evening excitement: from a Francophilia Extravaganza at sexy VeraCruz Gallery, to Dream Dance at Tropicalia with The Cornel West Theory celebrating the anniversary of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech, to pyrotechnic cocktails and heavy metal madness at the always amazing Spirits in Black event at the Black Cat. I spoke with that mad gang last night and all I can say right now about what to expect is – whoa, go.

Rachel: The Nats are out of town this weekend so that leaves me a little time to do some of the other stuff I don’t usually have time for in the summer. Friday night I may try to recruit some people for a darts game or two at Buffalo Billiards. Then, I’d like to visit the Smithsonian’s American History Museum. It’s a perennial tradition of mine mostly because I love the transportation exhibit. The Route 66 section is one of my favorite portions of the entire museum. I’ve been there more times than I can count but I still love going back and reading the plaques. Saturday night, I’m gonna try and make it to The Velvet Lounge to see my friend singer-songwriter Brittany Jean while she shares a bill with Oh So Peligroso and The OK Corral. Sunday I might try to make it to the movies. Is there anything good playing right now?

Alexia: Friday night I’m going out to dinner in Old Town Alexandria with my family, celebrating my parents’ 45th wedding anniversary! Later in the evening I hope to make it to Tropicalia to see one of my favorite DC bands Coup Sauvage & the Snips get their groove on (10pm/$5/21+). Saturday night I’m playing with my band The Torches at the Bier Baron. Advance tickets available here. (8:30pm/$10). Sunday I’m super excited to be playing the Millennium Stage of the Kennedy Center, with my band The Torches! This show is FREE and all-ages! (6pm/FREE)

Fedward:  Friday the Social Chair and I will be at the Art Romp Anacostia opening reception at the Anacostia Arts Center.  We’ll start our Saturday with the Rally for DC Statehood at the DC War Memorial before the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington gets underway.  After that, as fans of both Don LaFontaine and screwball comedies, we’ll head to the AFI Silver for In a World  and maybe even an impromptu double feature with Blue Jasmine (is it impromptu if I’m announcing it here in advance?). Sunday we’re looking forward to the 3rd Annual Summer Block Party at Bourbon Steak, and after that, if we can still move, we’ll head over to the Passenger for some Corpse Revivers No. 2.

Tom: August means the 199th anniversary of the burning of Washington by British and Canadian troops, and Saturday I’ll be joining with some local history buffs to toast the rebuilding of Washington after its unfortunate fate.  Afterwards, we may drive up to the Canadian and British embassies to moon them, but only if we can be sure we won’t get caught.  As I’m all gimped up after a nasty fall, so I won’t be out on my bike, but registration for the Seagull Century is now open which could be a fun training goal.  As it is, I’ll likely be doing the pre-parental trip to the burbclaves in order to stock up on the necessaries to be a parent. I will, though, no doubt be caught at the new Ted’s Bulletin on 14th Street for breakfast.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Aug 16-18

Fedward:  Now that we’ve got a dining room table, we’re ready to have guests Friday night, in the form of Don and his Darling Wife.  We might even break in our grill with some meat from Red Apron, although it’s equally likely we’ll just get some pizza from Moroni & Brothers.  Saturday morning we’ll visit Qualia Coffee for the District Doughnut popup and coffee pairing (“There’s an element of ridiculousness in everything that’s great,” says Finkelstein). After that we might try to shop for the bathroom fixtures we didn’t get to last week (thanks to a rescheduled delivery), and then we’re meeting friends for more rum and Hawaiian food at Hogo. Sunday the Social Chair has a book club brunch at B Too, and we’ll round the day off with our usual Passenger, uh, brunch. If having two brunches in one day is wrong, you and I have different ideas about right and wrong.

