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The Fries Verdict…

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Yesterday, we reported that Rays Hell Burger is now serving fries with their hamburgers. Upon inspection of a picture of said fries, there was some question as to their freshness.  They appeared to be the generic, bagged and frozen variety, which stands in direct contrast to Ray’s mantra of fresh meat and fresh ingredients.  Well, I believe that I can lay your fears to rest.  After some hard hitting investigation, during which I subjected the fries to my discerning palate, I’ll say unequivocally that these fries are not frozen (maybe).

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Ballston Will Be Super Once Again

Super Pollo Will Return!
Awesome photo courtesy of Karl Johnson

If you read my post from a couple of days ago about the Ballston Super Pollo suddenly shutting its door, you may still be rather distraught and unsure of how your life will ever return to normal. Call me the bearer of GOOD news (if you will) because today we have a slight glimmer of super hope. My friends know how much Super Pollo means to me and they are always looking out for me (thanks friends). That’s why my friend Ravi was so excited to inform me last night that he saw a sign on Quincy St in Ballston with those four amazing and comforting words: “Coming Soon Super Pollo”.

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Super Pollo No Mas

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Friends and readers, it is with a very heavy heart that I sit down to write this post. I could spend all day poetically waxing about the feelings that have overcome me on this surprisingly sunny yet very dark, dark day. But instead I will just go ahead and put it out there. The Super Pollo in Ballston has closed. Gonezo. Done. No mas. Somehow, someway, we will find a way to go on. But right now, I cannot see that way for I am horrified over this closure.

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Watching the Emergency Response Drill

Photo courtesy of Me

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As I watched the teams from multiple counties go through this drill I heard the radio announcement voice in my head say “If this has been an actual emergency, there would have been a lot less official rubberneckers taking snapshots.”

Photo courtesy of Me

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It makes perfect sense – if the point of a drill is to run a scenario and determine how well you’re doing things then you need observers who aren’t a part of the response to watch and grade. There were also other folks occasionally providing input to the suited-up response teams who were seemed to be running the scenario and providing the simulation participants with information about what they were discovering as they went.

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The day started like all official operations: with a lot of waiting around. Those of us who’d shown up from the press to observe were given time to talk to Arlington and Alexandria county officials about the exercise, as well as a representative from the railroad management organization CSX. The visuals got a lot more interesting once we were led to the site of the simulated incident.

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Arlington Hires Remy

In some brilliant marketing, Arlington County hired songster Remy to produce a new song about the Cultural Center in Rosslyn that will open up next October. Props to Arlington for recognizing the genius in their midst.

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Celebrate the Clizzledizzle

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Slip on your brown flip flops, because this Saturday is the 12th Annual Clarendon Day, an event celebrating Arlington’s original downtown. The festival, to be held rain or shine on September 26 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., will feature all kinds of Arlington loving.

There will be magic and puppet shows, a Doggy Splash Pool, skateboard demos, electric cars, art booths and of course, my favorite, food from more than 15 restaurants, including The Liberty Tavern, Willow, Whitlow’s on Wilson, Mexicali Blues, and Tallula/EatBar. You can even catch GoRemy, the Arlington Rapper, emceeing the event, which is probably pretty epic in person.

Just beware of people packing heat and boat shoes.

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The Waffles Debate + Win Free Dinner For Two!

Restaurant 3’s Chicken and Waffles Dish – but with WHAT side?!

I recently had the pleasure of having dinner at Restaurant 3, where I talked with Co-Owner Jonathan Williams about their Chicken and Waffles dish. He was joking around, saying they were trying to settle a debate on whether the chicken and waffles should be served with a side of maple syrup or a side of gravy. The argument has been raging internally at Restaurant 3 with the Owner and Chef on different sides.

You see, I feel very strongly about this, and what the correct answer is, but I promised to remain neutral and open it up to you, We Love DC readers to decide. Vote in the comments – gravy or maple syrup, and I’ll use to pick a winner to get a free dinner for two at Restaurant 3. Also, in addition to offering the dinner for two, Restaurant 3 will actually alter the dish according to customer feedback. If the majority of the group says gravy, the restaurant will adapt the dish. Hurry, voting ends at noon on the 18th! I’ll announce the winner of dinner for two, and what dish will be served at the restaurant later that day.

