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We Love Weekends, Holiday Edition: May 29-31

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Rachel: I’m going back in time on Friday to the era in which I should have been living my early 20′s aka The Big Band Era. It’s easy. No flux capacitor needed, only fine clothing and dancing shoes. I’m headed to the Carlyle Club in Alexandria to see Doc Scantlin and the Imperial Palms Orchestra. Saturday, I’m taking a much needed shopping day in the Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase area with a final stop at the Borders (or Mazza Gallerie for a movie, I make these decisions on a whim at the last minute, it’s more exciting that way) on Wisconsin Avenue for an iced vanilla latte and a good read. What will I be reading? Either Treasure Island or Through The Looking Glass, I haven’t decided yet.) Sunday, I’ll be doing a giant internet search for Nats Fans in the area. Why? For a new feature series I’m working on for the summer! Consider yourself a die-hard resident of NatsTown? Know someone who considers themselves to be one of the most devoted Nats fans in the District? Drop me a line at rachel@welovedc.com — I’d love to hear your story! Then, finally, a day off on Monday! What will I be doing? Working on my musical chops to try and ready myself for my upcoming summer gigging. Any suggestions for covers are encouraged, add ‘em to the comments if you like!

Paulo: For the long weekend I’m going to New York to browse art galleries in Chelsea but part of me will be wishing instead to see the Sackler’s visiting exhibition of Cambodian bronzes from Angkor. Also the LOST finale made me want to go to a Target, maybe the one in Columbia Heights.   Continue reading

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Well, maybe not…

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Last week I reported that it was looking like Steve Strasburg’s MLB debut would be June 4.  Well, it seems that I was wrong.  The Nationals website reports that Strasburg will be starting between June 8 and June 10 in the Nats’ series against the Pirates. They haven’t said which game, exactly, but they plan on making that announcement a week before the actual day itself.  If it makes you feel better, I bought pricey tickets to the June 4 game.  Oh well. I guess I’ll just have nice seats when they take on the Reds.

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Property Update: Watergate Hotel

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According to the Washington Buisness Journal, the Watergate Hotel has finally sold for a cool $45 million.  Euro Capital Properties Inc. of New York are the lucky new owners of the infamous property and DC-must see. 

I am already wondering if (and how) the new owners are going to update the space.  As iconic as the building is in its own right, the Watergate Hotel could really use an interior update.  I can already see an eye-catching lighting treatment for the building’s ultra-low ceiling heights….

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Natinals Win in San Francicso

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First off, for all the weary readers out there — I know there are typos in the headline and no, they’re not a mistake. I got the idea from a tweet issued last night during the game.

The joke’s on whoever screwed up the printing of these two team’s game day jerseys — the Natinals incident occurred last April and the San Francicso snafu this April. But joke headlines aside, last night was quite the game.

For those of you who didn’t catch the Nationals west coast contest against the San Francisco Giants last night, it can be summed up into very few words — they made a mockery of veteran pitcher and Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum.

Washington is now 24-23, a feat that wasn’t reached until the club won it’s 24th game of the year last July 4, having pounded the Giants’ ace in a 7-3 victory.

In the guy’s defense, he was by no means on top of his game. That mixed with the Nats patience at the plate set a steady pace of running Lincecum ragged by running up his pitch count (he threw 96 pitches in 4 2/3 innings). SS Ian Desmond even went as far as to say the team started noticing some problems in Lincecum’s curve ball early in the game in addition to the fact he was leaving his fastball up in the hitting zone, according to MLB.com’s Bill Ladson.

This is when the Nats bats got smart. Continue reading

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We Love Drinks: Memorial Day BBQ

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I hope that you’ll grill this weekend. To me, that’s what Memorial Day is all about. I don’t dream of stepping on any family tradition or intruding in any masculine domain by suggesting what you should grill and how you should grill it. That’s counter productive, in my mind. Besides, I’m no grill master, myself. I’ll leave that to better and braver souls. I want to talk to you about what you should drink this weekend. It’s easy just to run out to the grocery and pick up a 12 pack of Bud Light and some cheap white wine for your Memorial Day bar-b-que. In fact, that’s probably what most of America will do on Monday, but most of America won’t enjoy their tasty beverage nearly as much as you will, oh informed reader that follows my advice. Continue reading

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District Firefighters and Police Unions to Endorse Gray

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Some more 2010 campaign news today, mayoral candidate Vincent Gray is expected to receive the endorsement of the District’s firefighter and police unions. This isn’t exactly shocking news, given the often contentious relationship between these unions, management and Mayor Adrian Fenty. Both DC Fire and EMS and the Metropolitan Police Department have seen their share of controversies during Fenty’s tenure. Kristopher Baumann, the head of the DC Fraternal Order of Police has been a vocal critic of MPD Chief Cathy Lanier.

