We Love Weekends, April 16-17

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Patrick Palafox: I am pretty excited about this weekend. I’m planning on checking out the Cool Dudes Hanging Out show happening over at theVelvet Lounge this Friday. I have been listening to Mike Lawrence’s podcast Nerd of Mouth and already know that he will make me laugh. Then on Saturday I shall consume Cake with my ears at the 9:30 Club. The last time I saw Cake was at a music festival in Austin and I was super far away. I thought that I would never have a chance to see them again, but now I do.

Marissa: Friday night one of my good guy friends is in town, so I’m hoping a bunch of us will “bro” it out at Meridian Pint for the release of DC Brau, the city’s first production beer in more than 50 years. Saturday night I’ll be listening to five local bands at GWU, when my old community service sorority throws their 5th Annual Battle of the Bands. The proceeds from the raffle ticket sales and admission all go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Should be a great concert for a great cause!

Dave: This sunny weather is here for the weekend, right? It’s looking like a sports-filled weekend for me. I’ll be Caps watching on Friday night up on the roof at Cleveland Park Bar & Grill (side note: I know it’s no local flavor, but I’m decently excited that Sam Adams Summer will be plentiful in the District come this weekend, so I will be having several). Saturday, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be at Nats Park for the afternoon game with the Brewers before a friend’s 80s themed bacon party (It’s called the Cure…get it?), and I’ll close the weekend off with the opening match of my team’s soccer season.

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Rachel: The one weekend I leave town exciting things are happening at Nationals Park. Go figure. I’ll be Chicago visiting with family but if I wasn’t in the Windy City you better believe I would find myself taste testing the Navy Yard’s newest biergarten Das Bullpen since it looks like they might have a tad more space than their counterpart, The Bullpen, further down on Half Street. Nyjer Morgan makes his first trip back to Washington since being traded to the Milwaukee Brewers just before the start of the 2011 season. Fans can also look forward to seeing catcher Wil Nieves back again as well. It should be a welcomed change the Nats fans who braved the Phillies series this week. I wonder who will show up to the park, Tony Plush or Nyjer Morgan. There’s only one way to find out…

Tom: My weekend is going to start this evening at Nationals Park, where I’ll get to test drive my new Eephus League Scorebook against the Phillies.  Tomorrow night, you can expect to see me at the launch of DC Brau at Meridian Pint, before a private beer party to well-wish a friend who’s packing up and heading for the left coast.  Saturday, nursing my hangover with labor, I’ll be planting 60 trees with the Greater Brookland Garden Club, the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association and Casey Trees over at Turkey Thicket, before heading home to dig up a garden bed for the upcoming Monastery Plant Sale two weekends hence.  Sunday it’s back to Nationals Park to watch the return of former Nationals Wil Nieves (yay!) and Nyjer Morgan (boo!) to the DC area.  Then it’s home to fire up the grill and maybe cook some roo steaks from Let’s Meat on the Avenue.

Addison: This looks to be another busy weekend filled with two of my favorite things ever: spring weather and playoff hockey. Getting an early start tonight, I’m heading to my first baseball game of the year at Nationals Park. Friday, I will be putting on my skinny jeans and thick glasses (not really) and heading over to H Street to check out the new Queen Vic. Hopefully, I can convince them to switch at least one TV from quidditch or lawn bowling or cricket (or whatever other imaginary sports they watch) to hockey so I can watch the Red Palace, and some late-night Sticky Rice. Saturday, if I’m fully recovered, will potentially involve a trip out to Dulles for The Nation’s Gun Show in the morning, followed by a stint at Churchkey in the afternoon and Lucky Bar at night for some Dupont shenanigans. Sunday, it will be back to Churchkey (oh darn) for Bill Couch’s goodbye party and then some kickball on The Mall and flipping of cups at My Brother’s Place. Whew.

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Rebecca J: Friday evening I’ll be taking it to the rooftop at Surfside for some margaritas, fish tacos and guacamole, before it’s early to bed for me as I’ll be up bright and early Saturday to head to Baltimore for Privateer Day. The event celebrates the rich maritime history of Fells Point and U.S. Privateers, individuals and ships authorized by the US government by letters of marque to attack foreign shipping during the War of 1812. These sailors were of great benefit to our smaller naval power as it faced the vastly larger British fleet. The highlight of the day will be a live gun battle between the Pride of Baltimore II and other privateer vessels. Saturday evening, I’ll be back in DC, and headed to the W Hotel’s Living Room for a classy cocktail before hitting up the Taste of the South (TOTS), a black tie fundraising soiree that brings some “southern hospitality” to Washington, D.C.  Sunday, the National Cathedral lawn and I have a date with a blanket, book and a nap.

Patrick Pho: Tomorrow I have a completely free day from work, which means my weekend will start with some Northside Social with my neighbor/Gen-Y blogger superstar. Friday night I’ll be checking out yet another performance of the Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament, it was so good I’m throwing down my own cash to see it! Saturday should be a the only iffy day of the weekend weather-wise, but that won’t stop me from attending a BBQ up in Frederick. That night I might make an appearance at Café Citron. If so please do not dance with me- I’m terrible. Closing out the weekend hopefully with a performance of the Real Inspector Hound over at MetroStage.

Fedward: Friday I’m totally not frantically finishing my taxes and trying to figure out where to mail them. I’m more organized than that. Slightly. Saturday we plan to feather the nest, doing laundry, getting the patio furniture out of storage, and maybe running up to IKEA. Sunday I’m not ashamed to say we’re going to see Michael Feinstein’s WPAS show at the Kennedy Center. Live singing! Real instruments! No auto-tune!

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