Breaking: DC Council Circus on Other States’ Gay Marriages

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So yeah, remember when DC Council voted 12-0 to recognize other states’ gay marriages last month? The final vote was today, and the Council voted 13-0 to recognize other states’ gay marriages.  Which means that Marion Barry voted for it, right after he said he wouldn’t

Except that JUST NOW, Barry rescinded his vote and asked that the bill be reconsidered because he didn’t realize what he was voting for. Thanks for your time and attention to DC governance, Councilman Barry. So now the council is debating the bill.

UPDATE: Twitter user @KevDC is livetweeting the council’s debate. Sounds like it’s getting pretty intense.  Keep an eye on his feed… we are.

UPDATE 12:02 PM: The bill passed, 12-1, with Barry making a show of voting against it so it wouldn’t be unanimous. I guess he’s tired of being remembered for smoking crack and not paying taxes, and would rather be remembered for voting against equal rights for his fellow citizens.

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6 thoughts on “Breaking: DC Council Circus on Other States’ Gay Marriages

  1. Barry also didn’t realize it was crack, a prostitute and that everyone has to pay taxes. What a jerk. But you know, when you aren’t sure what you are voting for, probably an affirmative vote is a good idea, right?

  2. …how is it DC keeps voting this jagoff into public office? Can someone please explain it to this confused transplant?

  3. Denverite- he represents Ward 8 (the poorest ward in DC). To be completely honest, that particular ward is pretty backwards and will continue to vote him into office until he dies.

  4. There is no one else in Ward 8 to run against Barry who can win.

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