What impact will this have on the campaign? Hard to say at this point. Fenty will surely be touting the recent decrease in homicides and violent crime, this move may work to muddle that message a bit. However, Fenty’s campaign will likely emphasize that it was the leadership from MPD brass that has led to the recent decreases, and that it’s unwise to change management at this point.

In any event, Gray will likely have a larger base of volunteers to call upon, but again it’s quite early and it’ll be a very long summer.

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We Love The 9:30 Club

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It is no secret that I love seeing bands perform at the 9:30 Club. Their epic sound system can take a decent band from good to great and can elevate the cream-of-the-crop from great to legendary. I have seen hundreds of shows at the 9:30 Club (both old and new) and look forward to many more. I anxiously await bands I love playing the 9:30 Club for the first time. It is a great experience listening to them get their hands on that wonderful sound system and filling that massive high-ceiling room with sound. Case in point: Japanese, post-rockers Mono on June 2. I have seen them play on almost every tour in numerous venues and I guarantee that none of those shows will sound as good as their first time at 9:30 Club next week.

This year the 9:30 Club turns 30 years old. Between its original location (and namesake) at 930 F st. NW and its current super-venue at 815 V st. NW the club has been supplying Washington DC with underground music, emergent bands on the rise, and intimate performances by super-stars for three decades. To celebrate this anniversary the 9:30 Club will host two very special concerts this holiday weekend. The first is a unique performance by Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine on Sunday night. This dean of humorous lounged-up rock and rap cover songs will treat the audience to an evening full of his renditions of songs by bands integral to 9:30 Club’s long and impressive musical history. This concert is $40 and begins at 6:30pm on Sunday.

On Monday, the 9:30 Club will play host to a truly spectacular, free-event hosted by DC-favorite son Henry Rollins. The event will feature hand-picked acts that have played an important part in the club’s story and will best represent the club’s unique place in DC and alternative music history. “We wanted to do something really different, we want to be surrounded by people who have made this place special, and we found out from the Virgin Mobile FreeFest how much fun it is to give tickets away, so we combined it altogether for our 30TH Anniversary concert,” said I.M.P. Chairman and co-owner of the 9:30 Club Seth Hurwitz. I can think of no better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this grand concert hall that truly represents the musical soul of our fine city.

Details on the 30th Anniversary Concert (including a partial line-up) after the jump.
Continue reading

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Zombie Criminal in Manassas

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It sounds like the start of a good comic book series, or maybe a Dashiell Hammett detective story. A criminal fakes his own death, with the help of his attorney, to face the consequences of his life of crime, only to be caught again in the act some time later. It could have soaring arcs covering the nature of human behavior, the strength of the police force in their investigations, the whole nine yards. It would be a best seller, I promise you, except for the fact that it actually happened in Manassas the other day.

The accused is Rodney T. Newsome, who is alleged to have committed a number of petty offenses in the last few months. He was caught by a court clerk who recognized his name from his earlier case. The Commonwealth’s Attorney has now asked for an investigation as to Mr. Newsome’s disposition. Read the whole thing, it’s worth a good laugh.

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A Lesson in Decision Making: Local News Edition

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Today’s Lesson is: decision making.

It was quite a busy and buzz-worthy news day on this Wednesday in the District. First we lost the streetcars proposed for H Street, then we got them back. Oh … and then there was that time the Nationals sold tons of tickets for their June 4 contest vs the Cinncinatti Reds because everyone took it upon themselves to guess that the young phenom Stephen Strasburg would be making his Major League debut that day. This happened all while the Nationals organization never once announced anything on the subject.

Here’s the biggest difference in today’s decision making by the major players in Wednesday’s local daily news: Continue reading

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Council Re-Funds Streetcars

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The news that the City Council was thinking of de-funding the streetcar program’s capital investments this morning sent shockwaves throughout the city. The Council, in their morning meeting, de-funded the effort to the tune of $42M, reserving only $5M left for future planning. The shock was immediate, explosive, and frustrating. Phones rang off the hook in the council offices shortly thereafter with angry constituents demanding that the council reverse their decision.

