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Owen Wilson A Nats Pitcher In DC RomCom With Rudd & Witherspoon

Hey remember last year when that romantic comedy was filming around Adams Morgan and everybody was trying to get a look at Paul Rudd & Reese Witherspoon?

Well that film, How Do You Know, is slated to be released the day after my birthday (December 17th, 2010) and the first trailer has been released.

The film stars Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, and Jack Nicholson. According to IMDB the film is described as, “a romantic comedy centered on the love triangle between professional softball player Lisa Jorgenson (Witherspoon), a corporate executive (Rudd), and a major-league pitcher (Wilson.)”

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Fat Tire Comes to DC

Photo courtesy of
‘”Fat Tire” – San Francisco’
courtesy of ‘adamjackson1984’

I’ve heard rumors that New Belgium was going to start shipping their famous Fat Tire beer out East, and it seems those rumors are true. The GOG reports that the Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan snagged some bottles of the famous ale, along with a few other varieties from New Belgium. Up till now, North Carolina was about the closest place you could get Fat Tire and I’ve heard of many a beer aficionado making a point to grab a few cases when they were down that way.  Me, I’ve never had it, so I’m heading to the Black Squirrel tonight to try some, as I hear quantities are limited.

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Madams Organ Happy Hour for Community of Hope

Photo courtesy of
‘Madams Organ Restaurant’
courtesy of ‘KrS-NrY’

Drinking and philanthropy are two of my favorite things, and fortunately, they mix fairly well.  That’s why I’m excited about the April 15 happy hour and Madams Organ benefiting local DC charity Community of Hope.  Community of Hope provides medical care, affordable housing and other social services for DC’s disadvantaged.  Madams Organ will donate $1 of every drink you order and 20% of food sales to Community of Hope.  All you have to do is show up, eat and drink. Plus, April 15 is tax day.  You’ll probably be drinking anyways.

Adams Morgan, Featured Photo

Featured Photo

2010-02-19 AdamsMorgan Time Series Pano – 20×30 by m hoek

When I think of Adams Morgan, I think of twenty year old kids drinking enough cheap alcohol to bring themselves to the brink of death.  I think of Big Slice with the smell of puke and hookah drifting through the air.  I think of breakfast at The Diner, coffee at Tryst, and the occasional dinner at Cashion’s.  No offense to those who love Adams Morgan, but if it ceased to exist, I wouldn’t shead a tear.

The great thing about today’s Featured Photo is that it encompasses nearly all of the memories I have in my head about this particular part of DC.  I recommend that you look at the big version to get a better look at all of the images that went into making this montage.  I love that you can see the different personalities of Adams Morgan, from the sober girl drinking coffee, to the woman carrying her groceries, to the stretch limo (which no doubt is carrying a gaggle of drunk bachelorettes with penis-shaped lollipops), to the lack of parking, to the flattened pizza box on the sidewalk.  This is Adams Morgan in all of its glory.

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Drinks Preview: Tryst


David Fritzler burns up a Blue Blazer. Photo credit: Samer Farha.

For many people I know, Tryst is “The Office.” Well, now they can drink on the job in style!

Last week the Adams Morgan coffeehouse pioneer rolled out a new cocktail menu, and fellow WLDC author Samer and I were treated to some fine libation as they branch away from the bean. And as we all await the impending snowflakes of doom, it’s nice to note that Tryst will be open throughout the storm!

In operation since 1998, Tryst has always aimed to be a neighborhood gathering place true to its fun motto, “No Corporate Coffee, No Matching Silverware.” Of course they opened the year after I’d already left Adams Morgan for Logan Circle, so I’ve never been one to hang out there – but several friends really do treat it as their office, setting up with laptops and getting social over the screens, fueled by lots and lots of coffee. Just as the java isn’t corporate, when it came time to debut a new cocktail menu, Tryst wanted to do the same for drinks. With David Fritzler at the helm, Tryst’s beverage director for the past ten years, and two new bartenders – J.P. Cacares and Lana Labermeier – the new menu is billed as “quality cafe cocktails” ranging in price from $6-10.

As David told us, “I want to bring pre-Prohibition cocktail knowledge, quality liquors and fresh ingredients out of the speakeasy and expensive hotel bars and to the general public.” As a member of the DC Craft Bartenders Guild, he’s already dedicated to a high standard of cocktail culture. We parked ourselves at the bar and knocked back a few to see whether the drinks would succeed.

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In Search of a Decent Bagel 2: The Consensus

Photo courtesy of
‘bagel – before’
courtesy of ‘staceyviera’

Did you see how good I was? I almost made an “Electric Boogaloo” reference in the header, but I restrained myself.