To give you a little insight into the debate at Restaurant 3 I talked to the opposing sides. “The balance between salty and sweet is the classic twist on flavors that make Chicken n’ Waffles ridiculously delicious. The chicken has a crisp salty flavor, it is the sweet maple syrup that is the contrast. And who wants to eat a fluffy waffle without maple syrup?” says Jonathan Williams, Co-Owner of Restaurant 3. His Executive Chef does NOT agree. “Chicken n’ Waffles is not a light breakfast dish. It is a savory, hearty dinner dish that combines the sweet Belgian waffle with the crispy fried chicken. A hearty, savory gravy poured atop the Chicken n’ Waffles gives it the kick the pushes the dish into dinnertime.” says Brian Robinson.

So the fate of chicken and waffles lies to you, dear reader – so what do you say? Should it be served with maple syrup, or with gravy?

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Free Food Alert: TACOS!

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‘Volcano Taco’
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It’s a full out taco-fest today in DC as the Taco Bell Truck swings through our fair city, making a stop in Foggy Bottom for lunch, and another in Rosslyn for a late afternoon snack.

Today from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. the TBT will be parked outside George Washington University Student Center handing out free tacos.  After that, the TBT will head to Rosslyn near N Moore & 19th st. for a Taco Drop Off around 4:30, but make sure you’re there right at 4:30 as the truck can’t stay much longer in the area than it takes to make the tacos and hand them out.

Kicking off it’s second week of the East Coast tour, the Taco Bell Truck serves up Volcano & Crunchy tacos to the DC area (1 per person).  After DC, its off to NY, Boston, and Philadelphia.

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We Love Food: Minh’s

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‘Day 63: Minhs’
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I discovered Minh’s pretty quickly after moving to DC. You see, I have this thing for rice paper summer rolls and peanut sauce. I love them, and I want them at least once a month. Back where I come from (cue the country song), there is this amazing Vietnamese restaurant called Lang Van’s, owned by a friend’s family. I was upset to leave Lang Van’s, so I quickly searched out a substitute. Minh’s certainly lives up.

With one of the largest menus I’ve ever seen (trumped only by Cheesecake Factory) you pretty much can’t go wrong at Minh’s. Located between Court House and Clarendon out in Virginia (where arguably all the good Asian food hides) Mihn’s is situated on Wilson Boulevard in a nondescript office building. I’ve had friends tell me that they’ve ridden past it a million times, never noticing it. I wonder how that could be, seeing as there are huge neon signs in the window, but that’s just me. (Hey, I never claimed Minh’s was trendy, or sleek, or chic!) The outward appearance isn’t the fabulous part of Minh’s, the food is. Continue reading

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VA Yoga Week

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‘Our Colors’
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Yogis and NoVa dwellers, take note: this week is Virginia Yoga Week. The Web site says, “Participating studios and independent teachers are asked to offer one free class during the week and one five dollar class each day. Finish this fabulous week with an afternoon of free yoga on Sunday, June 28 from 3-5pm in the fresh air on the Market Square in Historic Old Town Alexandria.”

After the week DC has already had (and we’re not even halfway through!) this sounds like a good way to destress!

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Finally, a Theme Song for Arlington


It’s about time that my town got its own damn theme song. I mean, we’re straight up ghetto here in Arlington. Finally, we got ourselves a songwriter who can tell the world how Arlington really is. Seriously nice job, Remy, I gotta say, best line ever?

So many places to choose
you’re gonna like to pick
I’m in Courthouse so much that
they call me Michael Vick

Click through for the awesome video shot on the mean streets of Arlington. It’s seriously the funniest shit I have seen in months.

Much love to FamousDC for pointing out this gem.

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Domasoteca to Close, Domaso to Shorten Hours

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Bad news for Rosslyn – Domasoteca Wine Store, located in the Palomar Hotel, will be closing its doors on May 30. Also, effective immediately, Domaso restaurant will be closed for lunch and dinner service on weekends.

Sounds like Domaso is going to get a bit of a face lift to focus more on the folks who work in the neighborhood – “Based on the increasing success of its lounge and in response to clientele for a more casual dining experience, the lunch and dinner menus will be updated significantly, and the bar will serve an expanded selection of signature cocktails and lounge menu items.” Spokeswoman for Kimpton restaurants, Charissa Benjamin, confirms, “The restaurant is very busy during the weeks with the work crowd but it did get slower over the weekend.” Stay tuned for more coverage of the new revamped menu and bar experience, I’ll have the scoop for you when it happens.

As for Domasoteca Wine Store, you can snag some good deals. Starting May 11, Domasoteca will have a closing sale, with 20% off all bottles, 30% off mixed half cases and 40% off mixed full cases.

