We Love Weekends, June 5-6

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Kirkles: I’m going to live out my shame by attending Friday evening’s Nats game against the Reds and sitting in $30 seats that I bought a few weeks ago. Later that evening I’ll be taking a beer loving Friend from out of town to visit Churchkey, which I think will blow his mind.  On Saturday, I’m going to host a grill brunch with some homies where, you guessed it, I’ll grill breakfast foods.  Should be interesting.  Sunday will feature church, followed by more drinking with said out of town friend. I’m not sure where yet.

Shannon: This weekend I’ll be running the Race for the Cure out on the Mall on Saturday morning (just a heads up that Metro opens at 5 AM for the event, and traffic downtown is likely to be crazy).  After the run, I’ll head to Dupont for brunch and unlimited mimosas at Madhatter, then stroll around the neighborhood for the Dupont-Kalorama Museum Walk.  Sunday I’m heading down to Hains Point for a bike ride and some swimming, because the DC Triathlon is just 2 short weeks away!

Max: Friday night I’ll be headed to the Pug on H street for the kickoff of Scootergate Five-O, possibly without my scooter which needs to pay a visit to the doctor.  Saturday I’ll be checking out and shooting the WPArade down by Nationals Park, only to return later that evening to shoot the Nats game as they take on Cincinnati (oh how I wish I could be there on the 8th).  And on Sunday I’ll be editing lots of photos and going to the closing reception of One Hour Photo at the Katzen Center.  There will definitely be a need for a nap or two somewhere in between.

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Rachel: Like Kirk, I too purchased tickets to Friday night’s Nationals game vs the Cincinnati Reds hoping for young Strasburg to magically appear on the mound in all his “Jesus” glory, but Friday night fireworks are still going to boom in the sky above the Navy Yard so that’s good enough for me! Saturday I’m going to start getting organized for upcoming trip to Louisville, Kentucky which I’m pretty gosh darn excited about since I’ve never been. Got anywhere good for me to go? Leave it in the comments! Then Sunday I’ll be heading to Nats Park once more to watch the squad take on the Pirates followed by a night game under the lights with my co-ed softball team in Glover Park.

Rebecca: Friday night I’ll be taking it easy with some drinks and chow at the newly opened Morso in Georgetown. Early reports are good, but I generally feel the need to confirm them personally. Saturday after my last soccer match of the spring season, I’ll be dressed to the nines for Taste of the South (TOTS) at the DC Armory. TOTS is a fundraiser/extravaganza where thirteen states – Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia - share with fellow DC residents some “southern hospitality.” Each state gets their own booth featuring regional gastronomic deliquesces, like corndogs, Chick-Fil-A, Virginia Ham, Little Debbie, etc. There’s also an open bar, in which I’m told Jim Beam and Jack Daniels are featured.  Doesn’t get more southern than bourbon. Sunday I’ll be recovering from TOTS, which will likely include some Bloody Marys and brunch at Town Hall.  Hopefully, I won’t be too much of a stain.

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Jenn: This weekend is all about bellydance as I prepare for performing with the incredible dancers of Saffron Dance in Casbah at Georgetown’s Gonda Theater Saturday night – two performances at 5pm and 8pm featuring all styles including American Tribal, Fusion and classic Oriental. That’s a lot of shimmying. I’m in the piece “Ancient Ruins” as a statue that comes to life.Yes, you may stalk me. In fact, please send roses. I’m nervous as hell.

Paulo: Whatever part of Saturday that we will not be in a swimming pool will be spent at Evolve for the opening of Nature Transforms, featuring work by Alex Zealand, who makes sculpture out of coffee filters and other materials.

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Carl: I will be heading up to Philadelphia to see my father this weekend because he got us tickets to see the symphony. However, if I were staying in town you would definitely see me soaking up as many rays as I could between the thunderstorms by the fountain at the National Gallery of Art. No time between showers to enjoy the sun? That’s okay too. Turns out they have art there to check out. Hot and steamy either way makes for a great DC summer weekend.

Tom: Farm Weekend!  Our first CSA share comes out on Saturday, so we’re off to Bluemont to pick up our boxes.  But that’s not all this weekend, my lovely wife is dancing in the Born2Dance recital on Sunday afternoon.  The Nats are back in action this weekend, so I’ll likely be out at one of the weekend games, and blogging all about it from the press box.  Got a question that you want answered?  Email me.

Don: For us, summer means art shows. This weekend it’s the Alexandria Volunteer Bureau’s Arts & Crafts fair in the courtyard around the fountain in old town. We like doing the shows but this one is a little bitter-sweet: they moved the date this year and I’ll be missing the Post Hunt for the first time. Partly the fun is the running around and puzzle solving, but for me it’s also a little bit of nostalgia for the Tropic Hunt which originated in the 80s in my home town of Miami. If you’ve never done it before then this week’s online chat at the Washington Post with Hunt masterminds Dave Barry, Gene Weingarten and Tom Shroder… will be no help at all. Funny as hell, but not at all informative. If you want to learn more about the Hunt and get in the mindset you can check my old buddy Andy’s website devoted to all things Hunt. If you see a glad-handing redhead walking around like he owns the joint remind him he once got his tie stuck in a shredder – it’ll help ground him. Plus it’s damned funny.

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Tiff: Like Jenn, my weekend is all about dance. But I’ll have to miss her recital because I’ll be spending Saturday in dress rehearsal for my own. It’s on Sunday, and not only will my studio‘s flamenco/Bollywood/bellydance/salsa/hip-hop/etc. students be performing (wait until the photos of my costume pop up in the Flickr pool, y’all, you will laugh), so will the instructors. But I’m also going to try and squeeze in some time at a friend’s birthday at EatBar in Clarendon, and a trip to the farm, and some time with my mom, who’s visiting a friend in town this weekend. Something’s got to give. Sleep?

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