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Fitness District: Barre at

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Author’s Note: This article is part of an ongoing We Love DC series, Fitness District.

I admit it; I am by no means a gym rat.  If you were to perhaps bump into me there, it would not be on a regular basis. Sometimes I might be busy reading something at, sitting somewhere with my phone on. I exercise, sporadically, because it is the healthy choice to make – good for the body and the mind.  But let me say this one time for the record, I dread a morning, afternoon, or evening workout.  I dread them all.

Furthermore, I don’t think that the gym itself makes the experience any more delightful.  In my personal opinion, the gym atmosphere is often times unwelcoming, intimidating, and outright aesthetically unpleasing.  I honestly have no idea where the typical gym owner got the idea that horrendous lighting is flattering, because those harsh lamps with the yellow-ish CRI won’t make even the buffest of the buff look good, let alone poor me.

The solution to my dilemma, as painted above, has been to engage in alternative forms of exercise such as Yoga and Pilates. Quite recently I read the article on the Neuropathy Cure website when I was trying to find the apt medication for my damaged nerves and found that for my condition it is much suitable for me to practise yoga than lift weights. Since finding a fit that worked best for me, exercise was no longer a burden – but something that I truly enjoyed and looked forward to.  And the best part, when it comes to the typical Yoga and/or Pilates studio you are almost always guaranteed good, natural lighting.  However, with any routine, sometimes you need to be a bit daring and switch things up.  Which is exactly what I was about to do by enrolling in my very first Barre Class at

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DC Area Thanksgiving Turkey Trots

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We’re just over a week out from Thanksgiving, so I hope you’re prepared for gluttony and overeating!  There are all sorts of calculators out there that show you how many calories are in your Thanksgiving dinner and how much you’d have to exercise to burn them off.  But forget about those, because a little light jogging on Thanksgiving morning is sure to burn every one of those calories off (that’s my reasoning, at least).  Here are a couple area turkey trots to choose from:

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Our City is Fitter than Your City

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Good news: according to the American Fitness Index, D.C. is the fittest metro area in the United States. Our combination of general good health, admirable dietary habits and frequent physical activity placed us at the top of the study released by the America College of Sports Medicine this week. The news wasn’t all good, though. Our fair city lags behind in the number of park acres per 1000 residents (surprising to me), as well as playgrounds and dog parks. Even so, D.C. was well above the mean in most categories and we beat the competition handily. You can see the full read out on D.C. here.

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Namaste DC

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Get your Lululemon gear in action as DC Yoga Week 2009 kicks off tomorrow.  Multiple yoga studios across the metro area are offering either free or $5 classes starting May 2.  Whether you’re Gumby himself or a first timer, your yoga teacher will guide you through these various poses and will encourage everyone to work at their own level in a non- competitive environment.  Expect to leave your class stretched and strengthened with your body & mind tranformed through this meditative exercise.  Also, don’t be surprised if you’re sore–in that good sore way–for a few days after.  It all cumulates with Yoga On The Mall on Saturday, May 9 from 2-5pm.