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NoVa Outdoor Movie Nights

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The Monday evening movie screenings in Crystal City is going with the superhero theme for the Summer. The 2009 season will begin with the Spider-Man trilogy followed by movies featuring the Hulk, Superman, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and culminate with the Batman movies, including the last year’s blockbuster hit, Batman: The Dark Knight.

Crystal Screen can be seen every Monday evening at sundown starting May 4, 2009 through September 21, 2009 in the courtyard along S. Bell Street between 18th and 20th Streets, across from Arena Stage and the Crystal City Metro Station. Free garage parking is also available at designated Crystal City garages after 4:00 PM. Movies are held rain or shine, except in cases of severe, inclement weather.

Other NOVA BID’s are also in on the movie night thing, I’m personally planning on being a regular at the Friday night Rosslyn BID’s I Love the 80’s movie nights. Sixteen Candles at twilight with a picnic on a blanket? Yes, please! The Rosslyn screening is just two blocks from the Rosslyn Metro and parking is available across the street from Gateway Park at the Atlantic Parking Garage for $3 at 1901 and 1911 N. Ft. Myer Drive after 6 pm.

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A Hard Day: The End of Murky

Murky Coffee Regulars

This morning’s letter on the Murky Coffee website is no April Fools’ Joke. Replacing Murky in the space they’ll leave behind in Clarendon will become a venture of the group that owns Liberty Tavern, with a new space, and a new concept. While details are still sketchy, from what I understand, the upstairs at the new coffee location will be a co-working space, something like Beehive Baltimore or Indy Hall in Philadelphia.

The staff of Murky, owner Nick Cho included, are coming back into the District starting in early to mid May at a new shop called Wrecking Ball Coffee, which will be over at 5th and H Sts NW in Chinatown. The changes will be taking place here in the next month, leaving me without a third place to work from, which has me very disappointed. Murky has been, since I left my desk job, my home and community since 2006. The picture above shows half my Murky family, the other roving consultants and self-employed folks who have been my “co-workers,” and I count many among my finest friends. This site was actually designed and coded in the upstairs section of Murky before the county shuttered that part of the shop.

Murky’s run wasn’t free from controversy, from the problem with DC sales taxes that shuttered the Capitol Hill location, to Dickpunchgate, but it was home to me. And so, I’ll miss my third place, and hope that the folks who run Liberty Tavern will know they have a group of regulars who’re looking for a home, and open to what they’ve got to offer.

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Knife Skills Class at Arlington Adult Education

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I’ve been out of school for a few years now, and have honestly enjoyed the freedom of having no homework. It is glorious, and although work sometimes turns into homework (especially when I have to go in on weekends), at least I’m getting paid (in theory). I don’t miss the homework, but what I do miss are the classes. I had wonderful classes in college. (Sometimes I daydream about sneaking into a GW or Georgetown lecture and reliving my glory days.)

So when Arlington put out the current class offerings for Spring, I poured through the catalog like a kid in a candy store. The classes are affordable, fun, and actually relevant to my life (unlike some classes I took at UNC). The one I chose to take this go-round was Knife Skills. My mother always said she wished she had taken a knife skills class, if only to know the easiest and quickest way to chop something, so I decided to learn from her longings and actually take one.

So last week, I packed up my best knife, and headed over to the Clarendon education center for a class on how to chop. Continue reading

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Oh, for the love of charcuterie!

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WLDC Author Jenn and I were recently at happy hour together, musing over charcuterie. More specifically, how we could probably live off of only charcuterie platters happily for the rest of our lives – I mean, meat + cheese, add in some wine and bread… does it get ANY better?

Well, apparently it does, as the Neighborhood Restaurant Group and Nathan Anda, former executive chef of Tallula and EatBar in Arlington, launch Red Apron, an artisan butchery and charcuterie concept for which Anda serves as both butcher and executive chef. Red Apron is going to focus on the local and the sustainable, as Anda works directly with several local farms that embrace sustainable and humane farming practices, selecting choice breeds of animals, such Piedmontese and Black Angus cattle, Duroc and Tamworth pigs.

You can get a piece of Anda’s meats for yourself at Vermilion, Rustico, Tallula and Eatbar – some of my favorite ‘hood haunts. Want the meat for yourself, but don’t want to have to go to the bar? Head to Planet Wine or Buzz Bakery to pick up meat cuts to-go, including the famous Eat Bar hot dogs.  My sources hint that Anda is going to be expanding, offering Red Apron products at local farmer’s markets this summer, and he may have plans for a storefront opening in 2009.

