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Another run of badly-written gun stories

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July 1 is tomorrow and the alterations to the Virginia concealed weapons law go into effect. Previously a person with a concealed weapons permit couldn’t – subject to some exceptions – carry their concealed weapon into any location that served alcohol. The new rules allow permitted individuals to keep their weapons on them so long as they do not consume any alcohol.

Unfortunately the media continues to misrepresent the changes either in the name of more salacious headlines or simple brevity. In the second paragraph of their story the Washington post says “Virginia legislature lifted a ban on guns in establishments that serve alcohol.” However, as I told you back in February, no such ban ever existed and WaPo has even reported on this fact before.

I’m sure we can look forward to more of these over the weekend. Whether you support these changes or think they’re horrific you can at least take some comfort in the fact that nothing has really changed, regardless of how lazy reporters might try to froth you up. As always, establishments are free to post signs banning firearms from the premises.

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Blogger Gets VW Beetle Towed Due To Towering Stack Of Parking Tickets

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Fellow District blogger Prince of Petworth got a car towed all by writing about it. Talk about the power of the blog.

A yellow 2001 Volkswagen Beetle was parked in the 1500 block of Church Street just a few feet from 16th and had a giant stack of fading pink parking tickets totaling $3,295 before additional fines for nonpayment, according to NBC Washington.

You’ve got to check out the row of pink tickets lining the windshield of the car. It’s laughable really.

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Mo’ representation, mo’ fatties

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Well, probably not. But according to a new study from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation twenty states got fatter and we’re the only region that got thinner. So DC residents would have an easier time fitting into a voting booth if only they were allowed in.

Go ahead and pat yourself on the back if you like, but only do it for the exercise and don’t eat any celebration cake. While we’re down on average the quantity of obese adults rose in the poor and black populations. In that we’re just like everywhere else and it’s a pretty sad and stark number -  21.5% of our general adult population is obese versus 34.% of the black population, a full half again.

The study does have a few bright spots and calls us out as being among the half of the country that’s put in some measures to make school lunches and vended food in schools healthier. Whether vending bans actually help is a matter of heated debate but there’s no question you can load up a lot of calories from them. This 2006 Forbes slideshow of some of the “worst” vending foods lists several items that, all by themselves, exceed 10% of the FDA’s 2000 daily calories guideline.

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We Love Music: N Street Village Night Sessions

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A woman by the name of Barbara Parker was honored this spring by N Street Village, a group empowering homeless and low-income women to claim their highest quality of life through service and advocacy. Parker was among three strong-willed honorees in April by N Street for their moving and motivational life stories.

N Street Village Assistant Director of Development Carline Meehan, who spoke to Parker last Friday after she performed live at the Rock ‘N Roll hotel alongside her friends from the N Street’s in-house choir Bethany’s Women of Praise for the first N Street Village Night Session Thursday, illuminated the night’s story.

“She was really glowing [about the performance]. I mean I could just tell that she had really enjoyed being on stage and felt a good energy in the room and good connection with the people.”

Parker is one voice amongst a company of female vocalists making up Bethany’s Women of Praise. This particular assembly of music lovers and melody chanters came together at the same place. N Street Village is what they have in common and The Holster Project is what made their “live on stage” moment become a reality. Continue reading

Comedy in DC

Comedy in DC: This F-ing Hipster

This month seems to be the month of late comedy promotion. In theory, there’s a showcase at the Eleventh Street Lounge in Clarendon on the 8th, but all the usual suspects there are quiet. There’s comedy tomorrow night at Mr. Smith’s in Georgetown, but you know, Georgetown after work.