This afternoon, Chairman Gray backpedaled so fast you’d think he was cycling backwards in the Tour de France. After the lunch break, in their legislative session, the Council reinstated $10M in immediate capital funding, and set aside $37M in reserved funding once the Mayor has a further plan.

The total time between the cutting of the streetcar funding and its restoration through new budget amendments was less than four hours. The response was overwhelming, and is an amazing example of the power of the constituent to influence, through emails, phone calls, tweets, blogs and other rapid-fire media, the workings of the council. Good job, everyone.

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Screen On The Green Back For 2010 Season

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It’s been settled — Screen on the Green will return to DC for the 2010 summer season, its 11th in the District!

The fun beings with a July 12 kick-off featuring the 1964 James Bond classic “Goldfinger” and continues with their free outdoor screenings on the National Mall between 4th and 7th Streets each Monday evening through August 2.

“We are honored to bring Screen on the Green back to fans this year with a great slate of films,” said David L. Cohen, Comcast Executive Vice President.

Check after the page jump for the full 2010 schedule. Continue reading

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NoMa Summer Screen Presents “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”

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Tonight’s installment of NoMa Summer Screen features “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”.

So get into adventure mode, head on out to L Street between 2nd & 3rd NE (just two blocks South of the NY Ave Metro), cozy into a grassy spot (with a blanket of course!) and let your mind go numb from watching Keanu in his prime (I was never a big fan of The Matrix, sorry).

NoMa Summer Screen also has BBQ by Smokin’ Something, popcorn, Italian ice, and live music for those of you who need a distraction from the movie or something to do before it starts.

The fun begins at 7 p.m., move starts at 9 p.m., and … best of all … admission is free.

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Hot Ticket: The Besnard Lakes @ The Black Cat 5/27/10

the besnard lakes are the roaring night

The Besnard Lakes are playing the Black Cat backstage tomorrow night. Personally this is one of my most anticipated shows of 2010.

I first heard about this Canadian, husband & wife founded, indie rock band thanks to the many glowing reviews of their dominant performances at South By Southwest this year. Their new album “The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night” is one of the best (if not the very best) album of 2010. I have been listening to it daily for months. Their first album “The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse” is also a masterpiece and I am glad to finally have it brought to my attention.

The Besnard Lakes sound is epic. They feature beautiful, mournful vocals that haunt and inspire the listener with their many tales of love found and lost in war. Their expertly applied vocal harmonies can in turns chill you to the bone or warm your heart. The band bring massive and expansive layers of guitars, both fuzzed out and wailing, set to chugging rhythms that promise for one of the most dreamy and dynamic sound-washes this year.

This show tomorrow night is going to be amazing.

The Besnard Lakes
w/ Land of Talk
@ The Black Cat

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Scribblings: Charlie Higson

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This Saturday, Charlie Higson will be signing copies of his latest work in the Young James Bond series, By Royal Command. Higson collaborated with Ian Fleming (creator of the British superspy James Bond) to plant the seeds of how James went from being a regular schoolboy to the world-renown Agent 007 of Britain’s secret service.

Higson is a prolific British actor, comedian, and author. His television credits range from writing and performing in BBC comedies such as The Fast Show, Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), and Swiss Toni. Before tackling the young Bond series, Higson wrote four other novels in the early to mid 1990s: King of the Ants, Happy Now, Full Whack, and Getting Rid of Mister Kitchen.

The Young Bond novels are aimed at younger readers, concentrating on James’ school days at Eton. There are currently five in the series; Silver Fin was released in the U.S. in April 2005, followed by Blood Fever, Double or Die, and Hurricane Gold. His latest, By Your Command, was released in hardcover in the U.K. in late 2008 and only recently arrived in the U.S. through Hyperion Press. He has since written The Enemy, a young adult horror novel, currently released in the U.K.

The International Spy Museum is hosting Charlie Higson for an author signing this Saturday from 2 – 4 p.m. The museum shared with WeLoveDC a recent interview they had with Higson about his latest Bond novel. Continue reading

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Verizon To Recycle Your Old Electronics Tomorrow

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Is that busted printer just not selling on Craigslist? Well don’t throw it out just yet. Tomorrow from 7:30am to 2:00pm, Verizon will be accepting old electronics for recycling at their Silver Spring office, located at 13100 Columbia Pike. Laptops, desktops, alarm clocks, shredders, telephones, small appliances – whatever! Just drop it off and Verizon will take care of the dirty work for you. It’s all part of their “go green” initiative, which is something we can certainly get behind.

