We Love Weekends 10/17-18

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Ben: This weekend looks to be on the chilly side but that won’t stop our usual Friday hockey viewing. Saturday we’re entertaining a friend from New York who just recently became a U.S. citizen, so we’ll be visiting the National Archives and checking out the nation’s founding documents with her, followed by an early dinner at Matchbox and finishing off with a visit to the Verizon Center, where the Caps take on the Nashville Predators. Sunday looks to be a day of recovery but may involve a trip out to Foxfire Grill, our new foodie addiction in Springfield.

Shannon: We’re right in the thick of fall, and I’m gearing up for Halloween this weekend!  Friday night I’d like to check out a lantern-lit ghost tour at the National Building Museum, and Saturday I hope to finally head out to Poolesville for Markoff’s Haunted Forest, which I’ve been wanting to check out for ages.  Saturday is also Bike DC Day, so in between these two spooky, scary nights I’ll be biking around the city on car-free streets.  And on Sunday, I’m going to head to the pool, because I just signed up for next year’s Alcatraz Swim and I need to train to outswim any sharks.  How’s that for scary?

Rebecca: This weekend is all about football and the rainy, cold weather makes it all the more appropriate to get your Game Day on.  In college football, we have some of the biggest, best and historic match ups: Texas v. Oklahoma @12pm, USC v. Notre Dame @ 3:30pm, Virgina v. Maryland @4pm, South Carolina v. Alabama @ 7:15pm and if you’re a Tigers fan like me, Mizzou v. Oklahoma State @ 9:15pm. If you’re limited on time, or don’t want to spend your entire Saturday watching TV, then stick to just the first two games.   Sunday, both local area teams are playing and in need of wins, especially as Tom reported earlier this week, Mr. Zorn and the Skins.  Another good game will be the Giants v. the Saints.  During this epic football viewing week, be sure to watch some or parts of the games out at one or two of these great sports viewing venues: Buffalo Billards (I personally recommend the Buffalo Chicken Wrap), Cleveland Park Bar & GrillIreland’s Four CourtsMister DaysRFDGreen Turtle, and Crystal City Sports Pub.

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Carl: This is my weekend to relax and reconnect with some of my We Love DC friends. As a fellow ardent clubbing type, I will be hitting up Saint Ex with Jenn on Friday night after my dinner with Paulo and his wife at Jaleo. Hockey night at Chez Ben was going to be on the docket until he told me that after last time, the new rule was mandatory trouser wearing. Screw that. On Saturday I will hit up Whitlow’s for the totes awesomest breakfast buffet with Katie and Jasmine. In the evening it will be party time again, this time with Don and Donna – I know, funny, right? – who are going to buy me 38 shots of Patron Gold to celebrate my 38th birthday six months ago. Sunday will be another all-day nap while watching football at Tom and Tiff‘s place. Say – can you guys get some more beer? I think you are out from last time. And maybe some of those little cocktail weiners too.

Jenn: Maryland Renaissance Festival. Oyster Breakfast. Mead. Second Oyster Breakfast. Steak on a Stake. Tarot Card Reading. Turkey Legs. Chainmail. Fried Oreos. All while wearing a corset. Huzzah!  After much recovery time, I’ll enter another dimension entirely by seeing Synetic Theater’s revival of their amazing production of “Dracula.” Corsets will probably not be involved, but there will be blood.

Kirk: This weekend is going to be a lazy one for me, which is just fine considering the weather outlook.  My old roommate and I are going to be working on perfecting our chili recipe for next week’s cook-off, sponsored by Miriam’s Kitchen (get your tickets and support a good cause). This will be a good excuse for me to stock up on some new kitchen gear from Hill’s Kitchen.  Other than that, I’m thinking I’ll just sit by the fire, enjoy my chili, drink the last of the Octoberfest beer and watch me some football.

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Corinne: I am kicking off the weekend with a friend’s birthday dinner at Social in Columbia Heights and then a party on U Street to follow. There was talk of salsa at Habana Village, but we’ll see how the night evolves. Otherwise this weather is looking like it might lend itself to some indoor activities—perhaps finally checking out Big Bear Café and cozying up with a book and some coffee. Sunday I was meant to go on a Great North Mountain/Laurel Run hike out in Woodstock, Virginia. But now it looks as though we might just be moving on to Plan B…movie at E Street anyone?

Tiff: Theoretically, I’m spending the whole weekend in Public Media Camp, but if it proves too hard to dodge the social media douchebags, there’s always the 10th Anniversary of Office Space event to attend, the last CSA pickup to grab, and football to watch.

Tom: This weekend I’ll be attending Public Media Camp here in DC, so look for me at Buffalo Billiards on Friday night with all the Public Media Campers.  The fall weather seems to be conspiring to keep us inside, so I won’t be able to head out for some fall photo adventures just yet.  I think it’s our last week at the CSA, so we’ll be heading out on Sunday to Great Country Farms for a pickup.  I figure we’ll also detour up to the vineyard to get some shots from their amazing balcony, then likely a stop in Middleburg for one last sandwich from Market Salamander and recovering from the multitude of work this week.  Go 49ers!

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