The fun thing coming up on the calendar is actually 3 Chord Comedy at the Velvet Lounge on Friday the 9th. Again. Because I’m consistently impressed with the headliners Eli books for this show. July’s 3 Chord show features: Jimmy Meritt, Jake Young , Tyler Sonnichsen, and Eli Sairs, which already makes it pretty much Tiff’s Dream Lineup of Locals Who Don’t Perform Much Locally Anymore, but the headliner is Joe Mande, who has been on VH1 and Comedy Central and HuffingtonPost comedy, but is probably most famous to you, dear reader, as the Look At This Fucking Hipster Guy.  I understand Mande is pretty excited about bringing the funny to DC, and that it’s a pretty different experience from the blog/book, so I recommend that you check it out.   Continue reading

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Zentan’s Rooftop Dining Menu

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Rooftop. Pool. Sushi. Those are pretty much the only ingredients I need to be happy. And you know where you can get those three things all in one place? The rooftop at the Donovan House Hotel.

The rooftop at the Donovan House overlooks Thomas Circle, where you can sip cocktails and nosh on grilled skewers, like teriyaki pork belly, and miso and brown sugar glazed vegetables (a selection of 5 for $15) paired with sushi and sashimi (a platter of three six-piece rolls for $25), courtesy of the in-house Zentan restaurant.

Zentan also features my newest drink obsession, Canton Ginger Liquor, a deliciously dangerous sweet and spicy liquor that you can pour into champagne with ground cherries for a deadly, gorgeous cocktail.

It’s not exactly budget dining, per-se, but it sure does come with a view.

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Firecracker FAQ: Can I Blow That Up?

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Once you light that fuse, you really don’t have the time to look up whether or not it’s actually legal to set off a firecracker in the District. Luckily, the good people over at the Hill Is Home did the necessary research ahead of time so you know what you can and cannot legally set off as part of your own personal fireworks display this Fourth of July:

In the District of Coumbia, the only legal “fireworks” are sparklers less than 20 inchestorches, box fire, fountains, cones, dip sticks, non-poisonous snakes, paper novelty items, colored lights, and paper caps. So basically nothing more explosive than a Christmas popper.

Everything else including firecrackers or fireworks that explode, such as cherry bombs, salutes, Roman candles, floral shells, and artillery shells is illegal.

You’ve probably noticed that around this time of year, several temporary stands are erected for you to buy your snakes and sparklers. Here is a map listing all of the licensed vendors this year.

Be safe out there…

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Phillie Phanatic Being Sued By A 75-Year-Old Woman

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It’s not exactly DC news, but Nats fans can collectively heckle under their breathe over the furry, green, and beer-bellied Phillies mascot for being sued by a 75-year woman for climbing through the stands and injuring her knees at a 2008 Reading Phillies minor league game, Philadelphia Daily News reports.

Grace Crass of Wernersville, Pa. was at the Reading game with her church group at the time of the incident. The Phanatic then proceeded to climb through the stands and onto her legs paining Crass to the point of yelling at the mascot due to the pain, according to her attorney John Speicher.

“It set off the arthritic process, and in fairly short order she needed a lot of medical treatment,” Speicher told Philadelphia Daily News. “Ultimately, she needed to get knee replacements.”

Crass is seeking $50,000 in damages from several major players from within the Phillies organization. They include: the Phanatic himself Mr. Tom Burgoyne, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the Reading Phillies.

This isn’t the first time the Phillie Phanatic, introduced in 1977, was the center of a civil suit. A study published by Cardozo Law Review written by sports law professor Bob Jarvis said that the Phanatic “hold the dubious record as the most-sued mascot in the majors.”

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Top Chef DC Heads To Mount Vernon

Any Top Chef fan knows that choosing to make a dessert as your dish often spells doom. The theory has held up with the first two eliminated chefs in the DC season. So what will happen when the chefs are challenged to bake? We’ll have to tune in and see but as you can see they chefs aren’t happy.

The contestants also head on over to Mount Vernon (or as they call it, George Washington’s house) for their elimination challenge, check out the video after the cut to see the contestants attempt to grill on GW’s lawn and hear how it’s so DC to head down the GW Parkway into Alexandria, VA.