Rachel: It’s a music filled weekend for me. Friday night I’m checking out Tropicalia on U Street for the first time to see my friends Alex Vans & the Hideaway and Norman Rockwell rock out. Then Saturday I’m headed to Vienna, VA to see Ben Tufts and Friends at Jammin’ Java as part of the Craig Tufts Memorial Fundraiser. Sunday, I’ll be breaking my trumpet out of storage to sit-in and learn some new charts with Jason Mendelson’s band The Open Doors. I’m looking forward to learning some Metro Songs!

Patrick: This weekend starts with a movie at E-Street, right now I’m leaning towards Oscar hopefuls Fruitvale Station and The Butler. You know I love to Oscar Watch. The rest of the weekend will be spent out in Leesburg. Why would I make myself go out there? Running the Leesburg 5K. It should provide some scenic views as I sweat and struggle to run the short distance. Plus there’s cool stuff to do around there afterwards like Leesburg Corner or Costco. I think there’s a Wawa near there too.

Mosley: Raiders of the Lost Ark is playing at the AFI! Why, yes, I do enjoy reliving my childhood movie releases every summer; why do you ask? Besides an awesome movie, I’m hoping this amazing weather holds out for the weekend. If it does, I’m thinking of doing some photographing along the Mount Vernon Trail; I haven’t gone on a good photo walk in some time, so it’s badly needed.

Don: I’m hoping my weekend doesn’t involve sitting inside and gnashing my teeth out the window asking WHY IS IT RAINING NOW BUT WAS SO NICE DURING THE WEEK? If the weather cooperates I’ve maybe got Truckaroo Friday evening and I’ll spend a few minutes thinking that I wish Naked Girls Reading wasn’t on a Friday night in hell Adams Morgan. Saturday is sloth day and Sunday is, annoying soggy weather predictions permitting, a little BBQ time with some out of town visitors.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: Aug 9-11

Tom: It’s Barbecue Weekend! We’ll be cooking out this weekend, so I’ll likely be spending my whole Saturday morning on errands and my whole Sunday cleaning up, but were I not so crazy busy, I’d be up at Merriweather for The Killers, who are my favorite band ever. Of course, Sunday, I’d be out trying to clear up my Amazon history before Jeff Bezos comes to DC, which means trying to replace a bunch of stuff I love. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Sunday starts Maryland’s annual back-to-school tax free weekend.

Joanna: I’m not in DC right now, but if I was I’d spend some time this weekend at the Arlington County Fair. I adore their design this year by my homegirl Carolyn Sewell. I hear T-shirts might be in the works. And who doesn’t love ingesting a whole funnel cake, riding a spinning nightmare, and then vomiting up that funnel cake, all for a few bucks? That’s summer! Oh, and I’d also head out to see Star & Micey – a fabulous Memphis folk band – at Hill Country BBQ. Cost is free.

Rebecca: I’ve been working from home a lot this week so I am REA-DY to get out and explore this weekend. To start I’ll be over at Churchkey Friday to celebrate the 3 Stars Brewery one year anniversary with the 3 Stars guys. After consuming a few of their tasty brews, I’ll likely check out who’s playing at the BlackCat and DC9 as I’m kind of in the mood to rock out. On Saturday’s I’ve been recently subbing in for a District Sports Co-Ed soccer team, so I hope that continues. That evening I’ll be at American Ice to wish a friend “Bon Voyage” before he heads off to Africa. Sunday I’ve been getting into the habit of hitting up the Dupont Farmers Market early and then spending my afternoons lounging in some green corner of DC. This weekend I’ll be checking out the lawn of the National Cathedral for some Sunday chillaxing.

Fedward: The Hawaiian menu is back at Hogo.  I’ve already had Loco Moco this week, but I still need a mix plate and some miso saimin, so that’s my Friday night. The Social Chair, for her part, will probably have more spam musubi. Saturday our new (vintage) dining room set and coffee table from Simon Vintage will be delivered, and then we’ll head off to the suburbs to look at new bathroom fixtures (one of the surprises of homeownership is what the previous owners were apparently willing to put up with). In the process we’ll miss Nationals Baseball Family Day at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, but considering the season maybe that’s for the best. Sunday we’ll have our usual brunch at the Passenger and then try to find a dark place in the country to watch the Perseids. Anybody have a dark place in the country they can loan us? And a car, so we can get there?

