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The Road To Legalization: Will Congress Lay Down The Law?

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The legalization of medical marijuana in DC continues to be an issue for those supporting the cause. According to the Washington Post, “Nine out of 13 council members are co-sponsoring the bill that would make the city the 15th jurisdiction in the country to offer the option to the chronically ill.”

There are two problems that need to find resolution before the District can take the fight for medical marijuana any further — logistics and Congress.

The amendment to Initiative 59 states that the legalization of medical marijuana in DC would require five dispensaries city-wide. Each dispensary would supply a months worth of marijuana to registered patients as prescribed by their respective physicians and insurance for dispensaries will also be made available.

But — no matter the logistical dilemmas or support weighing in on both the pro and con side of the bill — Congress will have the final word on the matter. WaPo says that advocates appear to be the most concerned about getting the bill passed and untouched by Congress.

This wouldn’t be the first time Congress put their foot down. Back in 1998, voters approved the initiative. It was Congress who blocked it.

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Blaze a Doobie for New Year’s

Blazing a doobie at Rock Bottom

I can’t verify that’s what is happening in the picture but that’s how it looks to me. This is an ad at Rock Bottom Brewery in Ballston Mall, advertising a New Year’s Eve party at the popular bar. Check out the guy third in from the left. This is just wrong. For one thing, here in Virginia we don’t put up with the new-age hippie crap you find on the other side of the water. Another thing – I think firing one up like this guy seems to be doing would violate Virginia’s smoking ban.

Readers, take a closer look. What do you think is happening in the picture? If you look close, it appears he might be holding a circle. My Lovely Wife suggested it looks a bit like a condom, but that’s not quite right. It could be a napkin holder he is about to eat, evidence that he either got high in the parking lot or that he has been served too much alcohol.

Folks from Rock Bottom – any comment?

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Reefer Madness

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In a recent survey the District of Columbia ranks 6 out of 51 in Marijuana Usage by State, with 13.81% of D.C. residents using the drug in the past year.  Northeastern states (Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusettes) round off the top 2-5, with Alaska taking the top spot with 15.83%.  Surprisingly, Maryjane seems to be somewhat more acceptable in the Land of the Midnight Sun than cigarette smoking and heavy alcohol usage.