Are you watching Top Chef DC tonight? You can check out my DC take on the show tomorrow but I also want to hear what the DC crowd is thinking about the show. Send me your Top Chef DC tweets (@dmbosstone) and I’ll feature my favorites in tomorrow’s recap!

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Nationals: Looking Like Sellers

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During the dog days of the baseball season, there are two major July milestones that benchmark most teams for the year. First is the All-Star Break, three days off the normal schedule and inclusive of two of the only days of the year where there are absolutely no major sports being played in North America. The second is the MLB trade deadlines of July 31, where teams in contention do what they can to strengthen their rosters – and those who are lagging behind potentially make the commitment to “look to next year.”

On the last day of June, we look to the last day of July, and it looks more and more likely (even with the win last night) that the Washington Nationals are going to be clearing some room to build for the future. There are two names that seem to pop up the most in trade rumor talk: Josh “The Hammer” Willingham and Adam Dunn. Both will be free agents at the end of the season, so it’s in the Nationals best interest to try and move them to get something back on the investment. Willingham’s bat could help out many a contender, and recent conversation indicate that he may be a fit for NL East rival Atlanta; Dunn would be a good addition to an AL club like the White Sox, where he’d be able to DH and not have to see the field.

We’ll keep you up to date on who will be wearing a Nationals uniform come the end of next month – but it’s more likely than not going to be a few new jerseys to get to know.

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The Winning Ticket: She & Him

courtesy of She & Him.

As a way to say thanks to our loyal readers, We Love DC will be giving away a pair of tickets to a 9:30 Club concert to one lucky reader each week. Check back here every Wednesday morning at 9am to find out what tickets we’re giving away and leave a comment for your chance to be the lucky winner!

This week we have a hot pair of tickets up for grabs! We are giving away a pair of tickets to the sold out She & Him show at the 9:30 Club on Wednesday, July 7th.

She & Him is one of those acts whose charm is impossible to resist. Between Zooey Deschanel’s 60′s pixie, throw-back voice and M. Ward’s magical guitar playing and classic pop arrangements, their music melts even the most jaded listener’s heart. It also doesn’t hurt that Deschanel makes for an incredibly cute front-woman. She & Him’s videos are ridiculously good-humored and adorable. Their albums are the musical equivalent of laying in the grass and watching the breeze tickle dandelions. It is no surprise that this show is sold out, as people everywhere fall in love with She & Him’s simple, effective pop approach. The music of She & Him is a refreshing treat and their show at the 9:30 Club next week will provide the perfect pop escape from a hot, July evening in DC.

For your chance to win these tickets simply leave a comment on this post using a valid email address between 9am and 4pm today. One entry per email address, please. If today doesn’t turn out to be your lucky day, check back here each Wednesday for a chance to win tickets to other great concerts.

For the rules of this giveaway…
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Ridiculously Awesome LEGO Exhibit at the Building Museum

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If you’re like me and never really grew out of your childhood LEGO hobby, here’s something you’ll definitely want to check out.  USA Today brings word that the National Building Museum is opening up what sounds to be a really cool exhibit: a collection of fifteen large-scale replicas of famous buildings made entirely out of LEGOs.  The exhibit, called Towering Ambition, showcases the work of architect-turned-LEGO artist Adam Reed Tucker (one of only 11 LEGO Certified Professionals in the world!).

In true National Building Museum tradition, the exhibit will include a great interactive section that will allow visitors to build their own LEGO buildings and place them on a city map.  Towering Ambition opens Saturday and will be on display until September 2011, so you’ll have plenty of time to head over and release your inner child over the next year.

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Wizards Acquire Yi Jianlian From Nets

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The Wizards have another new face to welcome to Chinatown.

Days after the Wizards drafted John Wall, the Wizards continue their rebuilding by acquiring Nets forward Yi Jianlian from the New Jersey Nets for Quinton Ross and cash- lots of cash.