Don: All our plans are complicated by the fact that That Darned Baby [not pictured above] is at the (not-so)sweet spot where he can’t yet walk but wants to always be upright. You THINK 20lb isn’t so heavy till you spend half a day crouched over helping your sprog pretend it can stand on its own when in fact it would keel over like a drunken midget the second you let go. So right now we’re focused on things where other people who think this is charming will want to take a turn straining their lower back. Like, say, Tom’s aforementioned BBQ. If hell is other people then heaven is other people who want to play with your child while you take a minute to have an adult conversation. If the weather is better than promised then we may strap the little bugger into a stroller and go wander Theodore Roosevelt Island.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: July 26-28

Joanna: Is this weekend just a mirror image of last weekend for me? Sort of, but with a decidedly sadder bent. I’m still seeing Fringe shows, still getting tent bar beer, and still going to Corcoran. But this time I plan to finish up the gallery’s expansive War/Photography exhibit and take a look at War Games. I’m also catching the war crimes documentary The Act of Killing during its short DC run at E Street Cinema. Won’t that all be horribly depressing, you ask? Yes, yes it will be. I should round it out with a trip to the Holocaust Museum, but I’ll probably be too busy crying in the fetal position.

Patrick: The weekend kicks off with me seeing the last Fringe show of the summer, have you been keeping up with the lovely reviews we are all writing? After that I’m heading out to Centreville for a birthday party which can only be described as a hike. Saturday I’ll be at Jiffy Lube Live to see Dave Matthews Band for the 36th time. No really it’s the 36th time. Sunday I’ll be at E-Street to catch Fruitvale Station, I’ve heard lots of good stuff about it and I won’t be surprised to see this one make an Oscar run at the end of the year.

Max: Another summer weekend to look forward to, beginning with a much belated trip to the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar. On Saturday, I’ll be hosting a couple of out of town Mets fans to a game at Nationals Park. No comments on a recent “slump” necessary. And Sunday, I’ll be following through on my Mother’s Day present by joining my parents on the Jiffy Lube Live lawn for the Miranda Lambert concert. It’s my first country concert, and I’m pretty excited.

Tom: Get me outta here! We’re wheels up tonight for the Oregon coast. It’s a shame, though, since this is a perfect weekend in DC for a long bike ride, or a trip to Gravelly Point with A. Litteri subs, or a night atop one of DC’s great roof decks. Enjoy, DC, we’ll be back soon enough.

Rachel: This weekend is my favorite weekend of the year — it’s tournament weekend for the Glover Park Co-Ed Softball League! My team the Near Misses has the ninth seed out of ten and will start playing on the sandlot at 39th and Calvert at 9 a.m. on Saturday with the goal of getting to play Sunday. It’s a rigorous weekend full of competition, comradery, and lots of good times. Needless to say, come Monday morning, I will have woken up from the best sleep I’ll have all year. The sun, drinks, and play wears me out in the best of ways.

Don: Who needs plans when the weather shows such improvement? “Sit outside when possible and enjoy the thunderstorms through the window if they show up” is my primary goal. There may be some last minute Fringe-ing or just a little lolling about at the Baldacchino tent, but I’m playing that by ear. Thankfully the much-improved Fringe site will let me see what’s up for offer on Saturday and Sunday. Combined with the multiple updates from our brilliant team I’m sure I can find something that won’t disappoint. Or I could just search for the nudity, as the Fringe site amusingly allows, though I have the internet and would rather just limit myself to dance and storytelling. If I want to enjoy the sun and drink away the pain Stubhub shows over 5,000 tickets for Sunday’s Mets game

