WLDC Sports Ticker – January 26

MSG Screenshot from NBCwashington.com

Here’s your Wednesday afternoon trip to the WLDC sports ticker, which will not move on its platform to exclude any information about science fairs or Super Bowls. If you’re in an RSS reader, you can keep scrolling down, but for those on the site, click through for the whole bottom line.

There was a great vid on YouTube earlier this week called, “Kevin Seraphin Has Shorts On Backwards;” it’s been pulled, but at least now you know from where the leading picture on the post originated…a little quirk in last weekend’s NFC championship: the Redskins actually beat both teams that were playing for the conference crown – no word if this will be indicated in the historical annals as an asterisk on the Packers’ victory…Mike Green will serve as one of the Alternate Captains in this weekend’s All-Star Game, serving alongside the host city’s Eric Staal…remember when I said last week that I was hopeful there would be no more talk of road or overtime losing streaks? I was oh-so-wrong. The Wizards climbed to a woeful 0-21 on the year with multiple road defeats in the last week, and the Caps dropped a shoot-out to the Rags on Monday night at the Phone Booth. Want to know something depressing? The Redskins won in overtime during Week 16, and it was on the road in Jacksonville. That was December 26th. Sure, the Wiz have won in overtime and the Caps have won on the road since then, but you should be ashamed…excited for Harper time at Nationals Park? He’s been rated the 3rd best prospect in a MLB system behind the Halos Mike Trout and Tampa pitching phenom Jeremy Hellickson…looks like opening day really will be opening day – the March 31st opener for the Nats looks to be set for 1.35 p.m. Start thinking of get-out-of-work illnesses now!…United has kicked off training camp.

Closing Number: 18 days until pitchers and catchers report.

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