Anyways, the bagel question really brought out the comments, so I thought it would be worthwhile to share the reader’s consensus.  Brooklyn Bagels in Courthouse seems to be the almost universal favorite, but So’s Your Mom and Bethesda Bagels also got some significant love. I think that fairly settles it: the best bagels in DC are actually in Arlington.  Now I’ve got to get over to Brooklyn Bagels to see for myself.  I feel that this has been a useful exercise and one that I must repeat for all of the other major food groups.  Well done, readers!

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Rachel Levitin Live At Chief Ike’s Mambo Room Wednesday Night

up close

Chief Ike’s Mambo Room in Adams Morgan hosts live local musicians all night for your viewing and listening pleasure. This Wednesday just so happens to be the night that yours truly (Rachel Levitin) will be playing a full 30 minute set, along with Producer/Musician Paul Derlunas. What makes this EVEN BETTER is that we’ll be debuting three new songs never before played live on-stage!

There’s no cover charge and drink deals are available depending on Chief Ike’s day-to-day specials.

But — here’s the kicker — show starts at 11:30 p.m. So if you like good music (you can check out some tracks here and be the judge), good atmosphere, and good Wednesday night drinking (and don’t have a Cinderella complex that keeps you from staying out past midnight) you have no excuse to not come out and show your love!

CD’s will be available for purchase.

Come early. Hear the other acts. Mix and mingle. I know I’ll be there.

Chief Ike’s Mambo room is located at:

1725 Columbia Road Northwest
Washington, DC 20009-2803

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Adams Morgan: The Movie

Photo courtesy of
‘Where have you gone, Philip Marlowe?’
courtesy of ‘LaTur’

If there’s one thing Paul DeVeaux and I agree on, it’s that DC lacks what some other major cities don’t – a movie about “us.” There is no such recounting of District life from the perspective of an actual resident — or least none that come to mind at a moments notice.

We’ve seen the White House blown up more times than we can count (anyone remember “2012” or “Independence Day?”) and we’ve borne witness to the ups-and-downs of the political game thanks to “All The President’s Men” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” but what about a movie recounting the lives of all the folks putting their blood, sweat, and tears into making this the city what it is.

“That’s what I’m doing”, DeVeaux said. “This movie is my love letter to DC.”

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Surviving the Next Snowpocalypse

Photo courtesy of
‘South Smithsonian Escalators’
courtesy of ‘william couch’

The DC area, this weekend, was something of a post-apocalyptic landscape. Driving down 395 on Saturday, one would have seen abandoned cars spun out at odd angles and their stranded drivers trudging towards some nameless help. Most residents stayed holed up in their homes, living off of the provisions they had dutifully stocked the day before. Basic commodities were impossible to come by and the majority of services simply shut down. As the snow storm abated, DC residents peered from their homes at the changed landscape, and painstakingly began the cleanup, trying to return to normality.

Ok, sure, that is a bit of an over-dramatization, but seriously, 395 did look like something out of 28 Days Later.  This snow, like any snow, threw into sharp relief how woefully unprepared DC area citizens are for wintry weather. So, as a northerner, I take it upon myself to save you all from yourselves before the next snowpocalypse.

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Giving Map

Photo courtesy of
‘Salvation Army Christmas Give Away’
courtesy of ‘docentjoyce’

Continuing with our “Good Samaritan” theme, I now provide you with a means by which you may become said Samaritan.  Behold: the WaPo giving map.  This handy application maps out charities in the DC area and sorts them by type.  The list includes everything from homeless shelters, to non-profits for the arts, to religious charities.  So, in the spirit of the season, take a look at the map and find a place in your area that you’re willing to give time or money to.  Make someone’s holiday better.

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Deer Takes On Lions at the National Zoo

Photo courtesy of
‘Wild DC – O Hai! – 6-12-09’
courtesy of ‘mosley.brian’

You can’t make this stuff up. A deer, a resident of Rock Creek Park, made a very unwise decision on Sunday. This poor deer decided to take one small step for deer…and one giant leap for deerkind – right into the lion exhibit at the National Zoo. Merry Christmas to the two female lions that quickly became interested in their new dinner menu. But WAIT – not so fast. This little deer is a survivor. NBC 4 has the full story here.

According to the article, the whole ordeal took about 45 minutes and ended up with the staff at the Zoo rescuing the deer after its valiant fight to get away. Pics or it didn’t happen, right? How about video. Even better. You must watch this video of the deer escaping the female lions as a large crowd cheers on Bambi! This is seriously like watching the Discovery Channel’s footage of a lion attack in Africa. Must watch.

(Watch the video after the jump)

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We Love Drinks: MAN EDITION

Photo courtesy of
courtesy of ‘chrysti harrison’

Welcome to We Love Drinks: MAN EDITION (imagine the title with with like flames and motorcycles around it.  That’s how I picture it in my head, anyways.) Jenn has graciously handed me the reins this month to take you all on a more masculine version of her beloved feature. I’ll be leading you all on what is, for me, the ideal man-night in DC.

