Comedy in DC: You got comedy in my music venue


Velvet Lounge, July 10

Velvet Lounge, July 10

Okay, so first I have to get this Dylan-with-an-arrow-through-his-head thing out of the way. There’s this show at the Velvet Lounge on July 10th. It’s called 3 Chord Comedy, and it is, as the image above implies, comedy in a venue that generally focuses on music. It starts at 7PM, and the cover is a mere $2. Remember all those videos I showed you a couple of weeks ago? You can see several of those comics live at this event- Jake Young, Hampton Yount, and Seaton Smith. I promise, Jake has more than 42 seconds of material, no matter what his clip implies.  Also appearing will be Eli Sairs, Aparna Nancherla, and Justin Schlegel, whose only clips on YouTube seem to be a voiceover about horse genitalia and an interview for some Toyota advertising campaign. So you know, call that one an adventure and check out the clips from the other comics, all of whom are regularly performing professionally around the area. You should go, because  July 10th is a Friday, it’s on U Street, and it’s only $2, which is about as cheap as planned showcase gets.

Meanwhile, THIS Friday, Tig Notaro will be headlining at the Arlington Drafthouse, and Tyler Sonnichsen will be opening. That’s a well-matched lineup; Notaro does really laid back material that requires the audience to pay attention, and Tyler’s stuff is pretty cerebral, so that show should fit together really well.

In the meantime, since it’s summer reruns season, I recommend that you enjoy Seaton Smith’s new web series, Annoy Charlie Smith, Inc. It’s full of suspense, twists, and no actual danger. I guarantee the DC geography is better than in 24.

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One thought on “Comedy in DC: You got comedy in my music venue

  1. Notaro is a really scary stupid liar and because of her I’m going to get sued for all my money. I hate her and think she’s really evil for getting so many involved in her funky conspiracy against that beautiful girl.