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This Week in Food

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‘Ray’s Hell-Burger’
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It’s been quite a busy week in food!

The food truck/cupcake/small business/personal quest (?) wars continue…and get quite strange indeed. Read Sprinklegate turns food truck war in The Washington Examiner.

Are you always arguing with friends about which burger joint in DC is actually the best? Well, Food & Wine picks two DC restaurants for us as part of its “Best Burgers in DC” slideshow. Their picks: Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington (shocking) and Palena Café.

Agora is adding a new fixed price, three-course lunch menu at $14.99 per person Monday through Friday from 11 AM until 3 PM. You can pick Turkish and Greek inspired dishes like grilled ground lamb and beef kebab with sumac onions & Baklava, along with a choice of non-alcoholic beverage. 

If you really follow chef moves, Top Chef Finalist Carla Hall joins DC Central Kitchen’s Board of Directors. DCCK is also looking to start a Truck Farm. Curious? Find out more here

Executive Chef Brian McBride has tapped Eric Fleischer as the New Chef de Cuisine of the Award-Winning Blue Duck Tavern. Most recently, Fleischer worked as chef de cuisine at Zola in Penn Quarter.

Speaking of PQ, accoring to Penn Quarter Insider, Hill Country BBQ opens on Saturday (or maybe the 17th?). So check it out one of those days or go to U Street’s newest sports bar, Touchdown. TBD reports that Touchdown opened its doors Tuesday in the former space of Momo’s Sports Bar. The bar shows-off old photographs of the Washington Senators from the 1924 World Series.

Happy eating!

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Eat Like Me: December’s Best Dishes

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‘Waffle House’
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I learned a lot about myself this month. I learned that white anchovies are the way to my heart if maybe not the best way to a second date. I finally, officially learned that there is a reason I’m not stick thin — because fatty food tastes good. I learned I like whiskey more than I thought (sorry parents!). And I learned that eating at a Waffle House and a Hooters in the same day does not spring me in to spontaneous white trashedness. I also ate a whole lot this month, so it was pretty tough to narrow down everything I loved. As a result, you’ll notice the honorable mention category down at the bottom for those few dishes that came in a close second in the race to the top.

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President Obama Makes A Return Stop To Ray’s Hell Burger

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‘”you gonna eat that?”‘
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It’s hot out there in the district but that won’t keep President Obama from being a gracious host to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. The two just hit up Ray’s Hell Burger in Rosslyn where the two had burgers and shared fries together. What a touching moment for the US and Russia, sharing fries! According to Fox News’ Major Garrett Obama enjoyed a burger w/cheddar cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato & “bread & butter” pickles and Medvedev had a burger with cheddar cheese, onions, jalapenos and mushrooms.

How bold of the Russian leader to opt for the spicy on his burger!

Medvedev is in Washington today to talk with Obama about the global economy and other assorted international business stuff that World Leaders often talk about. Obama is no stranger to Ray’s, having visited the joint with VP Biden last May.

Check out more photos and video below:

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The Fries Verdict…

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‘Mountain of deep fried goodness’
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Yesterday, we reported that Rays Hell Burger is now serving fries with their hamburgers. Upon inspection of a picture of said fries, there was some question as to their freshness.  They appeared to be the generic, bagged and frozen variety, which stands in direct contrast to Ray’s mantra of fresh meat and fresh ingredients.  Well, I believe that I can lay your fears to rest.  After some hard hitting investigation, during which I subjected the fries to my discerning palate, I’ll say unequivocally that these fries are not frozen (maybe).

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