Man nights can take many forms.  There’s the cheap beer and wings version at a sports bar, there’s the suits and scotch edition at a cigar bar, there’s the more sodden bachelor party iteration, and each has its place.  My version is somewhere in the middle.  It’s not classy, but not frattish, not too raucous, but not boring.  Consider it the business casual pub crawl of man-nights.

First of all, some ground rules: no phone calls with women, no sissy drinks, no dancing, no personal vehicles, keep the list of bars short and local.  Follow these and you’ll be much happier, safer, and richer by the end of the evening.  For this man night, I’m keeping in the U St., Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan area of town.  It’ll keep transport costs low and leave you more time for desired man activities.

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He Loves DC: Ben Eisendrath

Ben Eisendrath of Grillworks, Inc

Ben Eisendrath (image courtesy of Grillworks, Inc.)

“If you want high-rise, get on the train.”

Tucked away on an Adams Morgan side street, off the alley entrance and past the Harley, lies a secret patio that just happens to be the headquarters of a foodie subculture – Grillworks, Inc.

Local entrepreneur Ben Eisendrath had been introducing friends to the glory of South American-style wood grilling for years before he chucked the daily grind to re-launch his father’s invention and transform it into a viable business. From “grubby greasy shop drawings” to 3D CAD renderings, Ben translated his father’s elegant design for the modern world. Shops in Michigan and Virginia now produce what’s known as the “Maserati of Grills.”

I’ve known Ben for over a decade, and in the majority of those years the highly coveted grill party invites have seen quite the menu range. From regular ol’ burgers to caribou sausage, from butterflied salmon on a bed of dill to goat leg – and those are just the protein options!  The simple beauty of the grill’s design enables it to weather all seasons, and it’s slowly expanded from just a quiet secret amongst locals to celebrity chefs and newscasters. And honestly – there’s just nothing like the hypnotic dance of the wood burning flames as they light the night.

Ben could easily pick up and move to another city. A Michigan native, he came to DC in 1993; his grandparents have lived here for a long time, and it seemed a manageable starter city for someone who’d never lived in a metropolis before. But somehow, as with so many of us, the city sucked him in. Ben’s a Washingtonian now. I asked him to talk about why he loves DC, the challenges of being a local entrepreneur, and where he goes to get his grub. Continue reading

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Where We Live: Adams Morgan

Photo courtesy of
‘Adams Morgan’
courtesy of ‘citron_smurf’

Welcome to another edition of Where We Live. This week we’ll be covering the ins and outs of one of the District’s coolest neighborhoods, Adams Morgan. Adams Morgan is unique in DC in that it actually feels like a neighborhood during the weekdays and weekend days, and completely changes character on weekend evenings as it transforms into a concentration of drunk non-residents.  Unfortunately, some people only ever see the drunken frat party of 18th Street in Adams Morgan and don’t get to understand the really wonderful neighborhood behind it.  Here’s your chance to learn what else there is to it!

History: Adams Morgan gets its name from the two formerly-segregated elementary schools in the area, the all-white John Quincy Adams school and the (now closed) all-black Thomas P. Morgan school (therefore, the area is not actually called Adam’s Morgan or Adams’ Morgan, both of which I’ve seen everywhere).  In 1956 the Adams-Morgan Better Neighborhood Conference formed to improve the neighborhood, and jump-start urban renewal (not the Southwest Waterfront kind, though).  Interestingly enough, the neighborhood’s name was hyphenated as Adams-Morgan in the Washington Post up until 2001.

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What They Look Like: Real World DC Cast

Photo courtesy of
courtesy of ‘squidpants’
So I’ve been avoiding the Real World beat for as long as possible  (our authorship tends to trade off reporting duties, so none of us actually has to “own” the beat) so I’m going to take my turn and fill you in on the latest. Kirk told you that they’re here, and now I’m going to show you what they look like.

First off, we have a pair DCist commenters dubbed Angela and Ricky (God, I loved that show!) – a “redhead” and a guy with curly black hair. Check them out here and here.  The Anti-Real World DC has a shot of the required blonde girl here (cute shoes, though!). A group shot shows more cast: the obligatory black guy, what some are calling “the hottie” and some blonde dude I’m going to personally dub the douchebag. This shot shows what I’m guessing is the 7th cast member, a girl with long brown hair.

Reports from RealWorldDCNEWZ on Twitter had them shopping at the Super Secret Safeway, grilling (scroll down for pics), mandatory hot tubbing, and then heading to Bucca Di Beppo for dinner. Other reports have DC residents shouting “GO HOME!” at them. (Tee hee hee.) (I’m mean.) False rumors spotted them at Town, the latest have them coming out of Chi Cha Lounge, and I suppose we’ll just have to wait for confirmation and pictures. Welcome to DC, kids. Try not to throw up on my shoes.