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Show Me Your Poker Face

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‘Hustla Poker’
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I’m pretty bad at poker. But then again, I’m not super good at card games in general, I’m better at say, oh, Apples to Apples or Balderdash. That said, I can respect a girl who can get down with poker.

If you are a woman with card skillz, or know of one, tell them to head on over to Restaurant 3 on March 22nd for ‘Chicks with Chips,’ a charitable women’s poker tournament and cocktail competition. The part that intrigues me? Local female mixologists from the likes of Tabard Inn, PS7’s and Ardour will be on hand to craft the perfect complement to your game. I can always get down with fearless female cocktail creators (how’d you like that alliteration!?).

Restaurant 3 is located in Clarendon and the tourney will take place from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.  The play price is a bit steep, at  $65 per player, but proceeds from the tournament will benefit New Endeavors by Women, a charity that helps women take control of their lives and move out of homelessness, so you can feel good about that.

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Crystal Couture In Review

Workday Wednesday Fashion Show

The Gossip on 23rd Runway Show at Crystal City Couture

On Wednesday, I headed over to Crystal City for dinner with friends and then a stop at the Crystal Couture Work Wear Wednesday event. Housed inside loft-like industrial space, the large room was set up with vendors selling work wear outfits, a runway, a cash bar, and complimentary mini-cupcakes from Red Velvet Cupcakery. Techno music echoed through the space, and the Sex and The City Movie played in the background. It was girlie to the hilt. After reading Don’s review of Tattoo Tuesday, I was expecting tons of photographers, but mostly there were twenty-somethings stopping by after work to shop the wares.

Although Crystal Couture isn’t quite over yet (there are still events happening through the weekend) I was able to chat with Angela Fox, the President/CEO of the Crystal City Business Improvement District, all about what she loved, what went wrong, and what the event meant for Crystal City. Continue reading

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Incoming: Le Pain Quotidien

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‘At Le Pain Quotidien’
courtesy of ‘TreyDanger’

Tuesday night Matt and I were on a run down the Clarendon strip in Arlington, and we passed painters and workers busy preparing the new store front of Le Pain Quotidien, the Belgian cafe & organic bakery poised to open under the Clarendon Gold’s Gym.

I’d never heard of Le Pain Quotidien (PQ for short), but upon further googling, PQ is another Euro import, one I’m getting pretty excited to meet. With locations already in Capitol Hill, Georgetown, Alexandria and Bethesda, Le Pain Quotidien operates under an organic philosophy (head on competition, Whole Foods) and is part bakery, part cafe. The bakery part is most exciting to me, as I was hoping for an uprising bakery trend in 2009. PQ claims to bake all their breads in-house, and knead by hand, to boot. They also offer pastries, alongside the breads. Then there’s the “communal table” – the cafe seems to be following in the Wagamama tradition of seating strangers together at big, long, cafeteria-style tables.

I’m thrilled to welcome Le Pain Quotidien into my ‘hood, I’m already picturing Sunday morning strolls for baked goods and coffee, and late night tete-a-tetes with friends over cider and tartes.

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We Love Arts: Public/Private


The Arlington Arts Center (AAC) is a private, nonprofit contemporary visual arts center dedicated to presenting and supporting new work by regional artists in the mid-Atlantic States. AAC is located in the Virginia Square area of the Clarendon and Wilson Blvd strip between Clarendon and Ballston. Right now, AAC is home to a few different exhibitions, but the one that got me out of the house last Saturday is the Public/Private exhibit I had been hearing so much buzz about.

The AAC web site describes it best: “PUBLIC/PRIVATE puts together two very different types of content in contemporary art: art about the artist’s immediate surroundings, domestic sphere, and personal relationships; and art that exists out in the world, inviting or requiring the public’s physical participation. Featuring Lisa Blas, Chris Barr & Veronique Cote, Mandy Burrow, Ben Kinsley & Robin Hewlett, Anissa Mack, Christian Moeller, Stephanie Robbins, Richard Saxton, Satomi Shirai, and Matthew Sutton”

The exhibit I most wanted to see was an exhibit titled “Street With A View” about a staged Google maps street view street performance. The artists got together and created interesting things during the time when the street view car would be driving down the street in Pittsburgh. I was fascinated to see all the different things they staged for the car. Continue reading