Our First Two Blanks Winners – And Two More To Find

Earlier this week, we held a little contest asking WLDC readers to share their favorite TV themes for a chance to go see The Blanks (from Scrubs among other things) at the Arlington Drafthouse. From the great submissions we got (and I was delighted that I am not the only one who loved the Greatest American Hero), I’m pleased to announce our first two winners, chosen by random among those who commented. Congrats to Robert Lintott and Patty, who each will get a pair of tickets to go see one of the shows. For your afternoon listening pleasure, the TV themes they chose are below.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

There are two ways to join them for the shows this weekend. You could lock it up now and head over to Drafthouse and reserve your tickets for either Friday or Saturday night OR you could join us in the comments section below for another random chance. We have two more pairs to give away, and we’ll choose two winners randomly from those who comment and respond with their favorite Scrubs moment. Once again, I’ll get it started:

YouTube Preview Image

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12 thoughts on “Our First Two Blanks Winners – And Two More To Find

  1. @Mercii Yes! Excellent choice, I nearly picked that one myself.

    “Remember that time you told him the commissar was in town?

  2. My favorite moment is a Blanks one. There version of Underdog on the show is unparalleled!

  3. I am ineligible to win, but my favorite is pretty much the entire Air Band episode, followed closely by the time Heather Graham made her entrance during her guest arc. She walks in, slow mo, hair blowing in the wind. She stops and says, “Wow, it’s really windy in this hospital.” Janitor, startled, looks bashful and puts down the fan.

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