We Love Weekends, February 27-28

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Rebecca: Friday I’m celebrating a friends birthday party with some sake bombs and hibachi at Matsutake Hibachi Steak & Sushi. Then we’ll head on back to the district for some drinkypoos at Martin’s. Saturday I’m on an early morning plane ride to California, so that’s where my DC weekend plans end. :(

John: Friday, I’ll be grabbing dinner at 3 Bar and Grill and then playing with my band Juniper Lane at IOTA in Arlington. Saturday will be spent mapping out the planting schedule and cleaning out an area in the garage where I can start seedlings and then enjoying a dinner date downtown. Sunday I’ll be taking a class with NRA Instructor Tina Wilson Cohen in Herndon on hand to hand and non-operational gun fighting.  

Carl: Friday night I am cooking dinner for three lovely ladies, only one of which I am married to. My wife is bringing a couple friends by to play music and have dinner. Starting Saturday, I plan to finish the final edit on chapter two of the book I am writing, maybe get a haircut and in general have a low-stress, high-productivity weekend. Beer will be my reward if I actually finish this. If I fail in my endeavors, I will make myself sit in the backyard and eat crickets until I have learned my lesson.

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Katie: Friday night I’m out celebrating some excellent news I received recently, and I’ll be toasting the night away at Urbana. Saturday I’ll be heading to Dupont to cash in on a bet I made with a friend (she met a boy at a bar, I swore he’d call, she said he wouldn’t – he did, I win a cupcake). We’ll be getting brunch atKramerbooks or Rosemary’s Thyme and then I’ll be cashing in on my bet at my personal favorite cupcakery, Hello, Cupcake. Later that night I’m going out to celebrate a friend’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Farr!) and, again, toasting the night away. Sunday is another day of brunching, and I’m headed to Eastern Market to try my hand at some 7th street eateries. Later that night, I have a feeling I’ll be checking out the Elephants at the National Zoo.

Samantha: Friday night I will be heading to the Art of the Blog hosted by ReadysetDC at DISTRICT Lounge in Adams Morgan. My goal for Saturday is to get a cupcake from Baked & Wired (some lofty goal) and then I will probably head to one of the film showings at the NGA.  Saturday night I will be over at Local 16 to celebrate some birthday, and Sunday I am going to see Rodrigo y Gabriella at the 9:30 Club.

Rachel: This weekend is about the three R’s — reading, relaxation, and Rachel-time. Call me selfish, but after last week’s crazy work-fest I’m desperate for a low-key weekend that includes coffee and cozying up with my latest read, Watching Baseball Smarter by Zack Hample. I’ll be claiming my spot at one of DC’s prime spots for weekend coffee (which means it’s likely that I end up at Tryst) on Saturday and then following that up with a trip to the National Mall on Sunday in an attempt to keep my New Year’s Resolution of watching the sunset from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

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Corinne: Saturday I’ll be cheering on those Hoyas, who’ve recently experienced a few “hiccups” in their season, as they take on Notre Dame. That evening I’ll head out to the burbs to get my fiddling fix at a concert featuring an amazingly talented couple from Nova Scotia, Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy. Sunday I’ll have my first taste of The Passenger, meet up with a book group to discuss “The Road” and then lighten the mood by sharing Sunday evening cocktails with some neighbor friends. (If there were more hours in the day, I’d also head to Atlas Sunday evening at 7:30 to hear “Voices from Busboys and Poets: The City in Words.”)

Tiff: Since we just went under contract to sell our current place, the Bridges will be engaged in frantic househunting this weekend. Here’s hoping our new digs magically appear in the MLS this week. But in between all that checking out of rowhouses, we’re going to be heading back to Wisdom for a friend’s birthday; she came out to our cocktail party on Tuesday and fell in love with the place.

Shannon: It’s my first weekend in town since moving to Adams Morgan, so I’ll be mixing unpacking with exploring the new neighborhood.  Friday night I’ll be starting the evening in Logan Circle for Cafe Salsa‘s wonderful $5 mojitos (because anyone continues happy hour deals until 8 PM gets an A+ in my book), then heading back to Adams Morgan for some great Italian at Pasta Mia.  Saturday I’ll be at a conference all day, but Sunday I’ll be settling into an Adams Morgan routine with a mixture of unpacking, brunch at Bourbon, visiting the Dupont Farmers market, and gearing up for triathlon season by stocking up at CityBikes.

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