WLDC Sports Ticker – January 19

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‘JaVale McGee’ courtesy of ‘Keith Allison’

I’m pretty low tech, so use your imagination: imagine that the below WLDC Sports Ticker is literally scrolling across your screen like ESPN’s Bottom Line. Two differences: we’ll focus on DC, and you know, we won’t be scrolling anything related to Brett Favre.

Alright, maybe I was quick to award Blake Griffin the dunk contest crown, and even if it made Monday’s post, JaVale McGee’s reverse throwdown of a John Wall Alley Oop is kind of a message that Griffin won’t run away with it…I promised I would never use the “We Love Arts” and “We Love Sports” tags together in congruence, but that didn’t rule out “We Love Music,” and since Nats’ mascot Screech made an appearance at 9:30 Club with local band Virginia Coalition, it’s a completely admirable use of the combination…taking one point from a game is better than zero, and I don’t know who what the records on this stat is, but the Caps have now lost their last six games that have gone beyond regulation, including last night…something worth considering that David Aldridge pointed out: the Nationals have won more recently on the road than the Wizards, who will try to get off the road schneid this evening in Milwaukee…other wheeling and dealing for the Nats: earlier this week, they signed infielder Alex Cora to a minor league deal and sent some prospects to the Cubs for Tom Gorzelanny.

That’s the quick stuff, and hopefully next week, you won’t see anything on road or overtime losing streaks.

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