Jenn: With all the crazy Fringe activity, don’t you dare overlook an old beauty queen like The Rocky Horror Show. Last night I dashed straight to Studio Theatre from the airport to catch the madness, and was delighted to find it as sick and twisted as ever. It’s really hard to believe its original stage debut was back in 1973! Mitchell Jarvis makes for a divine Frank N. Furter. If you’re looking to enjoy a freak show of sex, drugs, and glam rock-n-roll, you can’t do any better than that this weekend. I’m going to enjoy the slow emptying out that starts to happen in DC around this time of summer vacations, and loll around on some outdoor patios sipping gin Rickeys as the Rickey Month contest drips into its final week.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends: July 19-21

Joanna: I’m still coming down from Capital Fringe Weekend 1 , only to head right back in for round 2. But first, it’s a friend’s birthday dinner at Etete and perhaps a drink (using that Fringe button discount) at Cafe Saint-Ex. Then back to the festival tent on Saturday. The Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar at Fort Fringe has a decent menu for more than decent prices, and is usually quiet and relaxing in the afternoon. Also I’m way overdue for a Corcoran trip, and since summer Saturdays are free I’ll probably spend some time there during the hottest parts of the day.

Fedward:  Friday, we’re headed to the Bier Baron to support our friend who’s sitting in on vocals with one of the bands on the night’s bill.  Is the beer list any more accurate under current ownership than it was when it was still the Brickskeller? Saturday we’ll start our furniture search for our new house with visits to Miss Pixie’sRuff & Ready, and Goodwood for a dining room table, and then maybe even the places that specialize in new furniture for a sofa, if we survive that long. Sunday we’ll celebrate the reopening of the Passenger after three long dark nights of the soul. They said it was so the staff could attend Tales of the Cocktail, but I’m not sure I buy it.

Tom: Gonna be a Fun. weekend for us! After Saturday out and about, we’ll be enjoying the stage show at MPP, with the two most adorable, tiny and earnest bands ever. Part of me is thinking that after all my physical therapy is done, a trip to Bourbon or Jack Rose are in order, as who couldn’t use a good whiskey celebration? Sunday feels more like an Italian Store and Banneker Pool sort of day. Bring on the beautiful summer.

Rebecca:  Ever since July 4th I’ve been hating this 5 day work week thingy, so my weekend efforts will all be focused on decompression. Friday I’m in desperate need of some stiff gin and tonics which I shall procure at the rooftop deck at The Graham Hotel in Georgetown. Saturday, like Tom, I’ll be at MPP to see .Fun, but I’m really going for the show’s opener Tegan and Sara. Sunday morning, I’ll be doing the 10am bike ride with CycleLife and then trying to recoup my tan at the Jelleff Recreational Center Outdoor Pool.

Jenn: After several days of Fringification, utterly saturated in theater (miss the team’s week one reviews?) and sweat, pretty much exhausting my cyborg heart, I’m off to the wilderness for several much-needed days of total relaxation in nature (wait, Jenn likes nature? it isn’t all just drinks and drama?). But if I were staying in town, of course I would be at the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent sipping cold beer and ranting about the state of experimental theater. You should definitely not miss Tia Nina, Pointless Theatre Co., or dog&pony at the festival, so go. Since it’s so hot, you might as well put the sweat to good use Saturday at Joy of Motion’s immersive dance event, the Summer Stock Showcase. Or hit Dance Place’s New Releases Choreographers’ Showcase, highlighting emerging work. Other essential activities would be catching up on all the new restaurants and joining in the discussion/fray about whether DC is a great food town or not. And don’t forget it’s Rickey Month! I really need to get to Casa Luca to be reunited with Jeff Faile’s cocktails and his amazing ways with amari, but that has to wait until next week, when I return well-rested and ready to rumble more.

Don: My weekend is largely about celebrating the return home of my darling wife. Suffice to say we now know far better than we’d like about local health care operations, but finally the end is in sight. If she feels up to spending time watching That Darned Baby then maybe I’ll bop out to some Fringe shows, purely as a civilian. However will I decide what I should see…