By dealing the sixth pick of the 2007 NBA draft, the Nets clear up cap room as they work to make room for two max contracts. Sounds like somebody wants to be a big suitor for LeBron and company. Jianlian is due to make $4 million this year but the Wizards should only have to pay about $1 million since the Nets are also giving Washington $3 million to complete the deal.

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An entire bookstore is on sale

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It’s a sad thing to see a bookstore close. I walk by the still-empty shells of the Olsson’s locations in Penn Quarter and Dupont Circle and feel a twinge at the long afternoons spent browsing the shelves. And I’m sure someday I’ll sit down at a table in the new Clydes at 14th and F streets and think, “Hey, weren’t these walls covered with books once?” But hey, in the ever-chugging slog of commercial progress, life goes on. And Borders will close. C’est la vie.

As a parting gift to DC book lovers, the store began liquidating its inventory today, marking most books and CDs down 20 percent. That discount puts the store’s pricing now in line with online retailers like Amazon, which, let’s be frank, is why Borders has had such a tough time lately anyway. For a few brief shining days, though, there are deals to be had. Stock up for the beach or the holidays, or maybe finally grab that copy of “Gatsby” you always meant to read.

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Obama Scheduled To Talk Immigration Reform At AU Thursday

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It was announced this afternoon that President Obama will speak about the state of immigration reform from the brand new School of International Service building on American University’s main campus Thursday, the same morning a slew of new freshman enter the grounds for new student orientation.

This is not Obama’s first time on campus. He was endorsed by the late Sen. Ted Kenedy (D-Mass.) who was accompanied by his niece Caroline Kennedy on Jan. 28, 2008 during the presidential election season from Bender Arena in the heart of AU’s main campus.

Update 4:38 p.m.: The event is invitation only and only attendees approved by the White House will be allowed near the building.

The speech will be streamed live at:

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We Love Arts: Johnny Meister + The Stitch

Chris Dinolfo and Rex Daugherty in Solas Nua's production of "Johnny Meister and The Stitch" Photo credit: Aoife Mckenna

The “black box” theater is a tricky environment. Actors and audience, being so close to one another in a tight setting, enter into a kind of silent agreement – we see them sweat, they hear us breathe. Actually, it’s a bit like a date. We start out eager for it all to go well, maybe laughing a little too hard, being charmed. But it can end awkwardly. Or go brilliantly.

Solas Nua has the black box date down. In a tiny square nestled in the Flashpoint Gallery (properly known as the Flashpoint Mead Theatre Lab), they keep things sparse and simple, focusing on brutally provocative plays featuring actors who relish the meat of contemporary Irish drama. It works. I’ve yet to see a lazy or self-indulgent piece performed here (last year’s startling Disco Pigs was the first play in a long time to punch me in the gut so hard I cried).

On a given performance of Johnny Meister + The Stitch, the immediacy of live theater is strongly evident as you watch the beads of sweat slowly trickle down Chris Dinolfo’s face as he stands (briefly, it’s a fast clip) lit by long flourescent bulbs. Or the dangerous crackle of Rex Daugherty’s eyes as he makes momentary eye contact with an audience member. This is the thrill of the black box theater, and it’s highlighted by this American premiere of Rosemary Jenkinson’s play about two rough Belfast boys and one wild night.

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Congress Takes the Field At National Park

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The MLB All-Star Game is still three weeks away, but there’s some good news if you’re looking for a rivalry in the sport of baseball that will distract you from the hometown team’s recent struggles.  Since 1909, Congressional Democrats and Republicans have squared off in an annual midsummer classic of their own; this year’s contest will be held tonight at Nationals Park and plenty of tickets are still available. The all-time series has the Republicans holding a 38-33-1 edge of their Democratic counterparts, and this year marks the 49th year that Roll Call has sponsored the contest.

There’s one more reason to consider attending in the heat this evening: the ceremonial first pitch will be thrown by the daughter of baseball pioneer Jackie Robinson, Rachel. Whether you work on the Hill or not, it is still one of those Only-In-D.C. events to get you excited about the week.