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Dupont Snowball Fight Organizer Wants To Bring You World Cup Soccer

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Remember that killer snowball fight in Dupont during Snowpocalypse Part I? People flung snow on every crevice of the already snow covered circle and had a jolly good time.

Now, one of the organizers of that epic snow battle has some high World Cup hopes of bringing Dupont Circle some soccer.

Michael Lipin, 32, is working with his friend Aaron DeNu, 31, according to WTOP, on obtaining National Park Service and FIFA permits to screen at least the U.S. vs England opening match on a giant screen in the circle.

The biggest obstacle besides the permits is the $20,000 needed to finance a one-day screening … that and receiving the OK from ESPN to broadcast the game, since ESPN just so happens to own the game’s broadcasting rights.

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And now, more cute baby animals

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This morning on We Love DC it’s been all about SRS BIZNESS: Metro fares, soda taxes, streetcars, I-395 traffic patterns, etc. Which is all very important and informative, but if you need a little break, let me just point out that the National Zoo has just had some rare white-naped crane chicks hatch at their conservation center which means more cute baby animal photos for your brain break.

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Congressional Vote May Delay I-395 Migraine

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Virginia commuters, pay attention: Thursday may well be a good or bad day for your future commute, depending on how the House of Representatives vote on Jim Moran’s proposal. Moran is asking Congress to halt the transfer of thousands of defense workers to a new office building in Alexandria until the Pentagon can guarantee new commuting patterns won’t make what’s already a traffic headache becoming a full-blown migraine.

The Pentagon’s original plan, part of the 2005 federal base realignment, would relocate 6,400 workers to the Mark Center, located off Seminary Road near I-395. There are no immediate Metro access points to the building (it’s two miles from the closest rail station, but is serviced by a couple of bus routes), which would almost immediately spike the number of cars traveling to and from the center during rush hour. Moran’s measure aims to limit the Pentagon’s transfers to 1,000 cars, forcing the Pentagon to either delay most of the planned moves or come up with alternative carpool, bus, and/or telecommuting plans. One current solution – construction of an exit ramp off 395 that leads to the building – is currently on hold because of environmental issues. Continue reading

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Proposed FY11 Budget Kills Streetcars

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Last minute changes to the 2011 District budget include the elimination of the District’s up-and-coming streetcar program. The changes, submitted to the Council by Chair Vincent Gray (D) at 2 AM last night, remove funding for the H Street-Benning Road streetcar line. Greater Greater Washington broke the news this morning, noting that Sarah Campbell, Gray’s director of capital projects had long been pushing to kill the streetcar program.

The streetcar program has faced many obstacles, including a concern over the use of overhead wires. A local advocacy group, the Committee of 100, has been an outspoken opponent of overhead wires, calling for more expensive wireless technology. Ms. Campbell has personal ties to Meg Maguire, the leader of the Committee of 100′s campaign against the streetcars. It’s unclear if that relationship had any influence on this decision.

The streetcar project aimed to help accelerate the revival of the H Street corridor. Construction has been underway on the line, and proximity to the streetcar is already being touted in real estate listings. This news has already blown up across the Internet, with many transit advocates and H Street residents showing outrage and stating they will now vote for Mayor Adrian Fenty (D) in the upcoming Democratic primary–where Vincent Gray is also a candidate.

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Gray revives the soda tax

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The soda tax is back, though this time as a extension of the District’s sales tax. Tim Craig at DC Wire reports that Council Chair Vincent Gray (D) wants all “non-alcoholic beverages with natural or artificial sweeteners” to be taxed at 6%. This tax replaces the now-dead proposal by Councilmember Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) that would have added a 1-cent-per-ounce tax to sugar-based sodas. Presently all sodas are considered grocery items and are not subject to sales tax.

The new measure, which is a wider tax that would include diet sodas, is expected to bring in $8 million in revenue. $6.5 million of this would fund the Healthy Schools Initiative, with the leftovers going to the city’s general fund.

The new tax, while wider in scope, would raise the price of a $1.99 soda by around 12 cents. Cheh’s tax was based on the size of a beverage, resulting in nearly a 68 cent tax on a 2-liter beverage.