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A WLDC Author + Columbia Heights Farmers Market = Win!

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‘CH Farmer’s Market Gelato’
courtesy of ‘Mr. T in DC’

A new farmers market in Columbia Heights opened its grounds to the public June 5th at 14th and Park, across from Giant, Target, and Tivoli Theater.

Fellow WLDC author Donna C. filled us in on the delicious details including the market’s spread of  fresh veggies, fruits, meats, breads, cheeses, flowers and “beat-the-heat” gelato all grown and raised within 150 miles of DC.

If there’s anything I’ve learned since moving to the District it’s that we love to celebrate inaugural events — presidents, baseball teams, and in this case farmer’s markets.

What do I mean?

This is the inaugural season of the Columbia Heights Market Place and in honor of trying to get people out for the produce and neighborhood comradery, the market place group have grabbed local entertainment from around town to put on a show for you while you shop.

The entertainment on tap for Saturday features: Cherae Mabry from Yoga on the Plaza (10 a.m.), Salsa dance group Conga Beat in between acts, Monty Wells (11 a.m.), the DoS Jazz Ensemble (12:15 p.m.), and then myself (1 p.m.) to close out the day!

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Note: If you’d like to support a worthwhile cause while visiting the market this Saturday, I will have two albums on sale. Proceeds from all albums sales will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation and Donate Life campaign to raise organ donation awareness in honor of my late father Steven Levitin who was a heart transplant recipient in 1999.

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We Love Music: Wavves & Cloud Nothings @ RNR Hotel 6/25/10

Wavves @ RNR Hotel 6/25/10
courtesy of Wavves.

While the early-week, DC-music, blogosphere is atwitter with tales of Courtney Love’s awful on-stage antics at the 9:30 Club on Sunday night, Friday night’s Wavves show seems to be completely off radar. This is interesting to me, because Wavves mastermind, Nathan Williams, is an equally volatile personality known for on-stage meltdowns and fisticuffs of his own. In fact, before the weekend began, the quality of the Friday night Waaves’ concert at Rock & Roll Hotel was as much in question as was which Courtney Love would appear at the 9:30 Club on Sunday. When faced with the decision of which concert to attend (there was no way I was going to sandwich my weekend with potential cluster-f*cks) I used a simple calculus to aid my decision making: Courtney Love is a miserable, over-the-hill, waste of space who only ever put out one good album; while Nathan Williams of Wavves is an unpredictable, indie-genius on the rise, who cranks out infectious tunes as frequently as normal people draw breath. For me the decision was easy; both shows had the potential to be spectacular personality-based failures, but only Wavves had the possible upside of also delivering brilliant music.

Nathan Williams did not have a nervous break-down on-stage, nor did he indulge himself as the star of his own iPhone-shot reality-show on Friday night. He did talk quite a bit between songs, but then so did his rhythm section. Their collective antics were less delusional rants and more about bratty fun. Wavves did more than hold it together on Friday night. They showed up with their snotty, punk attitude and tore through an hour of great, noise-wrapped pop-music. They were preceded by another blog buzz-band in Cloud Nothings from Cleveland, who also put on an excellent set of bedroom-recording inspired tunes. Both bands combined to put on an fantastic new music showcase for the nearly sold-out crowd at Rock & Roll Hotel on Friday.

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Wone defendants found not guilty

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courtesy of ‘Daquella manera’

Today, Judge Lynn Liebovitz delivered her verdict on the conspiracy/tampering/obstruction charges in the Robert Wone case. She found the defendants Dylan Ward, Victor Zaborsky, and Joseph Price not guilty on all counts, while still noting that it’s “very likely” that Price altered the knife used to murder Wone. She also rejected both the intruder theory of the crime as well as Michael Price, brother of Joseph, as the murderer.

The three housemates in whose house Wone was killed still face a wrongful death suit by Kathy Wone, Robert’s widow. The rules of evidence for civil cases are different than those for criminal cases, so watch for different information to be considered in that proceeding.